I Made a Minecraft Base in One Chunk

Minecraft is made of chunks a chunk is a 16 by 16 area And when your world is being generated it gets generated in these chunks Now, I personally really like the idea of trying to build an entire base inside of one Yeah, it’s gonna be tricky, especially Considering how bold my plans are so first things first Let’s get this place cleared up a little bit and then we can start trying to work out where each thing is actually going to go obviously most of this space is going to be under the ground. Well with that being said there’s a few larger scale things I want to have above the ground for anyone who’s seen the hermit crab series You will probably recognize what I’m building right here in Minecraft 1.14 There was a change made to TNT which allowed it to drop every single item that it explodes so it used to just blow things up and then you’d lose them now with TNT it blows things up and you get to keep the items which means it’s incredibly useful for automatic farms and Automatic tree farms. I mean, you know, when do not need wood. So let’s just see if part one is working if our tree grows Yep that that needs a redstone clock next to it to update the piston as I was saying tree grows everything Extends and everything gets pushed across. So what’s essentially happening here for those who don’t know This little redstone clock right here is constantly giving updates to this piston. It’s constantly making that piston check Its state. Now when this block gets powered by this repeater right here. It realizes. Oh I should be extended it extends pushing all of these things across which means the block gets pushed out the way and then the piston goes Ah, I’m not I’m not powered anymore and then it retracts you kind of get This sort of circuitry going on so we can push a bunch of trees out the way across like this redstone logic at its finest with wood covered for the time being it’s now time to conquer the other really important thing that we always need a Minecraft which is Cobblestone is used all the time in crafting recipes, and I personally actually quite liked building with it So we’ve got the piston layout in place. This is designed by El mango, and it’s amazing The only thing that I have to do now is place in the water and the lava which for the life of me I always get wrong. I don’t think I’ve ever got this right first time. Yeah. No, I’m already wrong here. I think it’s I think the lava goes on top of the Pistons and then the no the lava now I’m gonna have to double check the water goes on top of the Pistons The lava goes up at the top like this and if we flip this lever That’s I mean It generates so fast and gets moved out of the way so quickly that you don’t actually see it generating It just seems to appear over here. This is the strangest set up. I know the space is already looking really technical and a little bit ugly but don’t worry is going to get pretty soon but there is one more really ugly thing that I quickly have to build before we get onto the good-looking stuff and that of course is our TNT duplicator Kind of the heart of the build it’s quite necessary and hopefully it should all be functioning Now it goes without saying that I’ve made multiple backups here lever Okay, TNT has dropped Nothing has exploded this shouldn’t have exploded that seems really risky. Look how close the TNT is when it explodes but but It seems to be all good. Oh Oh Okay, I mean we might need to stop that from happening occasionally Oh that’s even worse Accidentally broke this thing and then it launched the TNT into the side of my storage system After a quick rebuild, I think we might actually be onto a winner here so I’m just trying it out with the cobblestone generator now and It seems to be working pretty smoothly I mean as you can see cobblestone comes in TNT explodes breaking the cobblestone and all of the items Just end up falling in the water. I’ve been running this for maybe 40 seconds maybe a minute. And as you can see, we already have two stacks which isn’t bad considering I’m not really doing anything right Now other than standing around the tree farm on the other hand Wasn’t such plain sailing, but thankfully with the addition of you leaf crushers I’ve managed to get it working efficiently, and now wood is being exploded as it grows Free wood but ugly base very ugly base at this point in time Let’s spruce things up a little bit and I think we can all agree that this is looking about a thousand times better I really really like the way that this area is looking so here you can see we have got my tiny little house it is Absolutely dinky, but it’s going to take us down into the lower levels of the base So we’ll work on that in a second But we also have this nice little pathway system that allows us to access the storage system for our cobblestone and our wood and then also make our way over to the tree farm activate it and actually start using it this I Want to move here. I want to move here in real life and live the rest of my years in this one chunk You know, it turns out that a chunk is actually quite a big place I keep double-checking that I haven’t done something totally wrong here and I’m building a pack of 32 by 32 area now This is sixteen by sixteen This is huge. We can fit everything in here Now as I think I previously mentioned we’re going to be building in floors with this thing So obviously the top floor, well, I guess the ground level is the tree farm on the cobblestone farm And then the first floor is going to be for food now because I don’t like an easy ride And I don’t want to make things simple for myself I want our main food source to be pumpkin pies with this one simply because well first off is a good food source But more importantly we can use pumpkin pie inside the composters to get a reliable source of bone meal Which is gonna be handy because we don’t have any skeleton grinders within our base and those tree farms They eat a lot of bone meal. Is it the most efficient way of doing things? Absolutely not but is it quite cool? Yeah, I think it’s gonna be cool now Obviously the first thing that we need for a pumpkin pie farm is actually a pumpkin farm but to make things more efficient I’ve actually had to create a melon and pumpkin farm because if you just have a single crop of just pumpkins that actually reduces the Efficiency and reduces