How to Get Rid of Cluster Flies (4 Simple Steps)

The cluster fly is a common fly that prefers
to live outdoors. They commonly invade homes during colder months seeking warmth. Cluster
flies will cluster and swarm together inside your home as temperatures drop, so it’s
important to perform proper cluster fly control. If you’d like to shop the professional products
in this video and learn even more about house fly control, click the card on the top right
of the screen or click the links in the description below. For proper control, you need to identify cluster
fly activity. They are often mistaken for other flies like house flies. They might look
the same, but require different control techniques. The cluster fly is typically around ⅜ of
inch in length. They are usually light to dark gray in color, with golden hairs covering
their backs. When at rest, their wings overlap. During Fall and Winter months, they can be
found hibernating in attics, storage rooms, or in wall voids. When Spring rolls around
and temperatures rise, the cluster flies emerge and cluster together around windows or other
exit points. To get control, first use Reclaim IT outside.
This is a liquid insecticide that will repel and kill any cluster flies around your home.
Reclaim can also be used to treat a wide variety of pests. Mix this with water in a pump sprayer,
following label directions. Apply this outdoors around windows, doors, eaves, and other entry
points. This will create a protective barrier that will keep cluster flies out come Fall. Cluster flies do move slowly, so if you already
have some inside, they can easily be swatted or vacuumed up.
You can also use Pyrid aerosol. This is a pyrethrin aerosol that provides quick contact
kills. Pyrid is also great for eliminating many other pests. You can also use D-Fense Dust. This is a waterproof
insecticidal dust that is great to use for hard to reach areas where cluster flies might
be hiding. Use this with a duster and treat under baseboards, behind electrical outlets,
in attics, and in entry points. You might also consider using a Mantis fly
light trap. This is a light weight, ready to use fly light that uses two, bright UV
lights to attract flies. This fly light does not zap the flies, but instead lures them
to a glue board positioned behind the bulbs where they will get stuck and unable to fly
away. Finally, prevent cluster flies from returning
by frequently treating around your home with Reclaim IT and D-Fense Dust, especially at
the end of summer or early fall before temperatures drop. And be sure to seal any voids and entry
points. Cluster flies can be annoying and disturbing
pests, but you can control them easily yourself with these professional products and tips
from Solutions Pest and Lawn. We guarantee these products will help you get control of
your cluster problem, and we offer same day shipping to help you get control quickly. Visit our website to get your products today.
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6 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Cluster Flies (4 Simple Steps)

  1. Im sorry but my flies i have clustered up in a group of 20+ dosent over lap its wings like that. But are they not cluster flies then? They have like a metalic tone color on the bottom of them but not like a garbage fly as they are large like what you shown. Now if what i have is a house you… Do they cluster up too? I literally have like 15 or more at each window in my loving room behing my curtains an i cannot controll them. But they are slow enlugh to swap.

  2. it's hot here my flies act like cluster flies tho, they high up on walls at night and won't go near the zapper uva, one always bugs me at night on the same spot, got dog so chemicals are a no no .

  3. Is this the same guy that voices that series of sneks and dog identification where it’s all funny

  4. It’s hot, I have at least 70+ baby flies in my room, I am terrified and now i’m not going to sleep… please help

  5. If you don't have all these toxic pesticides available but a ton of flies in your window, I recommend grabbing a spray bottle of Fantastik multipurpose cleaner. Whatever is in this stuff kills any bug on contact including flies, ants and roaches. It has the added benefit of being a cleaner so when you wipe up the dead bug you leave a clean surface behind and a residue that repels other insects.I just killed about 50 cluster flies in their tracks, some I dropped right out of the air. Sometimes the bug will crawl around a little but, but it's only a minute before they kick the bucket.

  6. l have them in my kitchen, no one else does, near me, nothing works, l tried raid fly spray please please help, my home is clean

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