How The World Is Moving On From U.S. Leadership | Deadline | MSNBC

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36 thoughts on “How The World Is Moving On From U.S. Leadership | Deadline | MSNBC

  1. They are not learning how to deal without HIM; they are learning to deal without the US. When the smoke clears, the world will have learned how to move on without US leadership for the first time since 1946.

  2. Everybody yaps, but NO ACTION… why is this? Everybody scared of this creep? Or worried about their own rear, in case he pulls through anyway?

  3. Clearly trump don't know what he is doing on or off the world stage (Americans feel like they don't have a president) he can't even read a forth grader book.

  4. US leadership ? were ? here is the last 100 years of the world , vast empires over non white people ,2 world wars slave labor , death camps mass graves ,battle fields with the bones of the dead from 70 years ago still waiting to be placed in a grave .over 200 million died from war in last 100 years vs the US Empire of rebuilding Europe , Japan .food aid to the world for 70 years .cell phones , light bulbs , cures uncounted .US is the best not perfect.let the world go back to making mankind slaves again ,this time dont help

  5. We are living a real life Game of Thrones with this Presidency…we all saw how Cersei handled having power over the 7 Kingdoms. She surrounded herself with people that indulged her impulses and turned blind eyes to what she did and said. She lied to her people, kept them under the guise that she was protecting them from a greater evil. Rather than back down and she kept racking up more damage against any kind of truce. She wanted everyone to know that she was the one on top and any that oppose her was an enemy. Her reign of self interest, lead to her watching everything around her burn to the ground, the people paying the ultimate price. This is where we are headed with Donald Trump and all those under him spreading lies and cutting ties, as if there is no consequence. It's a scary and sad thing to see come to life from fiction, and we have been living it since he took office.

  6. Sorry folks,hand moving and face making, sorry folks .wow im sorry America . Republican: from Abraham Lincoln to donald Trump seriously?

  7. Surprise! Trump didnt make any deals at G7. However he can make a fast and sound one. Danish MP has a deal for Trump. She just want him to grab…..


  9. Quoting NY Times?
    You pathetic people who take good peoples air.
    You literally back the world over the USA. If you like those other countries so much go live there and see how you like it.
    You literally show your true colors by making a segment that shows the other leaders are better than Trump. Those leaders are snakes, they oppress their people and have for thousands of years. There needs to be laws to root out slime like yourselves for being able to report hate and division everyday about the USA.

  10. I have an impression listening to this video that,
    everyone is talking negative about their President…as if Trump is the enemy of the US even though he was elected by US people. To my knowledge as an outsider, Whatever he has done so far for the US in terms of economy, GDP, employment….no one has ever done that before…best of all he's got the guts of making hard decisions against the communist regime of China which no other Presidents ever had.

    Don't forget, it was the first time I saw an American President (Obama) being hardly humiliated at the airport in China during G20 a couple of years ago.

    And the US Govt. should continue punishing China even after 2020…I really would love to see Trump re elected…Otherwise, the communist regime will punish the US severly for a long long time to eventually overtake the US…

    Points to be noted….There will never be a Presidential election in China…They are only looking for opportunities to break you down. As a matter of fact, they want you to keep on fighting and get divided….
    And when the US is divided….it's gonna be easy for their spies to take over.

    No hard feelings.
    Love from France


  11. It is hard to understand, with Donald Trump unwilling to tell the truth and Joe Biden unable to, why the world wants to move on.

  12. The more I observe this channel and these stupid comments without being even observant of what REALLY HAPPENED at the G7. I and many moderate DEMS are about to fully jump ship. If you think Obama was respected by world leaders in his last 3-4 years you are GREATLY mistaken. They would be cordial but had next to ZERO respect for him or the US under his leadership

  13. At the G7 it was 100% clear who was the leader and it was obviously our President. He is a loose cannon at times but your reports are very inaccurate

  14. rubbish…most of them have submitted…boris submit,….macron…submit…morrison(aust)submit
    you channel is doing worse the CNN….YOU ARE OUT OF ORDER AND GUILTY OF SEDITION…and fake news..

  15. You in ever heard him say "we're great friends" he usually HAS to say that…I bet they all told his poopy pants that they WERE NOT his friends 😢 go cry on your golden toilet

  16. Trump hasn't got a clue.
    Trump is so far out of the ballpark he can't even smell the hotdogs.
    Trump is a brick short of a load.
    Trump couldn't find a glass of water if he fell in a swimming pool.
    Trump is a 4 watt bulb in a 60 watt world.
    Trump has to go, and when he does go….his brown eyes will turn blue.

  17. How is our president going to be respected by other countries if we can’t respect him ourselves? Our country keeps running his name through dirt and you expect leaders from other countries to respect him? Good joke!

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