Ilhan Omar DEMOLISHES Republican Haters

>>Representative Ilhan Omar is a lawmaker
who was elected by a large margin in Minnesota. However, Republican lawmakers in the state
of Alabama are attempting to essentially expel her from her position. So, the resolution which urges the state’s
elected congressional delegation to launch the expulsion process for Omar, was passed
over the weekend during a summer meeting in Auburn, Alabama. So, this is actually something that can be
done, all though it is very unlikely that this will be done because there needs to be
a vote in the House of Representatives, and 2/3 of Congress needs to vote in favor of
expelling Ilhan Omar, but nonetheless, here is what we’re seeing from GOP lawmakers in
the state of Alabama. There’s precedence for Article 1, Section
5 of the Constitution being invoked to expel members of Congress based on disloyalty to
the United States. That is a comment from state representative
Tommy Hanes. He’s the person who has initiated this and
is pushing the process. He also says representative Omar is ungrateful
to the United States. And the opportunities that have been afforded
to her. Her rhetoric is despicable and unpatriotic. So, he thinks that her comments about Israel
and remember, there was a video that went viral where she talks about loyalty, right? He thinks that she is saying that she’s not
loyal to the United States. That’s the way they’re trying to twist it.>>No, no, there’s a great irony here. So you’re going to see what she actually said
in a second, but they’re saying, since she’s not loyal to Israel, she’s not loyal to America.>>Yeah.>>You’re the one then claiming dual loyalty,
that we should have dual loyalty. Which is what you’re pretending to be offended
by. But hey Republicans, what’s the use of logic,
right?>>Yeah, and they’re of course accusing her
of being anti semitic, we’re gonna come back to that in just a second. But first, I just wanna reiterate. What she said, what she actually said is very
different from the way Republicans are trying to twist it. So let’s take a look.>>I am fearful of is that because Rashid
and I are Muslim, that a lot of our Jewish colleagues, a lot of our constituents, a lot
of our allies, go to thinking that everything we say about Israel to be an anti semitic
because we are Muslim. And so to me, it’s something that becomes
designed to end the debate, that ends the discussion because we end up defending that
and nobody ever gets to have a proper debate of what is happening with.>>And with the attack of political influence,
in this country, that says it is okay for people to push for allegiance to a foreign
country. I want to ask why is it okay for me to talk
about the influence of the NRA, of fossil fuel industries, or big pharma, and not talk
about a powerful lobbying group that is influencing policy.>>That is what she said, that is the full
context of what she said. And she specifically mentioned that she does
not want to pledge allegiance to a foreign country.>>She, the whole point of the speech was
I don’t want there to be dual allegiance. Republicans flip it on its head and go, see,
she wants, she’s accusing people of having double allegiance. No, she said the exact opposite. She doesn’t want anybody to have dual allegiance,
and she doesn’t have dual allegiance. All right, anyway, so let’s go back to the
monsters in Alabama cuz, first of all, she busted him up good.>>She did.>>And then we’re gonna add on top of it and
then we’re gonna show you who the real anti-semite is.>>Exactly. So, Ilhan Omar responded to this. And here’s what she had to say, and I love
the fact that she fights no matter what. She’s not intimidated ever. She says sorry, Alabama GOP, but this is a
representative democracy. I was elected with 78% of the vote by the
people of Minnesota’s 5th District, not the Alabama Republican Party. If you want to clean up politics, maybe don’t
nominate an accused child molester as your Senate candidate.>>Boom. Love it. Love it. That’s called strength.>>Delicious.>>Pelosi look into it. Okay.>>So good.>>Are there only four people or whatever?>>I mean this is a woman who is dealing with
constant threats to her life because of Donald Trump targeting her, because of Democratic
leadership abandoning her and refusing to defend her. I mean and she’s still fighting. She’s incredible.>>So notice the irony, not the irony but
the Alabama Republicans like the bad days. And going back and going, we have decided
that the people of Minnesota shouldn’t get to choose. We should get to choose our representatives. So, we are just going to nullify what they
have done. And she should be expelled because the white
racist Republicans in Alabama don’t like this black representative. So, we should get rid of her. You don’t like her? Do you? Okay. We’ll take it under god damn advisement. Okay. In other words, we won’t give a damn what
you think. And in fact, we’re about to bust you up pretty
good right here.>>Exactly. So, Ilhan Omar for anyone who might have missed
it, did draw attention to the fact that Republican lawmakers in Alabama supported Roy Moore who
was accused by at least six women of molestation, sexual assault. Some of the women were under age at the time
