How To Detail A Large Truck – GMC Denali – Chemical Guys Car Wash

Hey ladies and gentlemen welcome to another
episode of Detail Garage. Today we have this big black GMC Denali and
we need to make sure we get it clean. It’s a cool eighty degrees today so we wanna
make this kind of fast. I’m going to start off with the wheels I’ll use a Concours Brush and some really good wheel cleaner. Then I’ll rinse the body and give it a nice foam down so we can make this process go a little easier. I’m a big guy I really don’t want to sweat too much so the foam is really going to make my life easy. Plus they finally made a mitt my size which
is really awesome. So lets get this started I’m going to continue
by rinsing the wheels and then I’ll throw on some wheel cleaner. After that I’ll foam it up and I’ll start
agitating with my brush to help get all the dirt off these wheels. After that we’ll go into foaming the entire vehicle. Lets get started! So I’ll work one wheel at a time so I can
really focus on it and be very detailed because at Chemical Guys that’s what we’re all about. Keep in mind very little product goes a long
way it’s very concentrated and I’ll let this sit for a moment. I’ll get my foam ready I’m going to use Hybrid
V07 soap because it gives really nice foam and personally I really like how it makes
the wheels look. It almost gives it a just waxed look. So I’ll let that sit for a little bit to give
it a chance to emulsify the dirt that is on the wheel. I’m going to take precaution not to cause
a sand paper effect by rubbing the dirt into the wheel. I’ll take my brush and get it wet with regular
water and I’ll start rubbing. This is one of my favorite brushes because
it’s really long and it gets into all the crevices super easily. Also it’s not too abrasive so I don’t have
to worry about scratching anything. You can see that dirt is melting off. I’m not going to aggressive I’m just agitating
the surface and letting the chemical do the work as well as the foam. Just like that the rim is ready to be rinsed off. I’ll fire up my pressure washer and rinse this wheel off. Now that I knocked out wheel number one it’s
time to move on to wheel number two, three and four. So now you can see we got the wheels done. We went ahead and we cleaned them safely using
a really good wheel cleaner, foamed it, agitated it and rinsed it off. Now its time to get into the body. The reason why I want to always start with
the wheels is because it’s going to make my life a lot easier at the end of the day. I’m going to give it a rinse and prep these
buckets with Hybrid V07 soap. Then we will foam it and get started cleaning it. I’ll be using these Dirt Traps and insert
them all the way at the bottom. I’m going to be using the two bucket method
and the reason for that is because it will reduce the sand paper effect. What these Dirt Traps are going to do is trap all
the dirt from the body at the bottom of the bucket. This reduces the scratches and swirls in the finish. So I’m definitely going use a bad ass lubricated soap like Hybrid V07. The reason why is because the gloss it leaves
behind and the lubrication it adds to my surface. So not too much soap is needed to make sure
this bucket is really lubricated. Lets go ahead and rinse this truck and I’ll
also be using this bad ass new pole brush and after all that we will get started washing it. I just loosened up all the dirt on this GMC
Denali and now it’s time to foam it down and pick up the remaining dirt. So I just finished foaming it and now I’m
going to wash it from top to bottom to make sure I don’t rub the dirt from the bottom
all over the place. I’m going to use this pole brush to start
at the top and it’s really cool because it is unlike brush out there. It has microfiber noodles on the face. This is something I like to use because I
don’t like using a brush that will rub the dirt into the paint causing a sand paper effect. I’ll dip it into my soapy water bucket. Then I’ll lay it on to the vehicle to be safe
and I’ll swipe in straight motions. Since I already covered a good amount I’m
going to rinse it out just so I’m not swiping the dirt everywhere. I’ll get some fresh soapy water and repeat the process. Even though I’m a tall guy this still makes
my life easy and like I said in this heat easier is better. Now I’ll get the other side. The cool thing about this brush is I can easily
get the windshield making my life easy. I’ve taken care of the hard to reach areas
using this pole brush I can start using this awesome microfiber wash mitt. Again it’s big and fun and it’ll easily cover
a lot of surface area. So always work in line motions because you
don’t want to add swirls into the surface. And to be extra safe I’m going
to constantly rinse my mitt. You can see all the surface area this thing
