How to Treat Insect Bites & Stings : How to Reduce the Itching of an Insect Bite

Hello, my name is Dr. Susan Jewell. Now in
this clip I’m going to demonstrate to you how you can find a way to reduce the itching
when you’re bitten by an insect like a mosquito. So what I have here is you can take an aspirin
tablet. Don’t do this if you’re allergic to aspirin though, okay so make sure you’re not
allergic to aspirin. But you take an aspirin tablet and then you pulverize it into a powder
form. So here I have a pulverized tablet of aspirin and I put it into this bowl here like
that. Then what I do is I’m going to make a little paste. So you just want to add a
little bit of water just so it dissolves the aspirin, you know the powder to make a very
paste like substance texture. Add a bit more. Keep doing that until it becomes like a paste
like that. So once you’ve got a paste off the pulverized aspirin, what you do for example
if I say that this was the area on my hand, on my arm where it’s bitten from the mosquito
and it is very itchy and inflamed, what I can do is the first thing I need to do is
to make sure that the area is cleansed with soapy water. So you got to clean the area
very well all over the area that is bitten with soapy water. Pat it all dry and then
to reduce the itching what you could do is you could use your fingers. But make sure
your hands are sterilized, wash it was soapy water. Then you can just add this paste all
onto the bite itself with this pulverized aspirin paste. Just put it over the area that
is bitten and that will help to give you some relief from the itch and the pain. It will
stop you from scratching as well because a lot of the inflammation, infection is caused
on mosquito bites it’s cause by repetitive scratch in the area and opening the skin wound.
So this is one way to help you alleviate the itching and prevent inflammation and infection.

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12 thoughts on “How to Treat Insect Bites & Stings : How to Reduce the Itching of an Insect Bite

  1. I just an episode of my show with tips about Bug bite prevention and dealing with them afterwards! Check it out at my channel!

  2. another way: Put Povidone on the insect bite then put baby lotion not adult lotion then it will work it worked for me.

  3. but whenever i put the paste on, after a while all the water dries out and theres only the pill left

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