I Spent 24 Hours in VR & Didn’t Know What Was Real Anymore (Virtual Reality Challenge)

(intense music) – Alright, so a lot of you
have requested this video. You want to see me spend 24
hours wearing VR goggles. 24 full hours, uninterrupted,
virtual reality goodness. What am I talking about? (laughs) I am not gonna be in this
world for a full day, that is weird when you think
of it like that, oh god! My body’s gonna be here, my mind, I’m gonna be somewhere else, I don’t know where I’m gonna be. This is gonna be awesome! So obviously, I do read
your guys’ comments, you asked for VR for 24 hours,
I’m doing VR for 24 hours. So if you got any other awesome ideas, let me know in the comments below, and I could be doing your thing next. For those of you who don’t
know what VR goggles are, how? And I’m just gonna show a demonstration of what they look like
when you’re wearing them. Here we go, here we go. Wait, wait. Oh, okay, so I don’t need
microphone, this is it. This is what VR looks like. (grunts) Not only is this video gonna be me doing this for 24 hours, you’re also gonna get my actual reaction of my first ever VR experience. (laughs) I’m so excited for this. So what I did is I went
online and I ordered this. Oops, this! Oculus Rift, apparently this is, like, the best one you can get. Then I realised that you
need a computer for it. I didn’t have a computer. (laughs) So many of you right now are probably thinking, “What an idiot,” I bought the Oculus Rift, and I
didn’t have a computer. I’ve got the computer,
I’ve got the Oculus Rift. I’m ready to do this thing, but obviously, before I do this, I’m
gonna go supply hunting. I’ve gotta eat, I’ve gotten
drink, I’ve gotta live. I’ve gotta have the VR goggles on while still eating and
drinking in the real world, but I’m still not allowed to take the goggles off, for any reason. I’ve gotta go to the toilet in these. This is gonna be weird. (laughs) This is gonna be so weird. This is the kind of stupid,
crazy stuff that I actually do, like every week, there’s always a video, I’m always dropping a banger video, so go subscribe, if you’re new. If you’ve already
subscribed, why not press that little bell icon right next to the subscribe button,
and you’ll be notified every time I upload, it’s as easy as that! Go follow me on Instagram
as well, @KILLEMFTW, link in the description
below, I’m following back. So the sun is going down,
it’s getting late already. I’ve been sat in the house all day, waiting for these things to be delivered. It’s almost 4:00 p.m. right
now, they finally came. I’m gonna be spending the
whole night in the VR goggles, I’m gonna be spending
the whole of tomorrow in the VR goggles, right
up until tomorrow evening. 24 full hours! I’m gonna be tired, I’m gonna be… Oh, dear lord, oh dear lord! What have I got myself into? So no more messing around,
let’s go to the the shop, buy our supplies, set this thing up. I cannot wait, let’s do this! I can’t, oh my! (yells) Alright, so we’re in the shop, and I’m really looking
forward to this challenge, I want to enjoy this thing
with every sense I’ve got, so I’m gonna have some
really good food, and… drink, that it? Thought there were a big list coming. I wanna get some really good food, some nice snacks, this is gonna
be awesome, so here we go. (gasps) I love chocolate
oranges, there’s, like, proper slices like an
orange, but it tastes like orange chocolate? Crisps, crisps! Crisps! (laughs) (laughs) (bag crinkles) I love my prawn cocktail crisps, oh, and chilli coated peanuts! (laughs) Yes! (sneaky music) (electronic music) What do you keep putting in the trolley? What’s all this healthy stuff? For you? I’m watching you. I’m watching you. Salad. I need something to keep me going. Should I not get it? (electronic music) Ben and Jerry’s. Oh, I’ve gotta have apple juice as well. I mean, of all the juices,
apple juice is the best. (exhales) (sneaky music) Wow, what are you sneaking at? I’m watching you. Alright, so that is
everything for food and drink, I’m pretty sure we’ve got everything. So let’s go build this thing, I’ve also got some surprises as well, I’m not gonna tell you what they are, I’m gonna save them ’til later,
