In a Perfect World: Teen Dating

(upbeat rock music) – How many girls have you kissed? ♫ It’s what it’s all about – Me? No, no, no. ♫ Yeah you make me wanna shout – Hey guys.
– Hey guys. – It’s Brooklyn and Parker. – That’s me. – And today we filmed a video for you. And it’s called in a perfect world. It’s in a perfect world for a date. So there’s gonna be four perspectives. The mom’s perspective. The dad’s perspective. The boy’s perspective. – Me. – And the girl’s perspective, which is me. And it’s going to show what
they would want to happen on a perfect date. And it’s really funny and
we hope you guys enjoy it. Let’s get on to the video. (lighthearted piano music) – There you go dear. Now the boys don’t have to see anything. You look great. Go have fun. Go, go. Bye. (lighthearted easy listening music) – I think I’m ready. – [Dad] You know. It’s close. It’s close. Let me just. Okay so we’ll do this. And then do a little bit
of this number right here. You’re good. Now that is what I call
fashion on lockdown. (upbeat rock music) ♫ Your five star life comes easy ♫ Show me, tease me ♫ Lipstick come here (lighthearted indie rock music) ♫ Last night I had dream ♫ That I was floating on a cloud – I think this is good. (dramatic orchestra music) – Have a seat. – Yes ma’am. (dramatic orchestra music) (sniffs) Ow. – That’s a good one. How many girls have you kissed? How often do you speed on the highway? Do you floss after you brush your teeth? Fold this. (dramatic orchestral music) What’s your criminal record? (handcuffs click) What’s your social security number? (upbeat country music) – Are you planning on taking
my little girl on a date? – Me? No, no, no. Wrong house I think?
– I’ll give you five seconds. (lighthearted easy listening music) – Hey.
– Hey. – You look so nice. – Hi, come on in. – Um, so what time’s her curfew? – There is no curfew. We don’t have a curfew. Now don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. (laughs) – You two have fun. – Alright. Now if you speed on the highways
you’ll get there sooner. What a good kid. (romantic french music) – My love. I brought you. Flowers. – Thank you you’re so sweet. – Okay guys go be safe. – Okay bye.
– Have a good night you guys. – I really like that boy.
– He seems so nice. – He’s cute too. She picked well. – She did do a good job. (lighthearted easy listening music) (clears throat) Okay kids. What are we watching? – Whatever you wanna watch. – Okay. (upbeat country music) – My dad says we have
to watch history channel ’cause everything else kills brain cells. – Okay. (inhales sharply) – My dad says you can’t touch me either. – Okay. – Yeah, this is his wall between us. (lighthearted easy listening music) – Hey I was thinking we
could watch the football game for our date is that cool? – Heck yeah! I love football. Have you seen the Blue Jays quarterback, O-M-G. – He’s amazing. – O-M-G he’s amazing. Let’s turn the game on. I’m so ready. – Do you even play (mumbles). – That was a horrible call ref. (shouting) That was so (mumbles). – Touch down. – Oh yeah hi-five. Yeah. (chomps) (lighthearted guitar music) – So I was thinking we
could watch a chick flick for our date? – Those are my favorite. Can we please watch a Walk To Remember? – Really? Oh Walk to Remember
that’s my favorite movie. – I cried for four hours. – Me, oh me too. Okay let’s turn it on. (cries) – I don’t want her to die. (sad orchestral music) – Good thing we have ice cream. – I ate my serving already. (sniffs) (mellow guitar music) – Wow guys that was so much fun. Thank you for taking
– Yeah it was. me and my daughter on a date. – Yeah it was.
– It was my pleasure. – So much fun. – We had so much fun. – Goodnight. – Have a good night.
– Have a good night. – Oh he’s cute. – Yeah. (lighthearted easy listening music) – That movie was so good. – I loved the pig. – He was my favorite character. (clears throat) (upbeat country music) (dramatically clears throat) – I’ll see you, maybe. – Hah, no you won’t. Get in the house.
– Dad what the heck? Get in the house.
– What the heck? (lighthearted easy listening music) ♫ All the joy – That movie that was so good. – I had a great time tonight. – I had a great time tonight too. (fireworks pops) ♫ You got me screaming (lighthearted ukelele music) ♫ I love you ♫ Yes I do ♫ Something about the boy ♫ I do, yes I do – [Brooklyn] That movie was so good. – I loved the pig. – He was my favorite character. – You look so pretty tonight. – Thank you. ♫ Boy I do ♫ Yes I do ♫ Yes I do – Goodnight. – Goodnight. ♫ Yes I do ♫ Yes I do – Thank you all so much for watching. We hoped you enjoyed the video. – If you guys wanna see more
in a perfect world videos comment below. If you guys haven’t
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so be sure to subscribe. If you wanna watch more of our videos hit the box over there. And if you haven’t seen our expectations versus realities hit the box below that. Thank you guys so much for watching. We’ll see you next week. – Bye.
– Bye. (upbeat pop rock music)

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