that he allegedly did these things, and so they supported him, they backed him, and luckily
he didn’t win. However, there is other problematic issues
at hand when it comes to Alabama. In fact, the representative from Alabama’s
5th district, this gentleman by the name of Moe Brooks. And recently, he quoted Hitler, to go after
Democrats, if you don’t believe me, here he is.>>Quote, in the big lie, there’s always a
certain force of credibility because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily
corrupted and the deeper strata of their emotional nature, then consciously or voluntarily. And thus, in the primitive simplicity of their
minds., they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they
themselves often tell small lies and little matters, but be ashamed to resort to large
scale falsehoods. Who is this big lie master? That quote was in 1925 by a member of Germany’s
National Socialist German Worker’s Party. That’s right. Germany’s Socialist Party more commonly known
as the Nazis. The author was socialist Adolf Hitler in his
book Mein Kampf.>>So he quoted Adolf Hitler in an attempt
to attack Democrats, so in his context, Democrats would be the Jewish individuals that Adolf
Hitler was attacking.>>Unbelievable, and you know how much you
can coverage a new analysis is out. Ilhan Omar’s comments twisted completely not
out of context, the exact opposite of what she had said, got about 470 mentions on cable
news. You know how many Moe Brooks got, zero. The actual anti-semite positively quoting
Hitler on the congressional floor gets no metions at all in cable news but the idiot
democratic leadership helps to bash Ilhan Omar. So everybody goes well, I guess she must be
wrong and Moe Brooks positively quoting Hitler is right. So if any member of the Alabama delegation
dares to actually introduce this in the United States Congress, if the Democrats had any
knowledge of how to use power, what they would do is go that’s an interesting point but I
don’t know if you know this, we’re in charge of the House, you’re not. We’re now moving to expel every member of
the Alabama Republican delegation but certainly, starting with Moe Brooks. Moe Brooks is an anti-semite who quoted Adolph
Hitler on the floor of the house and we move to expel him immediately. And now you need two thirds of the house. The Democrats easily control the house but
they don’t have two thirds. That’s okay. Republicans, I’d like to see you go on the
record and defend the guy quoting Hitler positively. Go ahead. Go ahead. No problem. I mean, by the way, I know you’re going to,
you all supported the child molester. So, accused child molester, I read the stories. You know what he did, what did, one of the
instances. He got a young girl, that was a waitress for
him, and when he was in his 30’s, she’s a teen, and he said I give a ride home. And she get’s in the car and he starts ripping
her clothes off, and attacks her, and tries to rape her. And they are like, that’s a good American
Family values guy. Us Alabama Republicans are so moral. Quoting Hitler and in favor of child molesters. Expel all their asses, give it a shot. Look Democrats, I know that your leadership
is pathetically weak. But I don’t know if you know this, you’re
in charge of the House. You don’t have to worry about what Republicans
are gonna do, they should be worried about what you’re going to do. Can they ever exercise power on our behalf? Of course not Nancy Pelosi who’s still hiding
in a corner somewhere.>>And of course, how can we forget? They have no problem with the anti semitic
remarks coming from Donald Trump. And our very own Jackson put together a mash
up, just to remind everyone of who the Alabama delegation is in full support of. Take a look.>>I stood with Prime Minister Netanyahu. I stood with your Prime Minister at the White
House to recognize Israeli sovereignty. I think any Jewish people that vote for a
Democrat, I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty. For those who control the levers of power
in Washington and for the global special interests, they partner with these people. I’m a negotiator like you folks, we’re negotiators. Do you wanna renegotiate deals? Some of us renegotiate deals. I would say about 99.9, is there anybody that
doesn’t renegotiate deals in this room? This room negotiates, I want to this room,
perhaps more than any room I’ve ever spoken to.>>Maybe more. It’s okay. I’ve been called in that a couple of times
too. In my opinion, you vote for Democrats, you’re
being very disloyal to Jewish people and you’re being very disloyal to Israel.>>Where’s the Alabama delegation? Where are those conservative lawmakers who
are so upset with representative Ilhan Omar, but have nothing to say about Moe Brooks,
and have nothing to say about Donald Trump?>>Trump just said there on a number of occasions,
the Jewish people are disloyal to Israel. They’re Jewish Americans, they’re Americans
and yes, 75% to 80% of Jewish Americans consistently vote for Democrats not Republicans. Cuz they’re Americans. But he accuses them of having dual loyalty
which I hear from the Alabama Republicans, is good enough to expel someone from their
job. So I’m sure that they’re going to join an
impeachment proceedings imminently.

