How to Kill Bugs without Poison

How to Kill Bugs without Poison. You don’t have to bring poison into your
home to get rid of bugs. Try one of these nontoxic killers. You will need Diatomaceous earth Essential
oils Boric acid Baking soda Powdered sugar Strong smelling herbs or spices Lavender oil
and basil or bay leaves. Step 1. Available at garden centers, diatomaceous
earth is an odorless powder that is to many insects what Kryptonite is to Superman. Made of the fossilized shells of the prehistoric
sea creature diatom, it causes critters to dehydrate and die. Step 2. You may like the smell of peppermint, chamomile,
cedar wood, and eucalyptus, but mosquitoes don’t–studies show these scents repel up
to 93% of them! Sprinkle essential oil onto your skin, or
add about 10 drops per ounce to your favorite sunscreen. Step 3. Sprinkle boric acid in cracks and crevices. It’s safe for humans but deadly to bugs;
they walk through it and then digest it when grooming themselves. As long as the powder doesn’t get wet, it
keeps working for months. Step 4. Are you seeing roaches? Mix baking soda with powdered sugar and put
it out on small lids. The sugar acts as bait, while the baking soda
poisons them. Don’t forget to put your poison in hard-to-reach
hiding places, such as behind the refrigerator. Step 5. Got ants? Find the place where they’re entering your
home and circle the area with a line of a something that has a strong natural scent,
like cinnamon, mint, cayenne pepper, or coffee grounds. Ants won’t cross the line. Step 6. Wipe down your walls with lavender oil. The scent causes bugs to scurry away. Step 7. Basil and bay leaves have been used for centuries
as natural insect repellents. In fact, in many parts of the world basil
is packaged inside bags of grain to protect them. Sprinkle your spices wherever bugs are a problem. Did you know Americans put 300 million pounds
of pesticides on their lawns each year.

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99 thoughts on “How to Kill Bugs without Poison

  1. How to kill bugs without poison. You will need: Your feet, a napkin or a pet dog. Step 1.) step on it 2.) clean it up with a napkin or 1.) have fun watching your dog play with it until it eats it.

  2. how to kill bugs without poisen:
    what u nid: shoes ,broom and a dust pan
    step one: grab a shoe n chase the bug around
    step two: smack the bug with the shoe
    step three: once u have killed the bug, grab a broom and dustpan to sweep the dead bug away

  3. Cool… for that roach bait you can aid a small amount of "diatomaceous earth an/or fine powdered silica" to give that extra punch (neither are harmful to humans unless you inhaled)

  4. You boil some water up and burn them, that always works for me when theres a road of ants I call in napalm strike (Boiled water)

  5. I noticed ants crawling around the entrance to my kitchen door……there's also a storm door there…….I put a bay leaf in the area on the ground between the kitchen door and the storm door, (just one leaf) and the ants were gone the next day….this was last summer……..

  6. Does anybody here know how to kill a thousand leggier because it is hard to squish them since they are really fast.

  7. Don't get boric acid wet?  I think that's a mistake– it's diatomaceous earth that probably won't work wet, no?

  8. I have an acute Fear/Hatred of bugs. I wish all bugs would just die because I fear them.

    I seem to have a phobia of bugs.

    I just hate them so very much, I wish they would all die out miraculously.

    Out of fear.

  9. We have a roach problem and I am going to try all of these remedies. Also, here in Puerto Rico, the Dengue and chikununga problem is huge . Mosquitos don't like me, but they love my husband. I'm going to order some of the oils for him. the commercial products are toxic, as far as I know .

  10. we've got bed bugs and it's making my life miserable. I could not sleep at night and feeling paranoid. We might have gotten that from the second hand sofa when we moved in a rental place. I've got so many rashes and bites 🙁 We've already spent lots of money for insecticides, pesticides but they've never worked. I might try the boric acid and diatomaceous we'll see

  11. The secret is in the right combination of effective yet quickly evaporated pesticides that don't harm furniture, living space and the breathable air. Natural remedies do not work. If it was so, every pest control agency would strive and rely on them.

  12. i've done this icing sugar and baking soda mixture on the lid ….and cockroaches are avoiding it like a plague…are they some very intelligent cockroaches, or are they aided by greys from zeta reticuly, warning them what not to eat, or what?

