How to Apply Cimexa Dust

new construction is a great time to
apply various preventative pest control treatments to a home or building while
the walls are exposed some ex insecticide dust the long-lasting dust
that controls a variety of insects including pants bedbugs roaches
silverfish and spiders is one preventative pest control treatment that
can be applied during new construction zoomx is typically applied post
construction as a dry dust into cracks crevices and voids around the home but
when mixed with water it can be applied more easily by being sprayed directly
onto the exposed exterior walls and interior studs of the building during
construction the water mixture will help the dust stick to the wall for a more
efficient barrier to create a liquid application of some exa slowly add some
EXA dust to a gallon of water in a clean bucket using a scoop or plastic cup that
will not be used for drinking after each scoop use a drill with a mixer
attachment to thoroughly mix the dust and water together continue adding
scoops of some exa to the water until the mixture is not thin and runny but is
not so thick that it will not flow through your sprayer you can add up to 1
pound of some exit dust to one gallon of water pour the mixture into your sprayer
and replace the cap the mixture can then be sprayed on the inside of walls that
form the exterior of the home or building but not on the actual exterior
of the building itself spray an even coat of the dust and water solution onto
the exposed exterior walls of attics crawl spaces and new construction spray
enough so that the wall is wet but not so much that the solution is dripping or
running down the wall do not spray on walls finished with drywall or plaster
if you would prefer you can make a thicker mix and paint the mixture on the
walls with brushes and rollers you can apply up to one Corps of slurry per 250
square feet after you have finished spraying the walls thoroughly clean your
sprayer by triple rinsing with water before any other use do not leave the
solution in the sprayer as it will turn into a thick gel that will be extremely
difficult to remove allow the walls to dry before applying insulation or
drywall once dry the insecticide dust will create a long lasting kill two
insects that manage to crawl into the home
the dust can last up to 10 years when it is undisturbed make sure to read the
full product label carefully to safely and effectively apply some EXA
insecticide dust and it’s that easy with the expert help from do my own comm
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