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100 thoughts on “Ilhan Omar DEMOLISHES Republican Haters

  1. I'd just LOVE to flush this witch, and ALL her IGNORANT, 'give me more freebies' followers right down one of the toilets from her country…OH, That's Right…they mostly don't have toilets in her country…or clean running water ETC. ETC.
    NOTICE dipsh-ts,, NOTHING IS "FREE".. it ALL comes out of hard working, TAX PAYING American men and women, and their families paychecks…and you 'po Jr's, ' I'm a victim's.. immigrants, minorities, scammers, bums, beggars, (college educated) better bums are nothing but complete SHAMEFUL EMBARRASSMENTS to honest, decent humanity, and 100% enemies to decent loyal, hard working American citizens. Instead of constantly being worthless bums, Get a job and earn your rice.

  2. He is crazy he thinks he is qualify Americans than Ilham. He knows nothing a complete fool Republicans. Most of them will loose their positions because of her .

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  4. My biggest take away here is that the GOP is willing to use article one because they hate her for her heritage. But Pelosi won't bring it to bear against someone who is flushing the U.S. down the drain.

  5. Alabama WHITE TRASH…but if you are a black football player they will use you and then throw you away when you are no longer worth it to them…they are true racist and the worst WHITE TRASH …we call the TrashABAMA…

  6. Muslims in the middle East are a Semitic people. If you are against them, you are still an anti-semite. Nothing wrong with being against the religion… Just don't be against people.

  7. ANYONE who wants to turn our borders over to the UN DESERVES to be hated. ANYONE who wants to support ISIS DESERVES to be hated. ANYONE who favors the control of our southern borders to drug/child smuggling cartels DESERVES to be hated. ANYONE who marries their brother DESERVES to be hated.

  8. I like Ilan Omar and agree with her stance on Israel, but to be fair I believe they want to expel her over campaign finance law, by using over a couple of hundred thousand dollars of her campaign donations to the man she is having an affair with.

  9. Wonder what Americans actually know or believe in? Like are you guys politically in tune or emotionally in tuned? Minus the BS and follow the real recorded facts

  10. Ask her what the punishment should be for leaving her religion.

    I hate Trump. I hate the far right. I am a progressive, but this means progressing BEYOND religion. There should be ZERO religious people in your government. No mercy for believers.

  11. Members of Congress quoting a man whom stood against other races that weren't white with blue eyes? The current government makes me feel shameful to say this is my America because as it stands, it's postulated for racist as everyone else is considered an unwanted mark in the flag, on their land.

