How to Butterfly Kick | Beginner Tricking & Freerunning Tutorial

Alright! Butterfly Kick, this is one of those
moves you can go and learn in a day. There’s two parts to it, the set up, which is the
most important part – if you get the set up right the move is going to be easy. Then the
move itself for which there is a really easy way to learn that which I will show you when
we get there. There are three parts to the set up – The footwork, then the dip and the
jump. I got this wind shield. So first off, footwork. Face where you want to travel. One
foot steps in front, the other foot steps behind and you are going to make a semicircle
with that back foot. Again, step, semicircle around. So that’s pretty much it. Some finer
details is that when you do this properly, if you do a little hop you will get a little
bit more momentum so I will just show you that. Onto the dip now. Dip down, turn your
body, pivot your feet, here and then takeoff. Alright and the jump. So when you jump the
motion is going to be pulling your leg up behind you with your back arching slightly
and you are going to try to keep the toes facing towards the floor and heel facing up.
Don’t turn your foot on the side too much, try to keep it there. A good stretch to warm
up is just to hold something and….. practice that, keep your chest up so it imitates doing
a Bkick. So on the jump it’s important to have your toes facing where you want to travel,
you’ve done the dip, you’re coming up, you get a big nice stretch, pull your arms up,
pull your chest up and pull your leg up. You have to balance how hard you pull your chest
and your leg to get horizontal. If you don’t pull your leg hard enough then you wont be
horizontal and if you pull it too hard you will be inverted which is more like an aerial.
OK, for the move itself all you are going to do once you have the set up correct is
swap your legs over. It’s as easy as that so, when you get to here, lift and just swap
your legs. Chest up, leg up, swap. Add the turn, and then you are on your way to do the Bkick.
It may not look great now but just practice that. then when you add it to the full set
up, you’re going to have a Bkick so, all I try to do is swap legs over, pull up hard,
switch them, keep chest towards ground and it will look like this. One more point is
that when you land try to get toes facing back the way you came from. the faster you
run the higher you can go but you need to kill the horizontal momentum by putting your
final foot position further in front of the momentum. So if I run faster, foot needs to
come further this way before takeoff. That’s it, good luck, have fun.

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67 thoughts on “How to Butterfly Kick | Beginner Tricking & Freerunning Tutorial

  1. I practiced now my second day and recorded it… The movement pattern is there but i look like a dying whale haha. Planning to improve that shit asap 😀

  2. It's nothing wrong with your tutorial, but this is going to take more than a day for me to learn. I can kind of do it but it looks awful lol. Great video mate i'll keep chipping away 🙂

  3. thanks a lot for the vid i learn how yo do it because of you. THANKS VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I think you should invest in a little shirt mic so you don't have to give me little butterfly kisses every time you talk

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