I Know What Love Is – Forrest Gump (8/9) Movie CLIP (1994) HD

Will you marry me? I’d make a good
husband, jenny. You would, forrest. But you won’t marry me. You don’t want
to marry me. Why don’t you
love me, jenny? I’m not a smart man, But I know what love is. Jenny– Forrest,
I do love you.

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100 thoughts on “I Know What Love Is – Forrest Gump (8/9) Movie CLIP (1994) HD

  1. I was in love with somebody for 15 years before I even kissed her.
    I never thought about being with her physically, just knowing she was present was good enough

  2. I wonder how he described this scene to the people on the bench.

    "Her bed must have been uncomfortable because she decided to join me. She laid on top of me. There was kiss-ang and touch-ang, and we removed her nightgown."

    That or…

    "Now you wouldn't believe me if I told you, but we were intimate that night."

    …since he knows what love is. I assume that includes lovemaking.

  3. When I was young and saw this movie first time I couldn't understand Jenny and she left forrest because he's fool….but after 10 years I went through a lot of things in my life and saw this movie again…then I could see the Jenny… and I'm really touched by his unconditional love for Jenny..

  4. As a kid, I was so mad at her for leaving like that. But you tend to understand more as an adult. Jenny wasn't a bad person. Just scarred beyond repair.

  5. Jenny, does love Forrest. In her way, she believed being with him would only hurt him due to how she viewed herself. So she showed her love by letting him go.

  6. People often miss this: Jenny did love Forrest; more than anything else in the world other than her freedom. Jenny's problem was- she didn't love herself…primarily because of the abuse she experienced as a child; which made her feel as if she was a worthless person, unlovable, and not capable of being loved. Forrest has essentially been telling her and demonstrating to her that she is lovable and that she is a good person, but she could never bring herself to believe that. When Jenny says: "You don't want to marry me," she's revealing all of those things to the Forrest and to us; but she is also saying that she doesn't feel worthy enough to be loved by someone as kind-hearted as Forrest, and she's also telling Forrest that he deserves much better than her. But deep down, Jenny loved Forrest with all her heart; she just didn't love herself.

  7. Idk if I'm imagining, but I feel like the way Sheldon Cooper from BBT is almost exactly like forrest's walking motion. On a more clear note, their forehead's and hairline's are extremely similar.

  8. Hate Jenny all you want..you gotta give her credit for not taking advantage of Forrest after he became a millionaire,she even tried to protect him from her traumatized self by keeping in distance even though she loved him..and she did love him

  9. This scene was sad because Forrest really loved her and couldn't understand why she wouldn't marry him. But at the same time I can't help but giggle at the sassy hands-on-hip pose. It's the funniest thing 😂

  10. I will marry you. Forrest Gump I don't care if you are smart if you just have a good heart and that good for me 😊😘😘

  11. Why everyone hate her? Just saw the film a few hours ago, she had a shitty life from the beginnning, but whenever she could, she helped Forrest with everything, and that means the world for him, that's why he loves her so much, but Jenny wants to run off her sad life, that's why se separates from him so many times. I love this couple, real love from the beginning, but she needed her time, the only thiing I didn't like is that after that night she run away again, but this time was very different because she got his child! that was selfish of heer I think.

  12. Reminds me so much of my ex, a broken depressed girl who just doesn’t think she deserves love and doesn’t love herself.. very sad.

  13. He loves her. Agrippa Eros philia ludos
    He sacrifices for her. The same childlike love he’s always felt. She has issues to figure out with complicated brain problems. He makes it simple. If only.,,,,,

  14. Girls are always confused never know what they want.
    If they get something unexpected they will run away from it. 😅
    It's really funny

  15. This is the first time I have seen a mentally challenged man making love with a woman lol. I will remember this moment

  16. Jenny only looked at herself from the shitty world's point of view. So she felt worthless. If she viewed herself from Forrest' point of view– she would feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

  17. The devil planned to ruin and destroy Jenny's life and keep her away from Forrest through useless logic, lies, empty dreams… Forrest NEVER stopped being Forrest.

  18. I wasn't closing my eyes on this scene but usually (cause yer know)I do.Though, this one scene made my heart happy.I obviously knew what was coming. But After being in the friend zone for so long, he finally took big step out of it.You go Forrest.

    Edit:We should have had a intervention with her.

  19. The scene where he talked to her at her grave it just tore me up I. Cried like it was raining outside best movie ever always watch it

  20. Classic movie.. my husband wouldn't be caught watching a movie like this. Lol Forrest get sum pumpum 🙂

  21. Sooooo are we just going to overlook the fact that she came back out of desperation because she had HIV????

  22. Jenny
    Friend zone forest for years. He looked out after her even protected her. But Forrest is the bad guy for doing so. Takes his virginity, then gets pregnant doesn't tell him until she finds out she's dying from all the dudes she's been with.

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