covers it”s awesome. So I’ve just pulled her in and now I’m going to dry it. I want to go over a couple methods to get this car dry. Since this is a black car you want to be as
safe as possible. What I’m going do is show you three methods. I’ll show you the blotting method, the regular
drying method using After Wash and then I’ll show you how to blow dry it. To start off we will do the blotting method
so we will take our super plush and extra thick Woolly Mammoth Towel. Lay the towel on the surface and you blot
and this is actually pick the water up off the surface without adding any additional
swirls because there is no motion. Now I’ll lift it up and you can see it’s beautifully dry. Next if you don’t want to blot the whole vehicle
you take After Wash and mist the surface. As you can it helps the water dissipate and
lightly glide across the surface. Just for speed and like I said I want to make
this as easy as possible I’m going to blow dry the whole vehicle. I just finished blow drying this GMC Denali
and there are a couple water spots left behind. I’ll make sure to get rid of the residual taken off. What I’m going to do is use a really bad ass
quick detailer Hybrid V07 and a good microfiber to wipe off whatever is left behind. I have some on the hood and all I have to
do is spray and gently wipe. Just like that I’ll make sure that by the end of the day this truck looks crystal clear and super black. I just finished wiping down this black Denali
using V07 to pick up any remaining water spots. I really want to take this truck to the next level. It’s a very expensive truck so I want to make
it look beautiful. I want it to look like a diamond when I return
it to the customer. So what I’m going to do is use Black Wax. Black Wax is really awesome and it’s super
easy to use. Usually we do it by hand application but to
make life a little bit easier I’m going to show you how to apply it with the TORQ 22D
and a Black Hex-Logic Pad. It’s really simple to do I’m going to twist
the can open. Normally you would use a black applicator
pad to scoop it out but since I do have gloves on I’ll just use my fingers and I’ll make
sure to spread it out on the pad. So I’ll take a little bit and evenly disperse it on the pad. I’m not worried about applying too much because
I’m going to coat the whole vehicle. Now I’ll attach my pad to the TORQ and lets
get this puppy spread. I’ll go ahead and turn on my machine and dab
out the product before I start spreading it out. Then on speed setting one I’ll give a thin
even coat over the entire car using the TORQ 22D. Just like that I applied this paste wax very easily. The machine spread it super thin which will
make it easier to take off. Remember most of this product more doesn’t
mean it will be better. Actually you need a really thin coat of wax
to make life easy and make the finish look beautiful. So I’ll let this cure and while it’s doing
that I’m going to dress the tires to make them pop like the paint. For that I’m going to use Nice & Wet Tire
Shine. The reason I like Nice & Wet is because it
does what it says it makes the tires look nice and wet. It’s easy to use all you need to do is spray
it and what I do is let it sit for a bit then come back with a tire applicator and buff
off the excess. The reason why I want to buff off the excess
is because I don’t want to see all the fling as I’m driving down the road on my way to
my date I want my truck to look nice not like it was spit on. It’s very simple to apply. The foam helps guide me so that I know where
I still need to apply this product and if I get any over spray on the rims I’ll just
take a microfiber and buff it off. So with a little bit of product you can see
the tire already looks nice and wet. But I really want to make sure that I get
that excess product off. I’ll take my applicator and simply glide over
the surface. Not only am I pushing the product into the
wheel but its going to help it bond and give it a longer lasting shine. It’s really going to make this wheel and tire
look beautiful for a couple weeks. Just finished applying Nice & Wet to these
tires and they look great. Since it cured while I was dressing the tires
I’m going to buff off this Black Wax using our Red Line Microfiber Towel and this towel
is nice and plush. Already I’m noticing a significant shine as
I’m wiping off the wax that is left behind. I’m really looking forward to what it’s going
to look like when it’s all gone. Just like that we were able to make this black
Denali look one shade darker. It was really easy to do and it was really
fast using the TORQ 22D. Not only did it put a nice thin even coat
over this entire vehicle but it made the cure time significantly faster because of the thin coat. So if you like videos like this go ahead and
give us a subscribe and don’t forget to hit the like button.

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