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100 thoughts on “How to Identify a Brown Recluse Spider – Smarter Every Day 89

  1. I do appreciate your videos. I will say that smarter everyday is one of my mottos. In the case of the brown recluse, they hardly ever bite and are one of the most misdiagnosed by doctors. If all other skin conditions aren't ruled out, a doctor cannot definitively say it's a brown recluse bite, yet they do.

  2. HA-HAAAAA!!! I like this dude. Hes funny. "Kill em with fire, so it doesnt hurt my girl." lol. Hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do, but if so, then do it in a entertaining way thats fun and humorous for all folks to see.


  4. In Gainesville, FL here. My shop is infested with these creatures. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to control them?

  5. I live in Arizona and one of these bit my dad when he was sleeping on his ring finger and surgeons almost had to amputate the finger, it was gnarly. Don't mess with these!

  6. `he says hematoxic- isn't it cytotoxic venom- sorry for the spelling but cytotoxic is necrotizing whilst hematoxic destroys the ability for blood to clot

  7. I don't kill spiders,but if I came across a brown recluse,I'm sorry,it's gonna die before it bites me or my family.

  8. I live in Florida we dont have those satanic beasts.
    Odd though we have everything else. We also have the only "red on yellow kill a fellow" elapid snake in the east coast of the US the coral snake.

  9. How to kill a spider for arachnophobic people;
    1.Take an effective weapon such as a book
    2.Find it
    3.Carefully proceed…
    5.Burn the house down

  10. I live in the Northwest and despite what many people say, we have them too. I had a great aunt die from one many many years ago and the doctors had no clue what they were doing and when one that knew his spider bites had the chance to see her, it was too late.

  11. you know ordinarily i would be angry but brown recluses are a real danger and can easily kill or severely injure you with one bite…

  12. I have lived with these things in my house since I was about 3 or so, I am past 20 now and have never been bitten by one. I don't kill them when I see them though cause they are very good for bug control

  13. Spiders in the house are going to die when found. No special method to my madness. Just elimination. Safer for everyone. I believe these were created some time after the dinosaurs were.. And both were to eliminate mankind. Little by precious little. One managed to stay around longer.

  14. The best part about living in the greater Seattle area is the lack of horrific monstrosities of nature. The worst we have are hippies and meth heads

  15. Man, couldn't you have killed it in any other way? Did it have to be with FIRE?
    Seriously? Even if your kids were "at risk", what's the point of using such a painful and slow method?

  16. Anyone care to explain the people feeling not just bad for the spider, but disgust that he killed it with fire? Do these people have a medical condition where they feel too much empathy? Is that a thing? if not, I think it should be a thing that is diagnosed. Seems unhealthy to worry about every little bug you come across.

  17. This is the first video I've seen you do that is almost completely misinformed. I hope you find the following comments helpful. The characters you use to identify brown recluse are misleading (i.e., no comparison with similarly-colored, co-occurring filistatids and phoclids); your statement about them biting only 50% of people with which they come in contact is preposterous, even though your overall message that they are not aggressive is accurate (you may be thinking about aggression studies on black widows, which showed much less than 50% biting frequency, but as far as I know these studies have not even been conducted for brown recluse); the bit about them "hiding in bedsheets" and "getting them out of the closet" only to be bitten shortly after is misleading since clearly millions of people live with huge populations of these spiders and receive no bites (i.e., no need for fear-mongering rhetoric); perhaps most importantly, the connection between brown recluse bites and most of those huge necrotic lesions found with google searches is essentially internet hype (most of those lesions are thought to be caused by other factors such as flesh-eating bacteria). Should brown recluse venom be respected? Absolutely. Recluse spiders have powerful venom that can produce painful reactions. But there is no need to perpetuate the misinformed hype about the species. Better to do as you have done with so many of your other videos to protect your daughter against misinformation: seek well-supported evidence for claims. Finally, I'm no PETA supporter… but yea… that's a messed up way to handle a spider. Countless others are photographing much more dangerous species with lesser equipment. There is just no reason to mockingly post the demise of an organism to the internet in the guise of education. I hope you feel ashamed for doing so. And I say all of this with the full intention of continuing to watch your videos. Love your work, excepting the present work.

  18. if he bites u the skin around the bite will litterly start to die it starts rotting and u have to get it cut out.

  19. I just saw a brown recluse and I'm not afraid of spider. I love spiders, I haven't killed a spider in years but I killed that thing immediately after I identified it. Not only was too afraid of getting bit to take it outside I didn't want it crawling into someone else's home and biting them

  20. It's really not the spiders fault it's deadly venomous, so yeah. Besides the fact you didn't necessarily have to kill it, though I understand your reasoning as to why you did..- With fire? And you let it sit there limbless and tortured it longer? That was seriously disturbing.

  21. your brown recluses ain't that bad as montana recluses you can all live as for the stronger ones up there we can die

  22. Wrong info doesn't help anyone! The brown recluse is actually all over the US! Spiders are one of my favorite pets, so yes, this is one of the ones I've made sure to know a lot about. If yall leave clothes on the floor or have a clothes basket with clothes in it, expect to find one in there some day, as this is one of their favorite places to live! They love dry dark places. I've made it a habit to check my bedding and clothes (if on the floor) everyday, this includes my bath towel that hangs up too

  23. Your area of where brown recluses are needs to include all of Indiana and Southern Michigan. They are rare but they are here.

  24. I grew up in South FL so I'm very fond of spiders. I usually do not just outright kill a spider when discovered in my home,. I prefer to use them as a natural form of pest control. And outside i especially love to let the banana spiders flourish…
    BUT the brown recluse and widow spiders??? They are executed with extreme prejudice

  25. They are not actually deadly at all. The damage is caused by bacteria from your skin or finger nails and poor hygiene from scratching. It can be cause by any spider no matter how harmless and can even be caused by mosquitoes although less common. Just take these ones outside. You could honestly just pick them up with your bare hands they are not at all aggressive or wanting to bite. Like most spiders they a misunderstood and doctors are not experts on spiders and have contributed to this myth.
    America has almost not dangerous spiders. Even black widows aren’t nearly as bad as people think unless of course you’re a young child or really old/ill.

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