How to Remove a Tick

How to Remove a Tick. As carriers of Lyme disease, ticks can be
dangerous. Here’s how to make sure you stay protected. You will need A pair of fine-tip tweezers
Some rubbing alcohol Cotton balls Warm water Soap A small, disposable, lidded container
A tissue A pair of gloves (optional) (optional) (optional) A sealable plastic storage bag
(optional) (optional) (optional) Tape (optional) (optional) (optional) and a washer and dryer
(optional) (optional) (optional). Step 1. If you find a tick, never attempt to remove
it by hand–use a pair of tweezers. Step 2. Sterilize the tweezers by swiping them with
a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol, or by thoroughly washing them in soap and warm
water. Step 3. Press the tweezers as close to your skin as
possible and grasp the tick’s head where it enters your skin. Do so carefully, and avoid crushing the tick’s
body, which can release bacteria. Step 4. Pull the tick directly away from your skin–do
not attempt to twist or pry it out. Don’t panic if the tick’s mouthparts are
left behind. Once the body is removed, it can no longer
transmit bacteria. Contrary to popular belief, trying to burn
out the tick with a matchstick or smother it with petroleum jelly doesn’t work–the
trauma causes it to release infected fluids into your skin. Step 5. Place it into a small, lidded container, such
as an empty pill or spice bottle, and push a tissue in after it. Add a splash of rubbing alcohol to kill any
bacteria. Step 6. Seal the container and throw it in the trash. Never flush a tick down the toilet–it can
easily survive in water. If you don’t have a small, lidded container
handy, seal the tick in a small plastic storage bag or wrap it up in tape and throw it in
the trash. Step 7. Thoroughly clean the area on your skin with
soap and warm water, or rubbing alcohol. Did you know The superhero “The Tick”
was created in 1986 by a 17-year-old comics-store employee as a mascot for the store’s newsletter.

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100 thoughts on “How to Remove a Tick

  1. Wrote a Lyme disease brochure with the help of 2 Lyme disease specialists. Will email to anyone interested. God bless, Elaine

  2. '
    why throw away plastic jar in the trash…
    noo way…
    dont be waste…
    put tick in the plastic jar and pour 91% rubbing alocohlic to kill tick…
    wait until tick full death…
    put tick on fire to burn ash

  3. This advice is not what I follow. Tweezers are ok but only work with a twist to get the whole tick out. You want to get it all out, leaving the mouthparts in your skin is not good! The best thing to use is the specially designed tick-removing tool.

  4. All of these are wrong just rip the fucker off with anything you have before it sucks you dry and gives you lines disease

  5. I'm worried I'm 13 I had a tic in my hair on the back of my head my dad attempted to get it out with pliers didn't work so I went to the hospital they said it fell out and died from my dad most likely injuring it with pliers, the hospital said to clean my hair 2 times a day, could I be at risk for lime disease?


  6. I burnt ticks of me in the woods all the time. I've had plenty 100+ of ticks to call my self a tick removal expert

  7. i pulled two out of my cats back n i put bleach on the ticks in a bottle :L they where still alive for about 30 minutes !?

  8. I got two ticks on me 2 days ago my mom had to pull them out but I didn't really notice that I had a third could be bite near my top thy area. It wasn't there before until I noticed it today. I think the third tick either fell off somewhere or it's just a tiny pimple that looks like another tick bite? Maybe? Idk. But I seriously hope that it's just a place that I scratched. I haven't gotten any antibiotics because I have no health insurance and Obama care doesn't even help at all! 🙁

  9. Does not this way leave more opportunity for the head to stay in the skin and cause infection ? I have heard that but I am only asking .

  10. How does this help ticks are very small and it's a small chance you will actually catch it in time. I'm kinda worried cause I just found a third one on me went back to sleep but now I woke up and feel sick as hell

  11. Before you throw it away you should always take it to the doctor to have it tested for any disease that it may have been carrying

  12. well, I flushed one from my cat down the toliet.  Why not…is it going to come back up in the middle of the night and attack me?!

  13. Ooooo can u tell me when ur gonna make a real version of this???? Because the stuff looked like props even the tick……..😮

  14. This video is bad advice. The tick's head disconnects and stays inside your body transmitting the disease.

    You only need a lighter. You do not burn the tick, but you make the tick back out on it's own accord.

  15. There is some misinformation in this Video. Removing a tick like that will likely harm the body of the tick causing it to vomit and flush saliva into your circulatory system.

    You should use a very fine-tip tweezer (much smaller like that in the video) and grab the tick from the side right behind the mouthparts or at least at the body transition of the tick. No twisting, thats right! Just a steady and gently pull. Not as fast as shown in the video. If you haven't managed a good grab a fast pull could harm the body or mouthparts too.

    Also since its the saliva of the tick which can potentially cause disease it doesn't matter if the body is still attached or not. All you want to do is to make sure you don't squeeze the body to prevent the tick from vomiting because everything goes through the mouthparts thus through saliva so to speak.
    If the mouthparts are left over, thoroughly disinfect the location and try to get the leftovers out of the skin because there could be still saliva sitting in the wound. After the procedure generously disinfect the whole area again and grab a cold beer.

  16. Shouldn't you send the tick body to a lab or hospital or something to get it tested for diseases.

  17. Or…. Just rub Noxzema on it. It will let go on it's own. And for Bee stings just use Distilled White vinegar. Pain stops instantly. No need for all this mess. Growing up in the country you learn all kinds of tricks like these. They work. Try it sometime.

  18. The only SAFE way to remove a tick is with a tick tool. Do not subscribe to 'old advice' If you put any chemical or oil or alcohol on the tick it will vomit infected blood into you. Also… if you use tweezers or your fingers then you will squeeze the tick and partially inject yourself with infected blood.
    Buy a tick tool…They slide under the tick and cause no pressure/squeezing on it…. you rotate and the tick releases its mouth parts cleanly after a few turns. I have removed many from ours and neighbours dogs easily and safely. Videos like this are irresponsible and dangerous… If you try to remove a tick like it shows in this video then you will be putting your life at risk.

  19. I just Use toilet paper and just pull it off and throw it in the toilet, make sure goes down, and shoot the bird at it and then just move on with whatever I was doing.

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