How to Use a Soap Bar to Cure Restless Legs or Cramps

A common condition that affects more than
three million people across America is Restless Leg Syndrome, or RLS, per the Mayo Clinic.
This condition does not yet have a cure and can negatively impact someone’s life quality.  RLS typically causes cramping in the legs,
but they can also occur in the head, arms, torso, as well as other parts of the body.
Also, because the cramping causes one to toss and turn in bed, their sleep is lost. 
  Health experts believe the reason RLS develops
is because of a problem in the nervous system where the legs cramp up overnight and they
begin to move uncontrollably.   
Reports indicate that RLS is quite painful. Those that have experienced this have shared
that it feels like itching that goes away by standing up and walking around. This is
largely why this is frustrating and why quality sleep is lost. 
  There are no treatments for this condition;
however, there is a natural remedy that has been found tried and true in relieving the
painful symptoms of RLS. That natural remedy is to put a bar of soap under the sheet of
your bed before you go to sleep! This odd folk remedy is a simple one. Just
place a bar of soap under your bed sheet or under the bottom fitted sheet of your bed.
You can place the bar of soap in a sock before placing it in the sheets to prevent making
a mess. It is also recommended that you change out the soap every month to a new one. While this may sound odd at first, people
have found that this method gives great results to treating their leg cramps and RLS. While
the benefits cannot be explained by medical doctors, it is believed that it is due to
the soap’s high levels of magnesium. That is because magnesium deficiency is a leading
cause of leg cramps and restless leg syndrome (RLS). Some doctors even suggest using lavender soap
would provide extra benefits, as lavender is known to relax your muscles. To achieve
the very best results, use a natural soap and a scent that uses essential oils, such
as lavender oil. Have you ever heard of this odd remedy? Let
us know your thoughts on this in the comment section. If you like the video, give it a thumbs up
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66 thoughts on “How to Use a Soap Bar to Cure Restless Legs or Cramps

  1. RLS is caused by not having enough potassium in your system. Do not eat bananas for potassium……they are LOW in potassium and high in sugar!

  2. I have my bar of Ivory Soap in a little bag for delicates. I also keep a lavender sachet in the bed too. My family has used soap in the bed for many years. Though it doesn't completely stop leg cramps it does lessen them. I may have a cramp once in 6 months

  3. I find my tea tree and carbolic bars of soap form Soap Works. to be relaxing when i use them or even just have them in my bedroom and let their sent fill the air

  4. My mother's primary doctor told her to do this as well. He said there's no scientific proof on how or why it works but testimonies and journals have been written about it stating it does.

  5. I tried this…I woke up Caucasian!! I got scared so I took the soap away…about a month later, well I'm Latino again…I may need a shower though.

  6. i have tried
    the soap in a sock treatment. after 25 yes of sleepless night, i can honestly say that it has worked without fail for the last 8 months. brilliant, no medication, sleeping soundly. 😁😁😁

  7. I do not have RLS but I do have leg cramps some nights and my mama told me to start doing this and it has helped a lot. I do not use a natural soap or one with lavender. Any soap helps me and i guess it also helps my mama with her itchy feet.

  8. My friends sister told me about this…..and I was SHOCKED that it actually worked. And I used regular coast soap. Go figure.

  9. Awesome idea! Just found this on Pinterest; I got curious and wanted to see how this works. Thanks for sharing. I will try this.

  10. Wow. This is AMAZING. I just went and grabbed a bar of soap, put it in a sock and under my sheets…. within SECONDS it worked!!!! No joke I am shocked !!!!!!

  11. I have been taking calcium and magnesium and potassium daily in high doses for the leg cramps that attack almost every night. I've tried pickle juice which seemed to help at first. At first it was my feet and ankles which have both suffered injuries over the years, so I suspected it was due to that, but lately has shown up in my thighs and calves also. It is miserable. At first I could just stand beside the bed and the would subside but lately it has become necessary to walk around the house stretching to get them to stop. I'm going to give this a shot. Certainly can't hurt.

  12. I had TERRIBLE "growing pains" in my legs as a child, which continued into adulthood when it was diagnosed as RLS. 15yrs ago, I was experiencing a particularly bad case of RLS. The cramps kept me awake all night long, and continued into the morning. After suffering night two, and still feeling the discomfort at 10am the next day, I complained to an elder coworker, who suggested soap in the bed, as it was an old wives remedy, for leg cramps. I looked at her, like she had ten heads, and thought she was cracked. Until that night, when it was night 3 of still being awake in pain, at 3am when I decided at that point, I'd try anything. I got up, grabbed the still wet / slimy cake of soap from my shower, threw it in my bed and eventually fell asleep. When I awoke the next morning, the stiffness and discomfort in my legs, had finally lifted. I was a believer from that point on.

    I only use Dove soap in my house, and that brand worked for me. My RLS episodes are now few and far between, when they return, I change out the soap.

  13. Never heard of it before.
    I was on so many different meds for RLS like 7yrs ago. Alot of them made me worse, some were muscle relaxers, but for some reason for me they did the opposite for me & 1 time I was in hospital & the Dr suggested I take MORE & the drs & nurses overdosed me on muscle relaxers & it was total hell cuz the side effects were twice as bad!

  14. Soap is so high in Alkaline.
    That's why it makes sense.
    I also have heard drinking Alkaline water at nights could be helpful.
    For me,eating acidic foods make the condition worth.

  15. So, direct contact with a bar of soap while showering doesn't prevent magnesium deficiency but putting a bar of soap under my sheets will? OK.

  16. The thing you don’t tell is that lavender has an impact on memory and can cause short term memory problems. This is the problem with folk medicine—we don’t know all the affects.

  17. When my Dr. Suggested this to me about the soap, I called him a quack but I also suffered long enough so I
    was willing to try anything. To my surprise it WORKED! I havent been happier being I am one who does not like to take medication. So dont knock it till you try it. So glad I did.

    Signed Susie kicked off to a new start

  18. The doctors prescribed me Cymbalta which gave me RLS proven by a scientific sleep study where my brain wakes up from REM because of this shit. My sleep is shit and depression is continued. "medication" prescribed is just pure poison.

  19. Worked for me noticed pain back in my legs just over a month after placing this in my bed changed the bar and started working again !😊

  20. Rls is the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever been through it has made me suicidal at time and has caused me to lose days of sleep making me hit my legs tell there black and blue and soak them in scalding hot water I’ve even takin large quintets of xanaxs jus to pass out and not have to go through the shrieking pain I sometimes stand upright for hours tell my legs are exhausted please anyone out there find a cure or a effective remedy the quality of my life is in a downwards spiral I need serious help ASAP!if u have a answer to my problem please tell me thank you much love to the kindness of the person who has a answer for me I hope you all have a great day

  21. I dont think I have magnesium deffency but for SURE the bar of sope helps for RSL. I use common sopebars and change it when the fragrance had gone. Have used it for years.👍🏼🙂

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