I Have a PROBLEM!!!!

– So yes, I have a problem. I may need an intervention. – I slept better this time. – [Male] Yeah, you guys slept great. Are you in the same room with your sister? – Yeah. – [Male] Did you sleep so well? – Yeah. – [Male] You guys ready
to go get some breakfast? – Yeah (classical music) – Good morning, I am
planning my meals right now for the week. I try to remember to do
that on Sunday or Monday. I don’t always do it
but the weeks that I do, it always goes better. So here’s the way I do
it, it’s really simple. I keep a list of what
freezer meals are available in my freezer and what
month they were made in, and the reason I do that
is so that something doesn’t get lost in
the back of the freezer and go bad on me. I just wanna make sure that I’m cycling through all the freezer meals. And then all I do is I
take a little post-it note and I write down the days of the week and I write down what we’re having. So this is what we’re having this week. I’m still obviously in the middle of it because I haven’t decided yet what we’re having for Friday or Sunday. This weekend, we are cooking
dinner at the Ronald McDonald house which will be
really fun, I’m excited. We did that last year on Christmas eve and it was a great experience. I haven’t decided what we’re
doing for Ronald McDonald house yet. We’re feeding 50 people and so since I haven’t decided on that, that kind of affects the
Friday and Sunday part. So I’m still, it’s a work in progress, but I’m getting there. What are you guys having
for dinner tonight? Let me know in the comments below. So my kids are getting
so grown-up and helpful. The kids have known how to
unload the dishwasher for a while and they’ve known how to
load the washing machine but now they’re old
enough to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer and start it. And they’re old enough to
actually scrub the dishes and put ’em into the dishwasher. I’m really proud of you guys, I really appreciate your help. – Thanks. – So one of the major mistakes I made, I left a wipes container
right next to Laura’s crib the first night she slept in there, and we went in there and she had every single
wipe out of there. – [Woman] So now it’s in a little baggy, – Yeah. – [Woman] Which is super convenient. – Well it’s also like our
toilet paper right now. Kaleb un-did all our toilet
paper in our bathroom so it’s all wadded up into a baggy that we’re using the toilet paper out of. So we have kids, they take
stuff out of containers and stuff. – You’re not supposed to reveal
these embarrassing things about our family. – Sorry, we keep that
stuff hidden on purpose. – Yeah. – So I wasn’t planning
on coming home for lunch but then Kendra had to
go off and make this. Oh my gosh stromboli’s so good. – It is really good. – [Male] You loving it big girl? – It’s called stromboli. It’s yummy. So we’re sitting here eating our lunch calmly talking, it was
actually like a peaceful moment and all of a sudden,
Isaac screams and jumps up from his chair and I
look at him and I’m like, “what’s wrong?” What’d you say? – There was a cucumber. – [Kendra] So we’re having cucumbers as part of our lunch today. – Ah! – We honestly had so much
fun making that parody video. It just was fun to pretend
and act as a family. It was fun. – This one’s for you. – I just want you to be scared of it. – To be scared of it? Okay. – Hi guys. – Hi guys. – [Kendra] What are you guys ‘doin? – We are, I’m kinda gonna put Laura to bed but I want to. – [Kendra] Oh you want to? Are you just laying by here
while she drinks her bottle real quick? – Can you say hi? – Hi. – [Kendra] You guys are so sweet. Are you guys glad you’re sisters? – Uh huh. – [Kendra] What’s your favorite thing to do together as sisters? – We don’t really know. – [Kendra] Yeah? – We just have fun. – Lisi. – [Kendra] Where’s Lisi? (laughing) – I tickle her. – [Kendra] Are you gonna tickle her? (laughing) Oh almost, almost. Good job. Oh yeah! Somebody’s learning how to jump rope. You’re gonna get it Lis. – Oh that was so close. – [Kendra] You guys pumped
up the old football? Alright. – [Male Child] Mumbles. – So we often get the
question of why Kaleb almost always has a
bruise on his forehead. Well this is why. And this happens almost every single day. – Now let’s play some more. – [Kendra] Are you alright dude? – Yeah. – [Kendra] You’re a tough guy. ‘Whatcha doing? – I’m fixing this. – [Kendra] You’re fixing it? What’s wrong with it? – This is all stick to
this. It’s not very tight. – [Kendra] It’s not very tight? Needs to be tighter? You parking that? – Yup. We’re needing to get some gas. – Just gas-ing up? – Can you fix my car? – Yes. – [Kendra] You gonna fix her car? Nice. – Hi, hi, hi. – It’s 900. – Thank you. – Since I’ve been home,
Kaleb has been begging to work on a project with me. We’re gonna try to fix
this remote control car. Do not try this at home.
Kaleb is a professional. – Dad can you help me? – [Male] Yeah, of course bud. I don’t know if it’s
gonna work or not bud. Let’s see. – Can I have a turn? – [Male] Let’s see, it’s off, okay. Go! (laughing) – It went through (mumbles) both legs. (laughing) – Now we turn it back. (laughing) – She really gets her arms into it. – [Kendra] Ah, not mom! (yelling and laughing) Alright, it’s bedtime, wish us luck. Okay can you guys give me a J-house out? – J-House out! – Wait, I have to tell you guys something. I wasn’t planning on vlogging
this but I went to the library tonight and two things happened. So number one, I fell. I was right there in front of the desk with all these librarians in front of me and there were a bunch of people around and my foot got stuck in the
loop of one of my library bags and I fell. And I fell
over a pile of books and I fell like flat on my left knee and I caught myself with my hands. It was not a graceful
fall, like I went blah, books spilled everywhere, and anyways that was my
embarrassing moment for today. But I also picked up my library book holes and I was honestly a little
bit embarassed about that too. So here’s our library books
that I just picked up, that were on hold for us at the library. Those are all Christmas books. – Kendra, – [Kendra] Do you have something to say? – This is like a sickness,
you need an intervention. We need to get like a support group. Library book anonymous or something. This is not healthy. But, the kids love it and
they actually will read all of these and there’s some
really good ones in here. I’m excited for ’em. – So at least I’m the kinda hoarder that has to return my hoard
every few weeks and it’s free. – Kind of. That’s if you return them on time and they’re not ripped
by a kid, they’re free. – That’s a good point,
that’s a good point. – But we like to donate to the library. – So what I need to know from
you guys in the comments below is what’s your favorite Christmas book because if I don’t have it on hold, I need to go put it on hold. I need more. – Seriously? It’s a sickness. – So yes, I have a problem,
I may need an intervention. I am a library book addict. J- house out. Goodnight. – Hi my name’s Iona and
I’m from California, and I am grateful for all
the You-tubers out there. – [Kendra] Laura. Peekaboo! – [Male] I see you. Do you like your new crib? – No. (laughing)

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