How to Treat Insect Bites & Stings : How to Wash an Insect Bite

Hello, my name is Dr. Susan Jewell. Now in
this clip I’m going to talk to you about what to do if you get bitten by insects or stung
by a bee. So the first thing to do when that happens is you have to wash the area off with
soap and water and put antiseptic cream on it if you’re bitten by an insect. If it’s
a bee sting, of course first thing to do is try to retrieve the sting out of the skin
itself and then you have to clean in the same procedure. So for example here; say this little
red mark here that I put on my hand is the actual area that has been bitten by the insect.
Well the first thing I want to do is clean the area. So you get soapy water and here
is some soap and you add it into the water and brush it around. First thing you do is
get some cloth and put it in the soapy water and just really wash the area very, very well.
Clean it off and then you pat it dry. Once you’ve done that, when you’ve cleansed it
and you pat it dry, then you can put some of this antiseptic cream or ointment to prevent
infection. So just put a bit of this. This is very readily available in any local pharmacy.
So you just add a dab of this antiseptic cream onto the bite itself. That will help to reduce
the risk of it getting infected and stop any kind of infection. And if you want to, you
can put a band-aid over it but it’s best just to let it breathe and heal naturally. Of course
with the ointment on your hand, you can wash it in the soapy water and clean it. So that’s
the first thing you should do if you actually have an insect bite to stop infection.

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