How to Get Rid of Moths Indoors

How to Get Rid of Moths Indoors. Moths can be destructive to stored clothing
and food items. Here’s how to get rid of them. You will need A vacuum Airtight containers
Moth balls, flakes, or crystals and a dry cleaner. Products like moth balls, flakes, or crystals
can be toxic and should be kept away from pets and children. Step 1. Clean all food preparation and storage areas
to help eradicate indoor pests. Vacuum food particles out of cracks and crevices
in all dried food storage areas. Keep your doors closed and have your windows
and screens properly fitted. Step 2. Store dried food products such as cereal,
flour, and dried fruits in airtight containers. Discard any infested products. Step 3. Locate clothing infestations by looking under
collars, cuffs, and webbing. Locate other fabric infestations by looking
in blended wool, cotton fibers, crevices of furniture, and carpet areas beneath furniture. Dry clean clothes periodically. Step 4. Launder clothes in water temperatures above
120 degrees for at least 30 minutes. Step 5. Use moth balls, flakes, or crystals to eradicate
moths from clothes in storage. Did you know The felts and hammers inside
a piano can become infested with moths, damaging the instrument’s tone.

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39 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Moths Indoors

  1. washing clothes in such high heat they will shrink to nothign bad move.moth balls smell icky and gave me a headache when i tried using them.

  2. I find that sprinkling dry lavender flowers through my stored linens and woolens keep the moths away, with no need to use mothballs. Added bonus: they smell nice.

  3. finally, a vid thats useful from howcast thanks, my room is infested with moths so i will try ur technique right away ^_^

  4. First of all I'm on Youtube going crazy looking up how to get rid of moths without mothballs , because I just saw a moth flying all around in my closet and went bilistic __- I'm only 12 ! and got NO cash to buy this shit they telling me I need ….

  5. Im still getting rid of moths. i have a moth infestation. What i do is i vacuum all their nests and smack all the live ones. check all open foods. ( they love nesting in there) This should help if you get a infestation

  6. This doesn't tell you how to get rid of moths.  We have thousands of them here this time of year.  Every time you open a door at night 50 of them will fly in  If you crack a window open they find a way in through the gap between the sliding window and stationary window.  They're everywhere dive bombing us every night.

  7. That answered NONE of my questions. Ugh, howcast sucks. I rarely get the information I need from these guys. I think they don't know what they're doing. Or they're misleading us. Whatever it is, I'm sure they're not misleading me on purpose. Maybe a few classes on information is needed with these guys.

  8. This didn't help I have the worst kind of moths… The giant ones they are like 1-1.5 inch and they eat my curtains and bedding 😞

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