but it’s gonna be real fun. Let’s go get this VR set up. (laughs) This is gonna be awesome! Let’s go! (electronic music) (breaths deeply) Okay, we’ll go. First time I’ve opened it, I’ve not seen this in real life, here we go. (church choir sings) (Kill’em sings) It’s beautiful. I didn’t touch it, I don’t wanna touch it! Whoa. So you get these things,
which is obviously the main thing that goes on your head. That’s it, innit? It can’t be! Oh, look at them, they’re actually cool! It looks like a Playstation 3 controller. I didn’t order a microphone with it. No, I didn’t order microphone. ♪ And I ♪ ♪ Will always love you ♪ Yeah, it’s two player. (singing) Why ain’t it working? It’s just black, it’s just, I’ve got this cable, but where does it go? Why, it’s not showing anything. I should be able to see
something, it’s all– I’ve tried everything, I don’t know! It’s getting dark, and we’ve
not even set it up yet. (Kill’em and Moon cheer) Finally! What? (laughs) Moon! Where are you? You’re not, where? There’s a drink here. Whoa, I’ve got it! (laughs) No way! Can you see this? It’s empty. That is unreal. (laughs) It felt like you’re really there! I don’t know how it works, but you can see actually fingers moving, and everything, and you can grab stuff and throw it. The coolest game I’ve ever played, and it weren’t even a
game, it was just setup! So I’m gonna download some games now, we’ll get comfortable, get
the thing on, and begin. Alright, we’ve downloaded loads of games, and also these that
are called experiences. It’s not an actual game, but it’s like you’re in a different place. I’m entering VR for 24 hours. (exhales) Let’s do this. (Trap music) (light wobbles)
(gasping) (laughing) This is so cool. I smashed my hand on the ceiling. I got really into it! (laughs) You gotta jump! (carabiner clinks) It feels like I’m really there. These feel like my hands! Whoa. (laughs) This is so cool, I’m
actually getting tired. (Moon laughs) (Kill’em yells) (Moon laughs) Stop it! (laughing) Stop it! I’m holding on! Don’t, I could die! It’s really exhausting. I need a drink! (laughs) I want that apple juice, please. Yeah. (Moon hums) (Kill’em retches) Is that apple juice? That’s not apple juice. Nah uh. Where’s my apple juice? Whoa! I’m, this is awesome,
I’m in Rick and Morty. – [Morty] Holy crap, Rick! It’s pretty crazy. (Kill’em laughs) – You see this? Seriously, this is so much fun, I don’t even know where
I am in the room anymore. At first, when I put
the VR thing on, I could kind of remember, like,
oh, the TV’s this way, the settee’s there, Moon’s
there, I don’t even know. I’m facing the wrong way. Oh, so the TV’s over here? (laughs) (laughs) What? This is that “Emily Wants to Play” game. (door creaks) When Moon played it once, not
in VR, just the normal one, she kicked a table and it made her jump. Nearly broke it. The VR is very good. It makes– (door creaks)
Makes it a lot worse. Stop it!
(Moon laughs) (monster screams) (Kill’em screams)
(Moon laughs) Jesus Christ! I’m out, I’m out, I’m out, I’m out! Take it off me, take it off me, (mumbles). I had to come off, I couldn’t handle it. So, I’ve just gotten table
tennis to calm down a little bit. I’m on the practise screen right now, waiting to get into a game. Can I have some peanuts or something while it’s loading, please? (ball bounces) Yes please! – [Moon] Open. – What’s that? Ew, what is it, what have you done to me? Not again. I want my peanuts! I’m in a game. I’m doing really good, ow. It’s really close. Stop it! (Moon and Kill’em shout) I lost! (soft music) (Hairdryer blows) Oh yes! Oh! I’m flying! I’m flying, mum, I’m flying! I’m playing “Dirt”. (Car engine revs) Ah, whoa, whoa! Uh-oh. (car engine revs) No way! (laughs) Uh-oh, oh no. What’s reverse? Uh-oh. You don’t reverse? What do I do? (laughs) What do I do? What do I do? (Moon and Kill’em laugh) Moon! Have we got another battery? I just managed to pause it before it went, I think it’s gone. Quick, quick, quick, quick, quick! Moon. I’ve gotta go. Toilet. You gotta, I can’t watch it. Okay, you gotta go. What? What? What? It’s not the time right now! (laughing) Alright. (laughs) A little toy. I killed it’s brother? (laughs) It was his bigger one. It’s mine, it’s mine, it’s mine! Yeah. What? (Kill’em shouts) Why? Why, is it alive? Why, what is it? Okay. I don’t like this. I don’t like, take it. I don’t trust you. No. Will you grab me that orange? That chocolate orange? Please. That took you ages! Go, go, go. (Kill’em moans) Whoa. Just started playing Minecraft. This is so cool! It’s like I’m actually
