How to Get Out Lipstick Stains

How to Get Out Lipstick Stains. It’s not just lipstick on your collar; your
favorite shade can turn up anywhere! That’s why you need a battle plan. You will need A clean, white towel A clean,
white washcloth Rubbing alcohol and grease solvent. Step 1. Place the garment, stain-side down, on a clean,
white towel. Step 2. Dip a clean, white washcloth in rubbing alcohol
and dab it on the back of the stain. Keep dipping and dabbing until the stain is
gone. If you have grease solvent at home, like acetone,
you can use that instead of rubbing alcohol. Just don’t use it if the item contains acetate. Step 3. Launder as usual. Did you know The late makeup guru Max Factor
invented a kissing machine in the late 1930s in order to test the longevity of the company’s

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24 thoughts on “How to Get Out Lipstick Stains

  1. the mandatory video ads you have to watch before you can watch the video…..latest one on here is for tiesto dvd or whatever.

  2. @Marianis2305 well actually im a girl and i got lipstick on my shirt lol cuz im lazy and wiped it off on my shirt but yeah i think theyre meant to be funny

  3. thank you it worked for the most part didn't make it go away but it faded enough to where you can barely see it.

  4. Fuschia lipstick on brite lime green 5 yr olds tank top. Alcohol smalcohol. Took bar of irish spring soap from dollar tree, rubbed it on there, n stain is gone! Just rub between ur knuckles till it disappears n rince n cold water. Wash as usual. Took less than 1 min. Stain was 2 inches long. Had been on there 4 maybe 45 min. Try not to let stain set 2 long.

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