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I flipped the bed over two clumped together there one there 50 right there she has a rash all down her arms they’re all over her body and this couple’s experience is alarmingly common according to Haniya Rae who’s written about these pests for Consumer Reports they are these
creepy crawly little insects that look like this and they are ready to feast on
your blood what’s the first thing I do when I walk into a hotel room the first
thing that you’re gonna do is leave your suitcase either outside of the hotel
room or put it inside the bathroom because bed bugs don’t like smooth clean
cold surfaces they want those tiny cracks and crevices that they can crawl
into so how do you search for bed bugs do you want to join me on the floor I
got a little surprise for you what are you talking about wait a minute this isn’t real bed bugs are they no they’re not real bed bugs they’re actually onion seeds and poppy seeds but you know the onion seed size is about what you would see if you did have an adult bed bug on your bed and these little poppy seeds are sort of like what the egg size would be you want to search in the sheets you want to search in the mattress in the boxspring in the pillows behind the headboard the nightstands you really want to make sure
you’ve got everything covered you can pull out your cell phone flashlight and
look in all those dark cracks and crevices Haniya says to keep an eye out for dark rust colored spots on the sheets or mattresses and to check all
the upholstered furniture in the room not just the bed if you see any sign of
bed bugs ask for a new room in another part of the building just because one
room has them doesn’t mean the entire hotel will so how do you get rid of them
bed bugs are notoriously resistant to typical insect sprays you’ll need a special type of dust that sort of desiccates their skin or dries them out
and kills them that way right but it usually takes an exterminator and a
knowledge of what to look for if I accidentally bring them home what do I do first when you get home even if you don’t think that there’s bed bugs in your luggage leave it outside
or put it in your garage or a place where they can’t easily get into your
home throw your clothes or your articles into a dryer leave it on a high heat setting for 30 minutes what does that do exactly that’ll kill them bed bugs know no
boundaries turning up in movie theaters bus seats even hitching a ride on a
commercial flight I’ve seen lots of my friends have their lives personally upended by this bed bugs can make their way into super fancy hotels but they can
also be in senior citizen centers they really can be anywhere you just want to
make sure that if you do spot one get an exterminator right away because it’s a problem that can easily get out of control Haniya says bed bugs are much easier to control when they are caught early so stay vigilant monitor your home and be careful when you travel and that way you
could avoid something like this happening to you

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