How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally With Borax

Have you ever walked into your kitchen or your living room and you’ve seen this, little ants running around? In this video, I’m going to show you a natural formula that you could use at home to get rid of these ants and it will cost you just a couple bucks. So ants usually send a representative, what’s known as a scout and that scout ant looks for things that they could use for food in the ant colony. In this case, scout ant showed up, found something they liked and then more ant showed up the next day. So now to get rid of these ants organically, I’m going to just walk you through the simple formula. So we’re going to use Borax, which is a detergent booster that you could find in any laundry aisle and sugar. We’re going to mix Borax and we’re going to mix a little bit of sugar. We want the ants to take our formula back to the ant colony as food and by doing so, they’re going to kill off the ant colony. I’m going to show you a couple of different ways to do this. The first way is just by creating that mixture, simple. Borax and sugar and the Ratio is you want half a cup of sugar mixed with one and a half Tablespoon of Borax. That’s it. Just mix the two and make sure they’re really mixed together well, so the borax is masked with the sugar. We want the ants to take the borax and the sugar helps with that, because then they get confused and they’re assuming they’re taking the sugar. But they’re taking the Borax which will kill them. You could always increase the amount of borax if this formula doesn’t work for you. It worked really well for me, but I know some people like to use equal parts Borax and sugar or use one part borax, three parts sugar, so the formula could always change if it’s not working for you. But it worked really well for me, and that volume of sugar work really well to attract the ants and there was enough borax in there to kill them. So I’m just sprinkling the little bit of the mixture on the counter where the ants are here in the kitchen. And hopefully you get the same result, the ants just showed up, and it started started taking the sugar Borax mixture here. So this ended up happening the next day. There were a lot of ants, so the few ants that were there, weren’t taking the sugar mixture right away, but they did take it the next day. If you have a very clear end trail, and you could trace that back to the ant colony, this is a good place to put that or anywhere along that ant trail. In this case, they were just kind of spread out and there was no way to clearly figure out where the ants were coming from. So putting them somewhere where other ants were present made sense. The second option that also works very well is soaking your mixture into a bunch of cotton balls that you could get in a bag and then using those around where you see the ants and that will kill them also because they will come and take the mixture out of the Cotton Balls. So the same formula applies, half a cup of sugar and one and a half Tablespoon of Borax. The formula doesn’t have to be that precise as long as the sugar masks the borax. So you could do two tablespoons if you like. And then you’ll need boiling water and you need cotton balls. These are the cotton balls I used. You just buy them at a local store. And they cost less than a dollar usually. Now I get a cup of water and boil it any way you like. I’ll use a microwave to boil it. But you could do this in a kettle or a pot. Next I’m going to use a jar and I’m going to use the boiling water and my mixture and mix the two together. If you have a jar that has a cap, you could do it by shaking it or you could just use a spoon, but make sure you mix it really well because we want the borax and the sugar to really blend. Next take your cotton balls and soak them in the mixture. If the water is still too hot on boiling, make sure you don’t use your hand and use a tweezer to grab the cotton balls but make sure they’re well soaked. Then begin placing them by all around the infected areas, so if you see the ant trail or you see anywhere where you see one or two ants, make sure you put one of these there and if you have any pets and you think your pets would somehow get into this, make sure you put them on counters and not in a place where your pets could reach them. So I had a visitor within a few minutes of putting the cotton ball down. And this ant started taking the mixture and within a couple of days of this happening, I didn’t see any more and so hopefully the same works for you. So try either formula or try both and hopefully within a couple of days you won’t have any more ants. I’m going to include link in description below to everything I used in both of these formulas. If you’ve tried this formula or you have other natural formulas that have worked for you in the past, please leave us a comment. Let everyone else know what’s worked well for you and subscribe to our channel for a lot more how-to videos on home improvement and a lot lot more. Thanks for watching.

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21 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally With Borax

  1. What if the ants are coming from gardens near foundation? They come in my bedroom and bathroom, where there is no food. But I can't find a trail up the outside wall. Will it work if I sprinkle dry mixture along foundation of house?

  2. In powdered form ants can select sugar from borax, in liquid form they can take both. Adding some honey helps. Using mixture of sugar, honey, and borax with minimal amount of water looks more potent.

  3. I use white vinegar directly on the holes or mounds it works fast and costs less than $3.00 a gallon, Windex works too. Fast and easy.

  4. I make a liquid borax/syrup or sugar mixture and then take it outside. Placing it in quantity near ant trails or ant hills will take care of a major infestation in 24 hours.

  5. I sprinkled a 50/50 mixture of sugar and borax and in a matter of minutes the ants were piled on top and by the next morning the pile was almost gone. Hopefully this gets rid of them because they are definitely attracted to the mixture

  6. Thanks a bunch! That's exactly the kind of ants that I see at my kitchen sink ! I am gonna try that. I have tried vinegar and water half and half mixture but they keep coming back. I will ceratainly leave a comment here if this works or doesn't work for me. This things sting ya too! It hurts for a little bit but then the pain goes away.

  7. How about in a carpeted bedroom, where I have a lot of fabric items stored in lidded plastic tubs, stacked in the closet? Some of the fabric items are out in the main part of the room, NOT in the lidded plastic tubs. We've found a bunch of ants crawling in the fabric; those we've shaken out outside and then tossed in the washer and they are ant-free. But the closet – I am confident that the ants aren't in the plastic tubs, but there are some fabric items out of the tubs there too. How about leaving some plates with borax-and-sugar-soaked cotton balls around the room, and with luck our little friends will take some back to their nest, which might be in the closet or under some of the furniture? 
    (PS – our house has no pets or kids that might get into the borax/sugar solution)

  8. I boiled around 3/4 c of water in the microwave, then dumped in about 1/4 c each of sugar and borax. Stirred till it all dissolved, then soaked cotton balls and put them on plates where we had seen a bunch of ants. The critters are ignoring most of the plates, but in one location, they crowded around the cotton balls within an hour. I took a photo and would ove to submit it, but I don't know how

  9. from a post elsewhere: the one i use is cooked on the stove to make a syrup (about the consistency of corn syrup). It has 1 cup sugar, 1/2 cup water and says 1 tablespoon borax (but i found 2 is far more effective and faster). So put a dab on some wax paper. In a few days they are gone…I observed the activity; they swarmed the goop for days, feeding. On & off, they fed, they left, fed, left. Activity dwindled-they're going to all perish. Roaches will perish too, die, be eaten & those cannibals die.

  10. One part Borax to three parts sugar sounds the best. If they take the bait I want them dead as soon as possible.

  11. I sure hope this works, I've tried lemon on my countertop and it doesn't work which I herd it did and I've tried vinegar which I herd and it didn't work either.

  12. Thanks so much for watching. Please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel for daily, easy to follow how-to videos. Thank you!!

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