How To Raise Your Bed

Hey guys, it’s Candice from The Sleep Shop,
and today I’m going to be telling you about our G10 deluxe risers. They come in 4, 5,
and 6 packs and you’re going to need a riser for each leg of your frame that you have touching
the floor. They come in 3 pieces, you have a plastic insert, a threaded insert in the
riser itself. You put this, down in here, make sure it’s snug, and then you put this
little plastic insert, you put this, in your bed frame leg. Now I’m going to take this
back out, so I’m not going to push this all the way in, but this needs to be completely
in your bed frame leg. Now, your bed frame leg should be hollow, so if yours aren’t like
that, then these will not work for you but most standard bed frames do have hollow legs.
So you’re going to put the plastic insert in the leg, again, make sure it’s all the
way in and then you’re going to stick the riser into the plastic insert. This is going
to raise your bed, if you already have a standard frame, which is seven iches off the floor
this is going to raise your bed to 10 inches high. So, basically you gain 3 inches with
these deluxe risers. This is what it looks like once it is on your bed frame!

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3 thoughts on “How To Raise Your Bed

  1. I was hoping for a device that would end in casters so I could still roll my bed back from the wall when I drop things behind it. I have a heavy memory foam mattress so moving the bed even with casters is a chore; I probably would need to use a jack (or a strong friend) to lift the bed frame up wile installing the height adjusters. I’ve also heard of using bricks to do what your extensions accomplish.

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