How to sue a hotel for bed bugs – 2018

What Can You Do If Your Hotel Room Has Bed Bugs? Bed Bug Infestation Reports and Google Maps Tracking the Bed Bugs Epidemic Hotel and vacation rental owners and managers owe a duty of care under common law to provide a clean and safe place for their guests. There are many state laws to protect the rights of guests from bed bug infestations and the injuries and property damage they cause. Common types of compensation for bed bug bites at hotels: Medical and emergency room expenses. Future cost of medical care including General Pain and suffering. Property damage, including infested clothing and luggage. Recovery for lost time at work and loss of future income due to long-term disability. Some hotels didn’t have in place or implement protocols and procedures for bed bugs prevention. So these are some of the things you should do to collect evidence: Use the plastic cup to trap and catch any bedbug you find. Take a picture or make a video clip with your phone: -Of the bites on your body
-Of any blood on the sheets
-Of crushed insects
-Of stains from their waste -And how you trapped them. Try and get the hotel staff to come and have a look to acknowledge the evidence. Ask that they put all your luggage in a deep freeze (bed bugs are killed by -5°C / 23°F) for over 24 hours Ask for help with washing at high temperatures (over 60°C / 140°F) It could be you that brought the eggs or live bedbugs with you with your luggage from the plane or taxi. So, give them a chance! Let the hotel try and resolve the issue first. Let them try to accommodate you so you feel comfortable. Ask for your money back, and usually, it will not be disputed from the hotel. If they do argue, then threaten them with exposure. Ask to change rooms, or even change hotels if that’s possible. Submit the hotel name at The Bed Bug Registry or Leave a review. Keep in mind that a negative review could be extremely damaging to a hotel’s business. Very often the hotels are pretty clean, and previous guests have carried the bedbugs along with them. What if the hotel didn’t help or assist you? You can sue them! How to sue a hotel for bed bug bites? People are getting bitten by bed bugs in a hotel with poor management or not correctly trained housekeeping and maintenance staff. The next step you can take to get some assistance for what’s happened to you is as follows: Report the evidence of bedbugs to the hotel management. Get medical treatment from your doctor as quickly as possible. Keep notes with dates and times of people that you’ve spoken with about the infest Take photo and video documents as much as you humanly possibly can. Contact the Department of Health in that particular state or city. Call the at any time to discuss what happened to you at a hotel for a free consultation. Bed bug lawyers have the skill, knowledge, and resources necessary to help you obtain compensation as the result of being bitten by bed bugs. Check our website for more information This presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License. Click here to see the full list of images and attributions:

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