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55 thoughts on “How To Hide Your TV Wires in 30 Minutes – DIY

  1. Nice video but messy extension lead at the bottom. Bad idea to loop live cables just ask any electrician. Finally feed the cables through pipe before fitting both boxes.

  2. DIY Videos be like, “So to save you $10 dollars for something that can easily hide your wires with almost no time, you can do what I say, your needed materials: Diamond plated place mat, 47 pure gold doorknobs, this 100 dollar wire cutting kit, and about 24 days of your time.”

  3. Great so now it looks like i have a toulet paper holder on my wall . Thats the most ugliest way u have ever seen to hide cables. Really you put the big ugly box in your wall. GAY

  4. I just covered my wires with A Banner of my favorite sports Team. Toooooo easy & looks great.👻💯😀😀😀

  5. Erasable chalk pen for marking. In Australia timber framing have noggins which need to be negotiated.

  6. I live in the UK and my house was made from solid brick. Could you recommend what would be alternative? Many thanks

  7. Never coil cables, always cut to length. Luckily you're pulling hardly any power but with more load this over heats cabling and can cause fires. Just friendly advice from an english electrician

  8. Run the data and media wires through the tube BEFORE you insert the top box in the wall.
    OR use a pull line through the tube. You shouldn't have to remove the box to install the media cables after you've already installed the box.

  9. Obviously this if for US houses only
    (with different building technique, voltage, etc.).
    Outside of the US viewers should address their comments with that in mind.

  10. Thank you for showing this great product! My electrical outlets are a number of stud bays away from my wall – mounted TV and this is the perfect solution.

  11. Thank you very much. I followed your steps on this video and my TV looks great! DO you also have a video on how to mount the surround speakers too?

  12. You can use painters tape instead of pencil marks. This eliminates marks on the wall for studs, etc.

  13. Why didn't you just tie into the receptacle on the wall instead of using that stupid scab extension cord rig?  Professional  /Schmororessional ! PSSSSHHHH!

  14. installs wires through wall to have a nice clean wire free setup

    slaps 4 ft of bundled up extension cord against the wall

  15. I looked at the HDMI cable you linked, but it doesn’t say anything about being CL3 rated. Aren’t they supposed to be when going in the wall?

  16. This video makes no sense!!! Why didn't you just come out of the outlet that's already there,very confusing video,please don't do it this way people,looks like shit.

  17. Actually , I like that outlet box, it is not overly expensive…Still I would just not worry about how fast the job took and (Frankly it takes me 30 minutes just to gather the tools for this type of job). I would run a new receptacle at the TV and put the Hdmi and cable in a separate bay. I also would recommend the Vesa mount that swings off the wall , I constantly need to add or remove things from the back of the TV…

  18. Lots of electrical code violations if used in many parts of the US. Generally;
    Jacketed wired (Romex) need to be attached to the framing members.
    Wires of different conductor sizes cannot be joined ie: 14/2 w/ grd. to 12/2 w/ grd.
    An extension cord can’t be used as a permanent source of power to an outlet.

    All of this would have been brought up in the video had the required electrical permit been obtained.

  19. To resolve all the issues with fire blocks, splicing, hidden extension and also concrete walls, just place the darn TV on a console.

    I mean I don’t get it about having a TV placed so high up when you want to watch it from the comfort of a sofa. Can someone please enlighten me?

  20. Neat idea! Although I imagine just a hole in the wall with the tube would be sufficient to lead the wires down inside the wall, instead of installing a couple of boxes and needing to have electricity fed through three different bundled up wires (which includes the two extensions) all the way from the wall socket to the TV. This way you wouldn't have to cut such big holes either. All in all it would be simpler, more cost efficient and world wide code compliant.

  21. Do not waste your time or your money.
    This guy is ripping you off.
    He's telling you to go to Lowe's or Home Depot.
    Spend a bunch of money on extension cords.
    When you could simply hardwire it.
    Also that tubing is a waste of 💰.
    This guy is a corporate shell.

  22. or you can put the AV cables in the tube before you put it in the wall… that way it is complete when you are done.

  23. Possible in uk and America (Fox do not know how to built house overthere) not possible on most part of world where people use bricks 🤷🏿‍♀️

  24. 6:51 thank goodness you said low voltage wires I was going to say that is not code and I hope that you're not going to be running 120 volts through that plastic tubing it's not fire code it's not fire rated.

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