How to get rid of, kill in-ground yellow jacket wasps for good using Delta Dust ANGRY WASPS

okay so I had a problem here we have Yellowjackets in the ground and this is in the yard of an 87 year old woman and she can’t mow or weed whack around her garden because of these little ground wasps which are Yellowjackets so I’m gonna do something different here I don’t normally use pesticides or insecticides anywhere on my own property but I had to do something definitive in this case and I did use pesticide here now it comes in a powder form this is the one-pound Delta dust and here’s the jar it is an insecticide but as insecticides go this is a very low-key Delta Mathurin point zero five percent now for those of you you’re curious about what that is that’s the same stuff that’s put on many dog and cat flea collars so it’s considered extremely safe for mammals extremely safe for people unsafe for things like these Yellowjackets now what I want to do here is because they activate when there’s vibration somebody walks by rides a mower by uses a weed whacker I wanted to get them boiling out here and I want to see really what the population is in the ground as it turns out this is a very large nest of Yellowjackets now for those of you don’t know Yellowjackets will come out in groups like this they’ll cling to your pant legs and they will steam you multiple times while they hold on and they stay in groups so Yellowjackets are very annoying and when it comes to very young people or pets or in this case an elderly woman they can be actually dangerous and I can put someone to shock so we’re dusting them up here with the Delta dust now throughout this test I used about 50% of this one-pound container I did not buy aspirator that some people use I recommend that you really don’t need that you can just cut the tip off of the bottle here and puff it right in and I found that it’s gonna give it a nice long even puff it carries quite a distance down this hole so I consider it to be probably the most effective for circumstances like this now something I do want you to notice this is not what I would call a knockdown pesticide so you’re not gonna go up to a nest of Hornets with this Delta dust and puff it and expect them to fall out of the sky and dial around you what they do do is fly out in every direction these wasps were flying a hundred feet or more as they came out of course they flew all over me I am wearing protective clothing and I also am wearing a respirator as a precaution even though the danger levels are extremely low when it comes to the risk to people so again Delta matheran is the active ingredient Delta dust is the product and what I’m showing you here is a condensed five-minute review of what actually took place over a twenty five minute time frame what I did notice is the wasps came flying out and they took off and flew to nearby trees they flew into grapevines they go in every direction so if you’re gonna walk out here without protection and puff a bunch of Delta dust into a hole you need to be prepared to get under cover somewhere you need to have some protective clothing they are going to come out now remember I did thump the ground and I agitated them a little bit if you just walked up and sprayed the dust in there I suppose the response would be much reduced but I like to get them active because I want those that are in deep shelter to come out and get through this dust and get it all over them and then I want them to carry that throughout the nest and what we’re finding is out of preservation they come out and fly away and don’t return now what was curious to the Scouts those foraging wasps that have been out are constantly returning they don’t seem affected by the dust at all and they bomb right into the hole and then ultimately they’re going to die so it’s a slow process now some people say just get a hose and get some soapy water and pour it in there well the way they construct these underground tunnel systems they’re at multi levels and if the ground is pretty absorbent which this is it’s a garden area the water that you pour in is going to miss their primary brood chambers which is what we really want to get with the desk so soap and water might be a temporary fix to knock him down it would not kill the nest unless you did it multiple times and of course covered and buried them until they died this way it works definitively their neurological systems here are going to be knocked out by this Delta matheran and as of this morning so we’re talking about 18 hours after I did this she does not see a single wasp going in or out of this hole so I would say that it worked extremely well so as a knockdown immediate killer it is not a success but as a definitive killer if you have overnight if you have plenty of time to work with it and you don’t mind that they are going to fly out while they’re covered in this powder it’s a very very effective and what I consider to be a very safe pesticide Delta dust so thanks for watching and I hope you benefitted. hope you benefited

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100 thoughts on “How to get rid of, kill in-ground yellow jacket wasps for good using Delta Dust ANGRY WASPS

  1. A much simpler solution I've used many times – Wait til an hour after dark. Roll up a Kleenex or a few sheets of toilet paper into a ball and stuff it in the hole just deep enough to seal the hole. Put just enough gasoline to wet the paper, cover with a small rock, and leave til morning. The fumes are heavier than air and will filter down into the nest and kill the whole colony. The next morning I usually just drop a lit match on the paper and burn it out – problem solved.

  2. "This material is a member of one of the pesticides called synthetic pyrethroids. This pesticide is highly toxic to aquatic life, particularly fish, and therefore must be used with extreme caution around water. Although generally considered safe to use around humans, it is still neurotoxic to humans." Just go out at night when they're in the nest, put a bowl over the nest, and pile dirt around it. Keep checking to make sure the bowl is in place every night. I've done this a few times on our property.

  3. Could you cover the hole with a weighted screen after dusting them so they don’t fly around? I have several small children, pets and don’t need any kamikaze wasps/hornets flying around all sting-happy.
    Thanks for the video and sharing your knowledge!

  4. Would it be better if you were to throw the insecticide into the hole, and cover the hole with something? that way the hornets wont fly around spreading insecticide to other things, even though as you clearly explained this insecticide is not harmful to humans or pets. Thank you 🙂

  5. There's a low toxic way to get rid of these wasps. 1: Take a small plastic bag and fill it with some sand. Tie a knot. 2: pour baking soda down the wasps hole. 3: pour some vineger down the hole so the baking soda gives of CO2. 4: quickly place the bag of sand over the openening. The CO2 will first calm them, then kill them. As it's heavier than air it will fill the entire chamber killing all wasps.

  6. The best time to do this is a half an hour to an hour after sunset. They aren't very active at that time and they're all in there.