  13. I'm fine with cockroaches & ants. & maybe I'll have them as a pet if I can get some of them fresh. Not only I'm keeping them as a pet but I'm keeping them in my room. Keeping them only at room does not make them transfer disease from outside. & yes there's lots of cockroaches in my friend's kitchen. Nothin happens to them. Yes, they r living with that many roaches in their kitchen for years & years. R they sick? No. Look, ants(maybe) & roaches r natural enemy of bed bugs which r the enemy of humans. Believe me or not few days ago there used to be very very few roaches in my room. One of them I killed when it went inside the thrown noodle cover to eat the thrown parts. Anther I killed which got down in my feet while I was walking. Then another I found laying opposite unable to walk. I killed that one too. Maybe other roaches left my room or maybe there were no others. My room became cockroach free. Like 2 or some days later after that, my body started itching. I didn't knew it was bed bugs. Day by day it became more & more & then I realized it was bed bug & the things r serious. It completely ruined my last night. Then I thought, since when did this bed bug infestation started? I think & think in the middle of sleepless itching night & I realized that I'm not seeing a single roaches in my room while some days ago I used to see them freely moving here & there in my room, their sound of eating trashes. That time, I didn't had problem with bed bugs & now I had. I thought definitely roaches used to eat bed bugs when they were at my room. As soon as the horrible night passes away, I'll bring like 10 roaches from my friend's kitchen into my room. Then I opened the Internet to become 100% garuntee wither the roaches eat bed bugs or not. Yeah, they eats them. I shouldn't have killed the roaches. Bed bug is one of the worst case. I'll try to find a solution & if I can't, roaches will solve it. If I don't have any option then what? Either keep roaches in my room or those annoying bed bugs. So yeah, gonna get back some roaches into my room. Guys good luck with ur solution but mine is harmless roaches from my friend's kitchen.

  14. Please dont waist you time only use gothal gel cost 50£ you never see them again i try everythin for 1,5 year only this gel kills use under worktop and units way from kid only use a bit not mach i use to have 1000 of them spred in to 3 flats i send 150 on smelly spry 1 year now not even 1 left

  15. HOW did HOW get that video up? Here is the HOW video on the fact that Boric Acid is toxic for dogs!

  16. Using DE is inhumane…  It's the equivalent of having microscopic glass fragments in every joint of your body!  I wouldn't put a bug through that…  Sure the are pesky at times, but they don't deserve that!  I used to be maintenance for apartment complex and DE was being used, but I would not use that stuff.  Glue traps for rodents are inhumane as well, I was successful at rescuing a baby rat from a glue trap once while working maintenance, but wasn't so lucky another time, it was too far stuck and I he was upset and I didn't want to get bit, so I saved one, and another suffered greatly because I could not free it.  On the one I saved, I'll never forget that rodent, I took him outside, he didn't put up a fight, and I was able to pry his delicate feet off the glue, he ran off then stopped at the wood fence, looked back at me with those beady black eyes, as if to say thankyou for caring.

  17. I'm burn my apartment down ,is not mys but this apartment Phill Scott company , if u see this name run and trust me they got apartment everywhere, u never see the real owner EATHER, bed bugs, all them apartment are infestation

  18. pest come from properties not being sealed up from the outside in,,,any cracks in foundation,or walls causes can start by sealing up as many cracks and holes that you see in and outside of your building.

  19. Very informative and interesting post. It is really a big help. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  20. Common but interesting methods. We don't have diatomaceous earth in our shops in Ukraine only. 🙂 Thanks. 🙂

  21. I use isopropyl alcohol, DE, shop vacuums, clothes dryer, bright light, magnifying glass, garbage bags, Ortho and Harris bed bug spray. Locate the infestation! isolate it! Surround and CONTAIN it! Do not spread it! Then exterminate it!

  22. Wow, that`s really useful but… I`m afraid I won`t be able to do anything of it right 😀 Last summer I was in hospital because of these flying guys!!

  23. soooo luckily there is an article where are described useful devices for insect`s haters. There you can find more Please don`t be lazy pies and check!

  24. 70000 carmine bugs are killed for just 1 pound of dye? ?
    Stop killing carmine bugs,for haven sake…
    Let us do something please..

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