How to Get Rid of Bluegrass Billbugs

Getting rid of bluegrass billbugs in your
yard can be accomplished by using the right products at the right time. Controlling billbug
larvae early on is the best way to avoid damage, Control can also be done in spring or summer. Applying in the summer, after billbugs have
fed in the spring, will control populations and allow your grass to bounce back. Keep
these things in mind for a successful treatment: Choose products formulated to control billbugs
and billbug larvae. Products with imidacloprid, bifenthrin, or beta-cyfluthrin are best. Watering your lawn a few days before application
will help to bring larvae close to the surface. This will give you optimal chances of contact
with insecticide. Mow lawn and remove clippings. If the thatch
layer is thick, aerate or dethatch to increase penetration of the product. Make sure you apply the product evenly to
the entire area you want to treat. Products generally need to be watered in after
application. Read all label instructions carefully for
proper application and application rates. And it’s that easy with the expert help
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