How I’ve cured Brown Recluse and other Insect Bites

This is not the usual tech videos that I do,
but I thought I’d impart some old fart knowledge on you, if you will. This is a Remedy I’ve found
to mitigate Brown Recluse Bites. I have been bitten by Brown Recluse, now, three times
and all three times I’ve successfully drawn the venom out of me since there is no antivenom
for a Brown Recluse Bite, make no mistake about it if you get bitten by Brown Recluse
the best thing you can do is go to the hospital. But, if it were me and I’m not a doctor and
I’m not selling Medical Advice, but if it was Me the first thing I would do is put some
Tobacco on it, some moist Tobacco. I’m goin to show you how to do that. The first thing
you’ll need to do is get you some some loose-leaf rollable Tobacco like this. Top will work,
there’s several other Brands You can get usually you can get them in the Grocery Store. I keep
this around for Brown Recluse bites, like I said, I’ve been bitten three times, Black
Widow Bites, it works on Mosquito Bites and everybody knows it works on Bee Stings. Now,
Why they don’t correlate that to other things biting them I don’t know. Tobacco will draw
Poison out of You, if there’s an opening in your skin where you were bitten and is able
to draw it out of you. Now, if you get bitten by Brown Recluse. I’m a relatively skinny
Guy, but if you’re, you know, if you have a lot of body fat and you get bitten by Brown
Recluse the Venom is going to spread through your body a lot quicker than if you have less
body fat. But, I’m just going to show you how to do it. First thing you do, like I said,
is get you some Tobacco and then you’ll want to just take a small amount of Tobacco out
and you’ll want to put it in your hand, just like that. Now, this might be gross to a lot
of people, but this is the way I’ve always done it and this is the way that I know it
works. You may be able to just moisten it with water, but the way I was taught to do
it is to moisten it with saliva. So, I’m just going to spit a little bit in my hand. You
can see there and now I’m just going to stir it around and get that Tobacco good and moist.
Now, what we want at that Tobacco to do is start to stick together to were it’s a clump.
Where it just starts to congeal. That’s not quite enough so, I’ll add a little bit more
saliva and then you’ll start to see it all start to pick up and ball up into a nice little
ball that you can apply on the bite. It’ll take a little bit and you got to be patient,
because you don’t want it too wet, cause the Tobacco does not start to draw the poison
out of You until it starts to drive back out. As it’s drying back out it will draw the poison
out of You. Like I said, I used this on 3 Brown Recluse bites, so far, one Black Widow
Bite, uh, several Mosquito Bites and of course Bee Stings ever since I was a little boy.
Now you’ll see that’s not quite together it’s still not wet enough. You want to be really
careful not to get it too wet. So, We’ll add a little more. Like I said, it’s not the most
appealing thing to look at in the world, but you get bitten by Brown Recluse you won’t
care. Now, You can see that’s starting to congeal and turn into a nice little ball that
we can apply. Now, if you’ve ever been bitten by a Brown Recluse, the first thing that happened
to Me, every time, is that I got a hot flash and I imagine that from being poisoned. That’s
just the initial reaction of my body to the Poison that was being shot in Me. Now the
first two times I had gotten bitten, I knew it, knew something was wrong right off because
it was burning and itching profusely. So, I just assumed it was something bad and I
got some Tobacco on it immediately. The third time I’d got bitten, I umm, I didn’t know
it for a couple days. But like I said, I don’t have very much body fat as you can see I’m
a pretty skinny guy so I didn’t get to it for a couple days and by the time I had gotten
to it there was a little knot and it really wasn’t even itching all that much. But coming
out from the knot there was an elliptical shape like that dere and this was all solid
pink here and you could see underneath the skin like water was under like a thin layer
of water was underneath the skin and that’s where the Venom itself was starting to actually
melt the tissue underneath it. What I do is, I take that moistened Tobacco and right where
the Spider had bit me or be it a Bee Sting or anything else, you place that Tobacco right
on it, just like that right dere, then you take a piece of tape or a Band-Aid or anything
else and you don’t want to put it over it and seal it off, you just want to put it on
there to hold the Tobacco on. I don’t know if you can see that or not? But, you want
to leave it to where air can actually get through and start to dry-out that Tobacco
out. Now, it’ll take anywhere from one to three hours for the Tobacco to dry out and
I usually apply it until you notice the Venom is gone. The first time, I hadn’t been bitten
probably about an hour and it left a pinky size, like the end of your pinky, divot in
my leg Where I Was Bitten and I applied it, say, 3 times so you’re looking at 9 hours.
So you know you want to do it for a good little bit of time. You just apply like that and
keep applying until you think you’ve gotten all the poison out of it, but of course if
you get bitten by Brown Recluse, do what I’m showing you here and then go to the Doctor.
..and uh You know has work every time so far knock on wood and I just wanted to let everybody
know because they are some dangerous little buggers, also it might be a very smart idea
after you buy a pouch of cigarette Tobacco like that. It’s loose-leaf cigarette Tobacco
for rolling your own Cigarettes. It maybe a very smart idea, if you got a Food Sealer
to take and make a couple of little Packages and seal them and put, maybe, one in your
Car, in your Purse or in your Wallet. That’s something I thought everybody should know.
Why no one ever correlated, most people know that this works for Bee Stings and why they
never correlated that to anything else such as a Brown Recluse or Black Widow, I really
don’t know. But it works, you know, I’ve used it myself. So… I hope that helps You out
dere. 🙂 …God bless

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