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– [Voiceover] A famous writer once said, if someone offers you a
breath mint, accept it. While it’s true that mint can
save you from embarrassment, mint has a rich history as a medicine and culinary superstar. Mint was actually a favorite garden plant of the Egyptian pharaohs
and the ancient Greeks. Whether you are referring to spearmint, peppermint, or any other variety of mint, it is a stimulating herb that is well-known for
its internal benefits. It is also excellent as a
key ingredient in skincare, and the aroma of mint is also relaxing and mind stimulating. So let’s start with a simple,
yet very relaxing mint tea. While relaxing and refreshing, this tea will also help
if you have any tummy ache or indigestion. All you will need to do is bring
one cup of water to a boil, and while you’re waiting
for the water to boil, put one tablespoon of fresh
mint leaf into your cup. Pour the boiling water
over the mint leaves and let the flavor steep. You could add sugar if you like to make it a little bit sweet. I like to drink it as is and it’s healthier that way. (“A Day With You” by Damela Andrade) Another great recipe to
add mint to your drinks is my adding it in water with fruits. I like to add in strawberries, but you can add in other
fruits like pineapples, or watermelon slices. By doing so would add a boost in flavor and a sweet scent. (“A Day With You” by Damela Andrade) This next remedy is for those
of you who enjoy the sun way too much this summer, you can use unsweetened mint tea to relieve sunburn pain. Cool the mint tea in the fridge and then soak a clean washcloth or cotton pads with the tea, then apply it gently to the burned area for relief. By doing this it should
soothe and hydrate your skin. Anyone out there have
a dry and itchy scalp? Or dandruff problems? Well look no farther because this is a great remedy for that. All you would need for this are some apple cider
vinegar, a sprig of mint, and a sprig of rosemary. (“A Day With You” by Damela Andrade) So what you’re going to do here is pour in eight ounces
of apple cider vinegar into a jar or any container is fine. Then add in a sprig of mint, followed by a sprig of rosemary. So next you’re going to let this steep for about a week or so
in room temperature. And once you’re ready to use this, shampoo like normal, and then
massage this onto your scalp. You could then rinse it off and repeat as needed. Okay, so lastly let’s look
into a great skincare toner using of course, mint. This is a citrus mint toner
that is perfect for oily and acne prone skin. Because this toner has citrus peels in it it is also an antiseptic and astringent. Okay, so you will need the following, three tablespoons of fresh mint leaves, a couple peels from an orange and a lemon, half a cup boiling water, and lastly, a tablespoon of witch hazel. Okay, so the first step is
to mash up the mint leaves, so that way we can release
any oils and fragrance into the toner. (“A Day With You” by Damela Andrade) Next you’re going to
add in the citrus peels, followed by some boiling water. (“A Day With You” by Damela Andrade) Once everything is mixed in, let it steep for a hour or two. (“A Day With You” by Damela Andrade) After the mix is nice and cool go ahead and filter out all the chunks. And then you’re going to pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Lastly add in the
tablespoon of witch hazel and then mix it well. The mint oils definitely add
a cool and refreshing benefit while the combination
of the mint and citrus can help shrink your pores. Use this toner before bed, since the citrus can create
sensitivity to your skin. Mint is such a versatile plant that is not only great for eating in foods or as a garnish, there are a ton of uses for mint both for your insides
and for your outsides. And that is basically it guys. Don’t forget to come back every Sunday for more new DIYs. Also, if you will be trying this out let me know which remedy
you will be trying out and how it worked out for you, because I really like to know. Comment below and
subscribe for more videos. Talk to you next time, love you, ciao.

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  1. I love your videos!! I just recently discovered your channel and I've been watching like all your videos!

  2. Wow you are so gorgeous! Your intro with all the dancing in the sun is soooo beautiful! I'm jealous. (: Not only are you beautiful on the outside, but you have a lovely matching inside!

  3. I also chew the mint leaves substituting the gums.  They make fresh scent for my mouth.  And the leaves can be ate too.  Thanks for your awesome idea!  You always make great videos!

  4. you are right Ann
    I'm from egypt we like use mint in evreeeeeeey thing in facemask, perfumes things like that
    a veeeery good video .
    LOVED IT .

  5. i have a lot of aloe vara plants here that are said to also be good for burns and general skin care because of the vitamin e is maybe taking a leafs of mint and aloe and blend them may help as well for burns and cuts .

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