How to Do a Butterfly Twist : Jump Twist Martial Arts Moves

“O.k, so now that we’ve learned all the basic
steps we need to do a Butterfly Twist. I’m going to show you the completed twist at full
speed. Let’s go over here and I’m going to walk you through all the steps that we’ve
learned. Now remember, we wind up, we take the necessary steps, we dip right here, and
twist and land. So at full speed it looks a little something like this. Now I want to
do one from different angles just so you get an idea of how it looks. I’m going to do one
coming from this corner.
We’ll do one from here. From the standing, we get into the front stance and dip and jump.
Like so! Now basically when you do it at full speed the run is very important up until the
landing, because if you do everything fast than that will help your momentum and help
pull you around and remember if you squeeze tight, look over your left shoulder, and come
down safely with your weight leaning forward you will do a successful Butterfly Twist.”

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100 thoughts on “How to Do a Butterfly Twist : Jump Twist Martial Arts Moves

  1. thats not butterfly twist… ur legs should be apart, how the heck u want to kick smth when ur legs are not going anywhere?

  2. You can learn this move in the time you watch all the parts of this kick but try what evr he try and see.

    Do if ur body allows u!

  3. i could do this before i wached this because all you do is a butter fly kick but then you do a twist with your upper body

  4. Well, being an Asian doesn't necessarily help. Being an Asian doesn't mean you're a naturally born jumper, athlete, or gymnast. There are also many Asians who are terrible at stunting (like me!) 😛 it's talent that counts, not race.

  5. A black guy can do this we are proven thru the Olympics to be higher jumpers and fastest runners as well run for the longest time then anyone.

    Now I do agree it ain't race that makes you this way I believe it's environment, cultural beliefs and norms.

    In Africa their a tribe who solely focus on running and have done these things since the dawn of their tribe in west Africa.

  6. Therz nothing like asian can do everything we all r da same it depends upon ur interest and yeah upon ur hard work 🙂 cheers

  7. +DimeZone Does Asian have to do with anything?? I'm Asian, but at first I couldn't do it, It's the timing, because of gravity, you have to time yourself perfectly to do that…

  8. Scanned the comments and theyre all fairly superficial…
    As the jump is a martial arts move, would you consider it an attack, evade, block, or a combination?
    In films, this is a passive move just for show, but I've seen TKD displays where they break a block upon exiting orbit…

  9. brother my name is shahil and I am national champion of west Bengals' but I can not do 1080 digri kick can you tel me procidior of 1080 kick .
    your parfomance is very good
    I like to your parfomance
    and your steps.
    few days ago I will go to shoulen temple and I expect that my kicks and my monkey style ,cat style ,tiger style very good

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