here, building stuff. (laughs) I got me own world! ‘Cause it’s cool. I’ve only been playing, like, how long? But I feel like, really dizzy. It’s making me feel sick,
I’m not even joking. Oh, no. (Kill’em grunts) No, no, no, no, no. (moans) Close it, Moon, close it. (moans) Alright, so I’m in that “VR
Chat” game, this is so weird. Hello everyone, welcome to the show. ♪ Do you believe in life after love ♪ ♪ I can hear something inside me saying ♪ ♪ I really don’t think
you’re strong enough ♪ ♪ No ♪ (Moon laughs) Well that was a disaster. (laughs) I think I heard one guy laugh. There’s so many weird people in here. I’ve just chose, like, a
normal looking person, I think. But you can be a leprechaun, I saw Shrek! I were a bit starstruck when I met Shrek. Chief Wiggum, saw Chief Wiggum as well. But one told me to go away,
I was in this, like, bar. I don’t know, Elmo was there,
it were looking a bit weird, I tried to join in, I got told to leave. I don’t know if the
camera’s pointing at me, I’m just, like, trying to selfie this right now, Moon’s gone to the shop. She’s gone to get me some
headache tablets, because this headache, I don’t know,
it’s just kind of slowly come on, but it’s gradually
built more and more, really, really strong headache coming in. More than likely, from the… the VR thing’s messing with my mind. You know, the bright lights in my eyes. So hopefully, these paracetamols
will get rid of that. Come on Moon! Come on! Yes, please. (Moon laughs) Why you laughing? That were a joke? I thought you were telling me a story. Oh, Moon. What? Yeah. Oh, it’s like the feel game, but smelling. Oh, yeah, okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. (wrapper peels) (Kill’em shouts) The window! This whole room stinks! (Kill’em grunts) What is it, fish? (Kill’em retches) So we’re in “Job Simulator”. I’ve got a job, I’ve got a real job now. (laughs) I’ll be an office worker. Oh, real office worker, I
got my donut, my coffee. (character eats) (Moon laughs) (Moon and Kill’em moan) (character eats) Ew! (mouse clicks) – You see, that’s why I like you. – Oh, this headache’s getting worse. (water splashes) I don’t have to do this. For some reason, I’m just
naturally doing this. (laughs) (Kill’em retches) I can smell that fish again,
it’s cause I’m swimming! It’s you, innit? It’s you! Window! Where’s window? (laughs) Where’s window? (Kill’em retches) I’m done. I feel seasick. Yeah. This headache’s so bad,
I’ve been, I’ve played all my games, so I’ve
just been replaying them. I’ve also, I’ve changed
batteries in these. They died again, so I should be good to go for a few more hours now. Aye, what are you doing? What are you doing? Moon! Moon. I can’t. This headache. It’s just this headache, it makes me feel sick as well, I don’t
think I can continue. I’m gonna have to take it off. I’m gonna. (ambient music) Mm-hmm. Mm-mm. Huh? Where am I? I can see Earth. It’s time? It’s time to come out? Oh. (breaths deeply) I think I’m gonna be sick. (trap music)

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    Jak spends a week in VR

  3. i used vr for 3 days and got weird side effects, when i wake up i see everything like vr glasses are still on. i experience blurr vision and 3d like colors when i look at ppl, wish me luck!!

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  5. Vr headset safety notice Some people may experience motion sickness, nausea, disorientation, blurred vision or other discomfort while viewing virtual reality content. If any of these symptoms are experienced, stop using immediately and remove the VR headset

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    Killem: Gets healthy apple juice

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