How to Make a Bug Net

hi guys it’s alyssa from online fabric
store today I’m going to show you how to make a really cheap mosquito net for
your hammock or even a bed so let’s get started the materials you will need are
one yard of ripstop fabric no seeum mosquito netting fabric I’m using 8
yards for standard size hammock but you may need more for a bed blind cord
eyelets eyelet pliers safety pins clips scissors a ruler or measuring tape
thread and a sewing machine determine the length of the pieces you will mean
by measuring your bed or hammock and adding one foot for seam allowance and
overhang once you figure out the length of the pieces you will need calculate
the number of panels you will need by increments of the width of the netting
which is 54 inches you will want to make sure that there’s a piece above your
head about 3 feet away from your body so then that doesn’t sit on you while you
sleep so make sure to add that into your equation always round up on this step
because it’s better to have more fabric than it to be laying on your skin cut as
many panels of the netting to the length that you need it with right sides facing sew the panels
together along the long sides so you end up with a large rectangle on both ends of the tube create 1-inch
channels by folding and now short ends of the rectangle and then sewing down
the raw edge of the netting leave two three-inch openings on opposite sides of
the tube cut four pieces of cording for the sides that are 12 inches longer than
whatever increment of 54 inches that you calculated using a safety pin attached
to one end of the cording thread the cording through one side of the channel
and then through the other tie it off with the other side of that length of
cording thread the other piece of cording using the same method but start
on the other side of the tube repeat this to add cording to the other side of
the tube as well flip the tube right side out attach four eyelets using
pliers to the direct center on the top of the tube attach an eyelet on both
sides of the tube about two feet away from the other eyelets there should be
eight eyelets on the net now in the shape of an X cut to 20 foot lengths of cording for
the top string the cording from the outside of the net through one of the
corners out through the center and then directly back in and then out through
the opposite side do this to both 20-foot lengths of cord in creating a
large X tie the strings loosely in place on both sides so they don’t come out
while the net is in transit the extra length of rope should be used to attach
to a tree or another nearby object so the net hangs above you while you sleep cut two pieces of ripstop that are 10 by
12 inches and clip them together with right sides facing sew around all but one
of the short edges see our reusable produce bag tutorial for more details on
how to finish your drawstring bag this netting is super easy to use and it
blends right into the rest of your hammock in gear so you can lay out this
summer and you don’t have to worry about those pesky mosquitoes and gnats getting
into your hammock thanks for watching this OFS project like and subscribe to
our channel for more crafting videos tips and tricks see you next time

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