How long do termite treatments last?

Hey, everyone it’s Isaac from Accurate Termite
and Pest Control. How long do termite treatments work?
There are many options available to homeowners as far as termite control
methods and products, and they all will differ a little bit for
residual and how long they work. I will focus, for the purpose of this
video, on the two most popular termite control methods number one being
fumigation. Fumigation refers to covering an entire house under a tarp or a tent.
Today in California the fumigants used during fumigation have no binding or no
residual properties. That means that in the three-day process of fumigation
once the product is completely aerated it, does not leave
anything behind that produces provides long-term termite control. It only works
during the fumigation itself. If you wanted to prevent a reinfestation of termites, you would have to have some sort of ongoing maintenance. Which
leads me to the second most popular termite control method and that is local
treatment with the use of a product called Termidor(r). UC Berkeley did an
independent study where they tested many of the local treatment products
available and found that Termidor(r) was the best as far as effectiveness and
residual. Termidor(r) does have a residual and the residual for Termidor(r) is right
around six months. So, Termidor(r) does continue to work roughly for six months after its been
applied. So if a termite re-infested an area that had been treated by Termidor(r),
it would continue to work on that new swarm or that new infestation. So there you have it. Thanks for watching.
If you’d like more information on what UC Berkeley found including what they
found regarding orange oil, you can click on the ( I ) we have a video about that [YouTube only]. If you’d like to know how often you should do termite maintenance in order to prevent
re-infestation and keep your property in good shape, again you can click on the
( I ) right here and find the video on YouTube or just browse through our video
library [on Facebook]. Thanks for watching let us know if you
have any other questions and we’re happy to be of service. 1(844)GOT-ANTS 1(844)GOT-ANTS

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