the likelihood of things growing because technical things I’m curious, okay I’ve been sat here for about a minute and I haven’t seen anything grow. I would have thought that would have happened by now. Oh Is the light level too low I’ve just realized it’s completely pitch black. Yep. There we go. Yep. Yeah Alright turn down the random tick speed I’ve got night vision potion on it’s pitch black in here. Wow. That was a lot of melons and pumpkins Now that things have calmed down a tiny bit I’ve added in a little bit of decoration here and this is looking really really nice I like the idea of the double layered glass. You can see into the melon and pumpkin area But then you’ll also be able to see the minecarts going back and forth when I finally put them in I thought I wouldn’t put them in for now Because yeah, I don’t fancy just listening to those for the rest of the video to be honest Another culprit of really annoying noises is chickens We need an egg farm to create the pumpkin pie farm But once again, you know I don’t really want to put the chickens in place because they will drive me up the wall The final stage of this thing is of course the sugarcane farm now for those who don’t know Sugar cane is a bit of an interesting one. This is once again, thanks to ill mango He posted a video talking about zero tick sugar cane farming. Oh It’s a little bit strange But if you zero ticks the block Underneath a piece of sugarcane back and forth using zero tic pulses It will actually it will cause the sugarcane to grow a lot faster minecraft Minecraft’ is a weird game. Okay minecraft is full of weird things and I have built this weird thing correctly So look at this it the sugar cane is actually getting broken so fast you kind of don’t see it and It seems to be popping everywhere. It’s not really going in any sort of area that we can do anything with I don’t really know what to do with this if I have a hopper here Is it gonna collect anything? Okay collected that one bit. I mean This might be one of those things that you kind of have to stand next to and just pick it up as it comes in But look how fast this is. There is no funny business going on with random tick speeds or anything like that This is in straight vanilla minecraft The sugar cane is just growing that fast because of the block being moved back and forth underneath it. It’s strange. It’s weird I don’t want to talk about it, it creeps me out. So going down. The piston does seem to have helped though We are now we are now actually gathering up all of the sugar cane this thing’s this seems working I mean it’s been running for what five seconds and already we have about 30 pieces of sugar cane that’s not bad and now that I’ve done a bit of decorating in this place, it looks a little bit cooler than it did obviously still very Industrial this I mean that’s kind of how it goes You’ve got a lot of farms in here But it’s it’s quite a nice place to be so I would say this floor is now done It’s time to move down onto the next floor and don’t worry I will add all of the chickens and the minecarts at the end of the video. Once again, I don’t want that headache Anyway my goal for this level here is obviously to do some form of super smelters system We can’t have a base without some form of super smelter. You guys have seen me build them a bunch of times So I’ll just fly through this one quickly. So this design is a little seven furnace system So it’s not exactly the fastest super smelter in the world, but it’s seven times faster than a regular furnace now It’s it’s a bit of a big and bulky design, but it seems to be working quite nicely let’s check actually, so we’ve got nothing on the inside of here if we put sixty-four cobblestone in there and then if we grab ourselves from coal as well and put 64 coal on the inside of this chest and then flick this lever that will activate everything and then our our Furnaces will all start working. So if we look we’ve got two in each one of these obviously now we have four But the items get evenly dispersed between all of the furnaces So the load has been shared and that makes everything much much quicker because we’re now smelting things simultaneously And I’ve got to say I actually think this design looks pretty cool It looks really nice in here. But you may be wondering what I’m planning on doing with this area here Well, it might look a tiny bit familiar two pistons facing one another three blocks apart. Yes we’re going to build another zero tick farm this time for bamboo because bamboo can be used as fuel for furnaces and Let’s just say that the zero tick bamboo farm is ridiculously quick So if we just get ourselves set up quickly with that in fact, actually I think that torch needs to be over there that will create a zero tick pulse Super fast and we need two of them And then in theory all we need is this redstone line up at the top running into the piston? But as you may be able to tell I’ve dismantled it because it doesn’t seem to be working I’m just gonna make sure is not directional No, it doesn’t seem to be They might have fixed it It definitely feels like they fixed it doesn’t it? Oh That’s one of my favourite bugs in Minecraft and it’s gone unless of course I’ve done something totally wrong in which case Ya just shout at me down in the comment section. You know, I’m sure one day I’ll remember that I actually have a night vision potion on and that generally things don’t grow when it’s really dark. One day I’ll remember that but today clearly that is this not the day Okay for the good news is that the game still has this crazy bug? All I needed was some light there is there is bamboo flying everywhere How do I turn this thing off right I’ve managed to get things under control a little bit more and look at this Not one I was about say not one piece of bamboo is escaping this but it seems like that one bit did just as I started the sentence in typical fashion, but check this out Fuel flying in from a farm. That is the size of my pinky finger I mean how That I mean, I love Minecraft for things like this Okay, things like this that make zero sense, but are brilliant. I also love the absolute nut cases who find this stuff I mean who who discovered that who thought there’d zero tick a block underneath the bamboo It just does make any sense to me. Anyway, just to finish up this room I thought would be