Huge Insects That Inhabit Our World

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100 thoughts on “Huge Insects That Inhabit Our World

  1. Well guys we have earwigg in here so spread the word and tell the scintest they well find it in AL-Baha city in specific time of the year.

  2. Atlas moth or Mariposa (That's what I grew up with) always seems to land infront of our house back then but then we sold that house. The Mariposas was always outside our gate that it became less special when we caught one. It's kind of scary when my uncle dissected most of them and plant them on a picture frame for display. So basically the Mariposas that lands in our balcony is like asking for their death. We have atleast 22 Frames that has Mariposa in it and it was kind of funny of how I thought it was Mariposa from barbie back then and I keep telling them to not kill the fairy. Oh my childish beliefs ,I was so young and gullible.

  3. I,personally, love to watch and study giant Beetles and Massive Wasps because once you stop shuddering,you see that they look like toys one finds at our local Science Museums.

  4. Insects like the Atlas Moth look like real life Pok'emon,huh?? Just like the adorable Flap Jack Octapuss…it sways it's tiny arms to move it's dress like skin flaps just move around…soooo cute!

  5. Griffinfly sounds like it belongs with Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw ,Slytherin in the Harry Potter books,huh?? Like a sub house of Gryffindor,maybe??Just change the spelling.

  6. They forgot to mention the Giant Asian Hornet, it's almost 4 inches long, and just one single Sting from one Giant Asian Hornet can kill an Adult Human.

  7. I have seen a pray mantis, a leaf bug, and a walking stick, with the walkimg stick being about a foot long, leaf bug was small but still freaky, and I was 4 when I saw the pray mantis so all I can say is huge. All were inside…..

  8. he is wrong bout praying mantis length. 6 in. I live in Tennessee and one time I saw one on my shed that was about 14 in. and another nearly 10 in. it was amazing. don't know how or why but I couldn't take my eyes off it. it wasn't disturbed by my presence either. I was very close to it watching. I've also seen a walking stick over 10 in here also. n you don't wana know bout some of the snakes n spiders here!

  9. As great as this list was they should hav just had insects that are still alive as there are even more monsterous bugs from prehistoric eras

  10. 1. the giant dobsonfly can not kill you with its bite thats an absurd wives tale
    2. why when you are talking about Africa you show tigers with elephants tigers don't live in Africa
    3. why is there a golden orb spider on a wed when you are talking about Goliath bird eaters
    4. why did you use some cheesy image of a tarantula hawk with a poorly Photo shopped scorpion tail put in place of the stinger just why………
    5. who the hell would ever feed a Goliath beetle dog/cat food beetle jelly and banana is much better in every way

  11. Some of the photos you used are completely irrelevant, like the orb weaver at 0:52 and the fake scorpion tail on the tarantula hawk afterwards. It sucks because the rest of the photos are accurate 🤔

  12. We saw a Teranchula Hawk Wasp in Arizona while watching local fireworks one fourth of July a couple years ago. We were lucky. It didn't seem to notice us. 🌹

  13. Probably global warming was the plan created by us to exterminate these insects. But, we would exterminate ourselves in d process

  14. Tarantulas have ten legs, not 8. And they have been on this earth virtually unchanged for millions of years, so technically, humans are the freaks, and especially you. Ignorant videos like this are why our children are eating soap.

  15. I've had 2 pet praying Manti, they ended up breeding, and the female ate the male, and she layed 5 egg sacks, that all hatched, it was awesome

  16. I saw one of the Atlas moths at school just hanging on a desk in the entrance, some of my friends called it the "Bv-238", its the same name as the largest German seaplane in the Second World War

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