  12. The Republicans are absolutely tuned in completely to using “The Big Lie”. They can all quote it, because they have all read Mien Komp

  13. The irony of their projection is astounding. They're accusing the one fighting for American citizens for being illojal to America because she's not lojal to Israels current government? Did they not learn basic logic in grade school?

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    Go burn.

  15. I'm a progressive liberal but I'm not sure why y'all are defending this woman so much when she goes against so much of what we believe

  16. This is the old man adage of turning minority’s against each other to favor themselves for the white man. What do you expect of white southerners?

  17. Omar is a good representative for the district she is from. It has a large Somali population and they need somebody in government to represent them.
    She's new to politics and she's still learning. But she's bright, and I think she'll learn fast and she'll be just fine.

  18. 'Lady's got it going on. We need more like her. AOC too. Speak out squad. We love you!

    And we know all about republikkkans. Their Bible is mien kampf. Probably not 50 years ago.

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  23. She will always have the victim – and race cards to play, when things doesn't go her way.
    Hell, the Regressive Leftists are so far off the mark they even think islam is a race, since it's seen as racist to condemn,
    or even question, the most misogynist, homophobic, retrograde, non-liberal, unequal, undemocratic, ideology ever concieved.
    How a "Progressive" can subscribe to such a doctrine is beyond mind-boggling.

    In my humble opinion.

  24. Yeah, I'm from Alabama. The spokesman for that group was on a talk radio show and the sheer bullshit coming out of his mouth was beyond xenophobic. Most Alabama conservatives are repulsive, deplorable, and just ignorant. The one thing Alabama is good at is showing it's sheer hatefulness every chance it gets. Not all of us are like that. Our voice is just in the minority.

  25. Isn't it football season in Alabama? Don't they have more important issues like tailgating planning rather than 2nd guessing the voters in district 5 of Minnesota.

  26. Alabama is electing its most racist people. I'm sure there are some fine politicians in Alabama but they are electing the racist xenophobic politicians.

  27. She took a terrorism class. And TYT has showed one video, not the other 5+ videos that what the people are talking about….Cherry pick much??? And another thing is that where here district is, looks like little Somalia . You people are another fake news source!!! Did you forget that Epstein contributed to Chucky Schumer…??? And Uncle/creepy Joe has so many tapes of him groping children. Even Sessions blocked creepy from getting close to his granddaughter….Facts, not fake like this crap.Dont forget how Omar said how the biggest threat to this nation was white men………Then she has an affair with one???? What are you guys trying to do? Turn this nation into a terrorist state? She supports terrorism. She asked judge to be lenient on them….Do some research next time, and find out the whole story. In her own district she has an approval rate of 8%……. Get a clue TYT

  28. Lol the Nazi party was 100% right wing the socialist part of the name was essentially a con anyone who knows what theyre talking about when it comes to the Third Reich should know that and if they dont know it probably shouldn't be using it in ridiculous comparisons…

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  30. Lol! Alabama hu? In The Bible Belt? Are They Anti-Islamic much? I don’t Listen To Racist Biased Christians on Subjects like this. They Still won’t Admit 9/11 was an inside Job with The Help of Israel to Fram Muslims Countries so The Bush Family Country Invade on a Fake War on Terror & WMD’s! Lol! They sent your kids to war to die for Big Oil Companies and The American Sheep Patriots are Protecting Their Corporation Built Government. ILhan Omar Is a Reality BlessingTo American Government

  31. Alabama GOP. Historically, Alabama was a Democratic State…until JFK and LBJ began to support voting rights and civil rights. Then, with the adoption of the Southern Strategy by RMN, the South became a Republican region.
    Racism still reigns in the south and Omar is the wrong color and religion for the “New South”.