  7. See if you can find chlorodane. I'm 66. In highschool while working for pest controller I accidentally had baths in that stuff. It did hurt eyes very badly.
    Otherwise it didn't affect me.

    Also, malathion, seven, and diazinon. Good stuff.

  8. I did this to a nest but at night. I loaded it with dust and plugged the hole. Never saw a one make it out after that.

  9. My main issue here is that we didn't see any yellow jackets die. Fire and fan/propeller blades are always nice methods.

  10. soapy water and a hose does work. The mistake people make is just letting it trickle in and gravity takes the water down. It absorbs into the dirt as you say. What you are meant to do is take an old t-shirt and make it into a doughnut shape around the hole. Pour soap in and then jam the hose pipe right down there and put it on full pressure. Use the t-shirt to maintain a seal for a good 5 mins. Personally I have an all natural method which works much better using mud. You take a big 5 gallon barrel and fill it with mud from your yard. You add water and get the mud nice and fluid. Build a fire under and get the mud to approximately 140f. Pour it down there and the heat will dry the mud out within 40 mins or so.

  11. For $5.49 you could gave naught a bottle of dawn dishwashing liquid, added it to a gallon of water and it will kill every wasp of any kind on contact!!

  12. Wait till night time and poor gasoline down the hole and cover the hole up with a rock. The fumes will kill every one of them. But you have to make sure there isn't another exit somewhere else if so cover it too.

  13. Aight phill, you made it easy


  14. If you apply this dust at night will they still swarm out of the hole or stay dormant until morning at which point they will then pass through the dust?

  15. Attach your hose to the hot water connection for your washing machine. That will take care of the nest 100%!
    I did years ago. I poked the hose into the hole on a cool morning, ran back to the house, connected the hose to the hot water, turned it on for 5 minutes. No more yellowjackets!
    I wont use poison, so I tried the hot water. It was perfect!

  16. I would love to see how you are suited up…down to the shoes and your gloves. And for immediate knock-down, what do you recommend? I have suited up, at night, and used Stryker54 and then Tempo (Delta) dust as well. Also covered the hole in the ground with a clear glass bowl so they could not escape.

  17. Hey you do have skills, I have been doing this professionally for ten years and guess what. I gave up on that dust. Too many call backs, now I use Nature-cide and gone in thirty seconds. Yes soap and water does work just fill the hole and move on. I am licensed and I have to say you do a great video! When nocturnal animals such as opossum dig out the nest, after I treat, I have no worries.

  18. That is way too much delta dust. It only takes a little bit of dust to kill the entire hive. Apply it with a dusting bulb. You can treat 50 hives with that bottle.

  19. If they're flying out into trees covered in that dust then there is a real risk they will transfer the dust to helpful and/or harmless insects such as bees, butterflies, ladybugs etc and kill them.

  20. Great video. My very elderly uncle is having a similar problem and this is something we could help him with, with protective clothing of course.

  21. Headphone user here and I legit freaked out when it sounded like a wasp was about an inch from my ear the 1st time it happened!

  22. I would go out in the morning with a few cups of gas dump it down the hole all the bees are slow in the morning and let it burn they'll die from smoke and lack of oxygen trust me it works very well oh and by the way you might want to make a little gas Trail away from the hole just in case it blows up but typically they don't they make a pop and stay wet for hours

  23. All you have to do is go buy a five gallon gas can then dump a whole bottle of dish soap then fill the rest with water soap doesn't harm the environment

  24. Who here has noticed most of these wasp vids title cards make litle to no sense like bald faced hornets HUGE Nests yellow jacket SWARM wasp…

  25. This is how we treat wasps in the UK. We use carbamate @1.25%. Easy, cheap and the dust is relatively harmless as it is a reversible Acetylcholinesterase inhibitor.

  26. Count me as not impressed, too much danger of them flying off an d stinging an innocent person. Wait till dark and pour an amount of gasoline in the hole followed by a lighted torch with a 3 foot lead and you are done. Worked every time for me, once at home, once at Church and once at a neighbors. The gasoline with burn itself out with no residue. This application of mine is only good in the wide open spaces and not next to your house or any other building

  27. WTF? Barely-poisonous dust? Are you one of those sensitive men?
    I sprinkle a little (couple tablespoons) of pure concentrated insecticide in, then plug the hole by stomping once. The vapor penetrates the entire nest. Make sure to get their emergency backdoor, too.

  28. Was curious how harmful it is to birds because I could see them trying to eat the dying yellowjackets. Seems it breaks down quickly but mostly harmful to fish & aquatic animals.

  29. I'm from Australia and we have the Vespula Germanica or what we call them here the European Wasp. Bastards of things. we've had them here for around 60 years but they only seem to have become a real problem in the last 30 years or so. The powder is the best way to kill them. Did I mention they are Bastards of things. Little yellow and black stingy bastards.

  30. Actually the lower the percentage rate of the insecticide the more powerful it is. So .05% is actually extremely strong.

  31. Sorry but I don't fool with the want to bees, A person needs to get them killed and you can if you use the right stuff for the job! And this is not it. Go to your garden store and ask someone.

  32. ortho seven dust will do the same. its not advertised as a bee killer, but the label says its highly toxic to bees so I tried it and it works great ! been using it for many years. i have a hillside that i have to push mow and i get a nest every year. fill the hole at night and next day they will be gone. sometimes they will dig another hole out and you might need to dust it as well.

  33. First of all yellow jackets do not build under ground. Secondly almost everyone errors and calls Ginnie wasps as yellow jacket. They are smaller than yellow jackets by quite a bit. If you have under ground wasps they are almost surely a form of Hornet. Much worse sting than almost all wasps.

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