worth adding in some of the extra new furnaces so we’ve got the blast furnace and then we also have the smoker for all the things that don’t really apply to being super smelted and also make sense in here and Then I guess I have probably got some light up this area a tiny bit as well because I imagine without my night vision potion It’s probably pitch-black which way do you guys read signs? Do you read them across like this or do you read down and then down again? Obviously with this it doesn’t matter because it says supa dupa dupa. Dupa dupa dupa Dupa swell say either way moving on from that nonsense let’s make our way onto the next layer of this design and I would say This is where I want my bed and most importantly my storage system to be. Storage is…Yeah, it’s pretty important It’s where you spend about 90% of your time in Minecraft now The question is do we have room to do anything even remotely fancy with our storage system here The good news is we have this massive space here. So I’m thinking we just do bulk storage in this area here I think that would look amazing. You can look up or all the chests of cobblestone and stone that you have. That’s fine I wanted to have some form of sorting system. I just I Don’t know it might be a bit of a struggle But I think I’ve come up with a good compromise for all the items that are kind of all over the place Things like redstone resources, you’ve got all your precious items your villager trading items. You’ve got all your farming items, wood, Nether concrete all the Various different stone types all the different glass types all the different terracotta types and then end bits all of those things I’m going to sort into all of these these chests right here but I’m going to do it manually because There’s so many variations of all those types of items that you just have with the amount of space that we’ve got It works best to do it manually, but for things like stone cobblestone dirt all that stuff. There’s always in your inventory We’re going to have big bulk storage storage silos. They’ll also have sorting systems above them So we puts all of the items say for example in this chest right here They then get taken up Sorted into all of these chests are going to be stacked up with nice redstone lamps next to them and it’s gonna end up looking Amazing and already I love this thing I think it looks ah That is that is wicked being able to peep through and seeing all these chests and they never seem to end. You’re like surely It’s gonna stop that. It’s still going except sadly. I have some slightly bad news The redstone just simply didn’t fit with that original setup. So I’ve done this new setup with just two of the storage silos and I have to say I think actually looks cooler. I actually prefer this I think and The redstone is now all in place for the silos so those redstone lamps are now fully hooked up as these chests fill up those redstone lamps will switch on so say for example this Chest gets filled with cobblestone that redstone lamp will be on this one fills up that one turns on. Yeah, you get the picture I’m sure anyone who’s been on my channel for more than five minutes will have seen these before now All I have to do is actually get the storage system all up and running. So these This is where our things are. I mean, can I even how am I gonna fit this in I guess something like Yeah, actually this will fit really easily Yeah, because I just need to I mean, I just need to do some so it will fit Okay, I am so terrible at doing redstone under pressure while I’m recording but I did end up getting it sorted so now it’s just a case of sending the items from our input chest up to the top so that they can be sorted so let’s give it a go then if we throw in a stack of cobblestone, I Can hear things happening then we should start seeing lights flickering All right, mate okay, maybe we won’t see any lights flickering but I can see items going in where our I Mean none of them are yeah, they are all going in. Are any being lost? Is it just taking a little while? Yeah, I guess I guess it’s just not the fastest thing on the planet, right? Okay, so cobblestone has gone in that’s all good. Now if we chuck the dirt in That should all go in place as well. And I think there was ten pieces of cobblestone beforehand. Maybe only eight. No, it was ten. Okay, so that’s that’s all gone in correctly. Dirt is now flooding into the system this system it functions we have sorted storage silos Okay, well Let’s just get the final few details in and I would say that just about does so we’ve got a bed We’ve got a place to sleep. We’ve got crafting benches, ender chests. We’ve got a little bit of repairing and Disenchanting here. We don’t have any way to get XP in the base So that’s why we don’t really have an enchanting setup because I would assume that will be outside of the base But other than not having that I’d say that’s about all we don’t have Okay, because we have got literally everything you would need to survive in Minecraft here We have got a way to get wood We have got a way to get cobblestone fully automatically really nice and quickly We have got a way to get food on a large scale. We’ve got a way to get bone meal as well Thanks to new composters. We’ve got massive super smelters we’ve got a self fuelling super smelter as well as blast furnaces and smokers and things and then also We have got a gigantic storage system down the bottom here including sorted storage silos I would say this is probably one of the coolest bases that fits within a 16 by 16 Area I’ve ever seen I’m super super proud of this thing I really do hope that you’ve enjoyed this video If you did, press onto that like button and if you really loved it Then make sure to subscribe, but thanks for watching guys. This has been Mumbo, and I’m out. I’ll see ya later Oh and filming channel stuff new video just released link will be on the end screen or right now I guess I think you’ll enjoy it

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  1. Imagine what the worlds best "BUILD" "REDSTONE ENGINEER" and "COMMAND BLOCK ENGINEER" would create?? All of those commands and redstone with super good builds

  2. looks great. would of made base as tall as possible. a chunk is 16×16 but expands vert aswell. i would of added live stock, and mob grinder

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