  32. It’s amusing to come across TYT videos obviously taking situations out of context to push false narratives. After all, that is what happens when you have people like TYT overwhelmed with feelings. Unable to fully utilize reason, logic and commonsense; because TYT’s intellectual state-of-mind is overwhelmingly clouded by emotions. Honestly, every time anyone from TYT is confronted about their false narrative‘s/ideology/propaganda they are always proven wrong.
    Do not misunderstand, I do know that the people of TYT mean-well, but the rhetoric and actions they have displayed are just making matters worse for them and everyone else.
    Stop with the excessive pathological lying or you ladies and gentlemen of TYT will find yourselves responsible for random atrocities.

  33. White supremacy is alive and well in the south. Her comments about Israel are right on. Anyone without an agenda and half a brain, knows what she said is nothing close to being antisemitic. Anyone with any morals should be condemning what Israel does. Those politicians in Alabama are not good people. They are the ones who should be kicked out! They are a disgrace to the country.

  34. Well Let's take this nice and Slow just for Clarification, Let's use an analogy because they are so useful in making things clearer when present in a different way, You are hired by a Company after undergoing a selection process of many candidates for the Same position, and you were victorious, you understand that you will be conducting business with other companies on behave of your Employer, you are in essence an extension of the Company you work for, there are valued customers and then there are essential Platinum Customers / Companies that are regarded as Priority and servicing them is of the Upmost Importance, Israel is such an Example, you knew this well before you were hired, your position is non essential and expendable when compared to the US / Israel Alliance, But Again, you knew this long before you sat at your new office, like an acquaintance coming over and staying for some time in your House and immediately picking a fight with a Family member, "Bitch You Gots to Go!"

  35. she should be anti semitic, muslim extremist sympathizer, very ungrateful of this country, If you knew anything about Somalia you would know, they are raised to hate Jewish people. Chunk progressives are historically anti semitic FDR led the way.

  36. Will Ilhan Omar demolish islamic haters at some point in her (regressive) leftist political career?
    Ayaan Hirsi Ali has been under constant threat since her friend, Theo van Gogh, was stabbed to death by a muslim
    in Amsterdam 2004, who didn't like a movie he made. A note addressed to Hirsi Ali was left on a knife in his chest,
    saying "You're next" She's a Somali ex- muslim and outspoken islam critic. She needs a security detail.
    As far as I know, Ilhan Omar doesn't. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

  37. The influx of islam in western societies is NOT progress. It's stagnation and decline.
    There are 1 800 000 000 muslims in the world. They have three (3) Nobel Prize laureates in the science department.
    A majority of the world's muslims are in favour of sharia as the law of the land. (Source: Pew Research Center)
    That might give the Regressive Left a hint were their priorities are…..Maybe?

    Keep on rockin' in the free world, and everything it entails, doesn't apply to ANY muslim majority country.

  38. Well Like Malcolm X said when you are pissing off a lot of racist people then you know you’re doing something right. Or was that Marcus Garvey or Nat Turner? Lol! More Power To That Ethiopian Queen! With her Sexy Ass!

  39. I would love to see Ilhan Omar and Ayaan Hirsi Ali in a debate about islam.
    Hirsi Ali would DEMOLISH her. Omar simply isn't intelligent enough to go up against Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

  40. Shes a woman and shes muslim and that too a woman of colour that why she has so much controversy surrounding her. So in modern America you can be elected in congress but you dont get to have a voice to speak…

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  43. This is what Republicans do. A Muslim woman of color who actually makes sense is a threat to white right wingers. They will always twist her words to try to demonize her.

  44. Elected by a large margin of Somali migrants. A detail tyt fails to mention. They aren't even covering her affair with a married man who has a kid. Yes she is ungrateful. She speaks highly of terrorists but says America is the real terrorists.

  45. Anyone that would defend that piece of shit Omar is … a piece of shit. Her name isn't Omar. Omar is the name of a family accepted into the US. She took the name Omar to fraudulently enter the US. She divorced her husband and married her brother to once again fraudulently get him into the US. At the same time, she filed a joint tax return with her divorced husband. Omar is garbage. TYT are garbage and so are their fans.

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