Horror As Doctors Find 20kg Parasite Twin With Teeth And Hair In Boy’s Stomach

A teenage boy who went to the doctors with
mystery stomach pains was shocked to discover they were were caused by the parasitic foetus
of his unborn twin. Narendra Kumar, 18, sought medical help in
his home state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India after suffering chronic pain and vomiting
with no explanation. Medics found a three-stone mass of bone, hair
and teeth in his stomach, which turned out to be his twin’s malformed foetus. The parasite had formed an umbilical cord-like
structure to the teenager in the early stages of pregnancy, allowing it to live and feed
off him. Following the incredible discovery, Narendra,
who had been forced to stop going to school due to his illness, was diagnosed with the
rare condition ‘foetus in fetu’. There are only 200 cases of the condition
worldwide on record. Dr Rajeev Singh was the surgeon who uncovered
the cause of the teenager’s stomach pains while operating on him at Swaroop Narayan
Hospital in Uttar Pradesh. He told MailOnline: “The boy’s stomach grew,
but his plight went undiscovered for years because neither his parents were of his medical
condition nor the doctors could diagnose the condition at an early stage. “Technically, the foetus was alive and was
growing due to metabolic activity in his body.” Although Narendra had previously sought out
medical advice, Dr Singh was the first expert to undertake a thorough investigation, allowing
him to discover the parasitic twin. He performed an ultrasound and CT scan on
the teenager – and was astonished by the findings. Doctors subsequently carried out a three-hour
operation to remove the 20cm-wide mass – which featured a staggering 6.5 feet of hair and
yellow ‘amniotic-like fluid’ – from Narendra’s stomach. Now, the teenager is no longer in pain, and
is expected to be able to return to school. His father Prem Chandra, a farmer, told MailOnline:
“Now that it has been removed, I am relieved. He can now go back to school and lead a healthy
life.” In cases of foetus in fetu, the organs of
the foetus have a working blood supply from the healthy twin. However, the mass has no functional brain,
heart, lungs or gastrointestinal tract. It has no hope of life outside of its twin’s
body, and can often threaten the life of the carrier.

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73 thoughts on “Horror As Doctors Find 20kg Parasite Twin With Teeth And Hair In Boy’s Stomach

  1. I wonder if could freeze it and keep hair for transplant later in life as would be genetic match – or maybe that would be too risky.

    After going through that I doubt if he will worry about a little baldness, poor man! I hope he never sees pictures of what was removed…

  2. why does he think he has the right to kill his parasitic twin? parasites are living beings also, what about their rights?! #proparasitelife2016

  3. This is why Islam is bullshit and why you don't marry your fukin cousin. the middle east is the ONLY place you find this god damned stuff!

  4. Nope, absolutely fucking not, just go ahead and overdose me on morphine so I can go on over to the other side. In fact, don't even tell me that shit is in there at all; just lie to me, then tell me it's just saline solution in my IV and let me go to sleep… For real, almost nothing grosses me out as far as gore but just looking at this shit makes me want to crawl out of my skin entirely and then soak myself and my meat suit in a tub of bleach for a flippin week…

  5. Stop fucking your cousins, folks! Your deranged little half-wits and never-ending parade of useless and deformed offspring are NOT reborn "gods"! And every last one of them would have been far better off getting cut up in little pieces while still in the womb and sucked out with a vacuum cleaner…

  6. I too was born with a germ cell based parasitic twin or I should say twins. In all four germ cell teratoma were removed from me. The first was removed when I was ten. The remainder were removed as an adult. Mine varied in size from 10-19.5 cm. There of these were huge but were your basic mature germ cell teratoma. But the last of these was truly a parasitic twin in many ways. It had limbs, eyes, bone, skin and even internal organs. But remember these were not twins in the classic sense of the word. These were caused during the embryonic phase of my gestation.
    Because of this i am seen as being intersex. My DNA is male but because gender is a process that takes five or six weeks to fully develop I'm share both female and male attributes.
    I could write a book about this and the effects of having a body such as mine.

  7. This is all very scary. My niece just underwent surgery for this exact same condition! Hers was attached to her ovary and was feeding off her. The thing came out with teeth and hair…… Thank God it all went well…

  8. That is just not right on any level, ever 😨 only in India where they shit, piss, bathe, cook and dump everything in one place…smh

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