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Courtney Barnes: At one point I wanted a
bigger butt at any cost But now I realize, you know,
it could cost me my life. It’s crazy. When I first got butt
injections, I was 22 years old A lot of people say work out,
do squats and get a bigger booty. But no, I worked out and
my booty got smaller. My last interview was
two or three years ago I decided to make some
lifestyle changes because I’m not young anymore, you know I want to be better than I was last year. You making a video? Damn underscore Miss Miami follow me. I’m working on a few things that
helped me just express myself With words and with actions instead
of expressing myself with being naked Now I just want people to see me more
as Courtney. Okay, I already look like a circus
freak because my booty big like this But, I just want people to see me for me. Even talking about it is not easy So you know I’m a work in progress. Camera Man: Okay if you
want we can take a minute Courtney Barnes: Okay yeah a second maybe The surgery to remove the butt
injections is so complicated I don’t even know how
much the financial costs because it’s well over… $20,000. Are there any risk involved
with removing the shots? Yes, there are a lot of risk involved And I don’t even think,
doctors fully know the risks Until they’re there, like Until they have to deal with this Dr Gonzalo Mosquera: Hello. Hi how are you?
Dr Gonzalo Mosquera: How you doing Courtney Barnes: Nice meeting you Angela how are you?
Dr Gonzalo Mosquera: My assistant Angela Angela: Go on and take a seat. Courtney Barnes: Health wise I am healthy,
but there are just still physical changes going on in my body. Like my butt is still discolored, the sex more than it used to I’m big but Dr Gonzalo Mosquera: She’s definitely
had illegal injection of polymer, which is a very sad but
common thing that occurs in the area we see a lot a lot of
complications with that. And some patients get a
lot of symptoms a lot of pain. They can’t sleep,
they can’t lean on it they can’t rest so it’s, it’s
an awful Illegal treatment Hopefully you don’t have any
pain or any apparent migration It’s not normal if this thing
migrates to other places and that causes a lot of pain We don’t do this here but I
have a recommendation for you to go somewhere and have an evaluation
and someone who has a lot of experience so you’re Courtney Barnes: I want it really bad Like
that’s all I think about it almost consumes my mind, I just want to go through with the procedure that I know will remove it. And I also
want to try to live a normal life after. Dr Gonzalo Mosquera:Fortunately she
doesn’t have a lot of symptoms besides the size and the lumps So if she doesn’t remove it, it’s
going to hopefully remain like that But some people at any point in
life they can develop symptoms Courtney Barnes: I’m ready to
look like the girl next door I’m tired of being a victim of
like, bullying on social media just because of how I look. I already see what I like,
see I like this. Like.. I’m tired of people like following me and
stalking me just to take a picture of me Like I’m sick of that He thinks you always have to
go for smooth words and scenes So you all know I’m trying to change
my image and I have a couple of outfits
here, So tell me how they look Okay, don’t hold back Deborah Brown: Get ready for some honesty Courtney Barnes: See,
this don’t even fit it Deborah Brown: Turn around let me see. Oh wow
damn. Courtney Barnes: Okay, that is why I
don’t like to go shopping. Am for real Deborah Brown: Okay, now
we’re getting there.. Yeah Courtney Barnes: Yeah, I mean I like
it I really definitely like it. Deborah Brown: You are getting closer
to something more conservative Courtney Barnes: Look, this is really beautiful Because I want my image to match, who I am. Deborah Brown: Courtney as an influencer
she’s going through this change right now where she wants to really
up level her image. She is experiencing a bit of
a contradiction let’s say But she also feels obligated
to deliver to her fans Courtney Barnes: But look Man: damn hey listen Deborah Brown: What we’re working on
is how does she create that balance Courtney Barnes: I just want to look
good in clothes and feel good clothes But, still look like I’m just overly sexual But is it really about my butt smaller or is it about the clothes I choose? Deborah Brown: Well it
is a little bit of both. What I do see is that you’re
definitely getting there. your sense of self is definitely
there as far as where you want to go where you see yourself Courtney Barnes: Thank you Deborah Brown: So I acknowledge
you on that, you know Courtney Barnes: So do I look like an
author? Do I look like a professional Right now I’m focused on going
after what I’ve always wanted I’ve always wanted to be an author I always knew I was going
to do something special I never really knew what that was So I just want to get as many people as I can understanding what I went through
so they won’t go through it I know on my Instagram
I’m always showing my body and I know I’m always showing my butt I don’t, I don’t want
to send mixed messages but because the butt attracts people. Once I do get them on my page and
they’re able to read my captions or understand what I’m about then, hopefully they fully get the message
of what I’m trying to portray There are a lot of women
who want cosmetic surgery because they do not like
their body. Nivia Furgursen: You know It’s
crazy because when I was 16 I was thinking about getting ass shots too Courtney Barnes: Really? Nivia Furgursen: Yes. You
know I just wanted that Lady: That curve that
you see around. Nivia Furgursen: Yes like Hooker Especially coming up Courtney Barnes: Just because it looks
good does not mean it’s healthy And I just want to say
don’t do it Don’t do it Go to a surgeon, do some research How do you think I’ll look with a smaller
butt? Are you all like ready for that? Nivia Furgursen: Me personally
I think it’s a good idea Courtney Barnes: Because I’m not only doing
this for me I’m doing this for a lot of girls. I have made a lot of mistakes but I
am looking to put it all behind me including this behind.

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35 thoughts on “Injecting My 59″ Booty Was A BIG Mistake | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

  1. I will never understand how people can afford to do nothing all day but focus on their looks, shop and be all about things that only matter because they choose to not focus on anything else.
    I've only known getting up and going to work in order to earn a paycheck. It's truly baffling how some people seem to not do any real work but yet they're supposedly living the good life, and some also have children and/or pets. How do they do this, andnhiw can they function without having structure and routine? I'll never understand. I couldn't live like that. As much as I wish I had an extra hour in the morning or maybe one extra half day added to weekends, I like having structure and schedule, and deadlines and goals. Even if I could afford to be a lady of leisure, I'd still work.

  2. Learn to love yourself, I wear makeup and it can be washed off. It's so sad sometimes of what we think may look sexy. Shes very pretty, didn't need that.

  3. I see all the women in the comments eating their own. Knowing at some point you all stooped for that validation. Hippocrates

  4. Wow………To be stuck with that now that she is going in a different direction! And the way it was folded when the dr was examining her, Oh my!

  5. As a Blackman, why are most of us so obsessed with big booty.Dont get me wrong I love curvy booties but the obsession nowadays is too much.We should be obsessed with other things like big brains, big intellect, big ect.Ladies you are perfect the way you are.

  6. When people do something to their body . Im so tired of the : whatever, you cant say anything, its my life I do what I want and what makes me happy. Few years later: I regret everything I hope Inspire somebody . I dislike my Huge boobs, lips , booty etc .

  7. She says she is tired of people following her and stalking her…………what did she expect to happen when you have a booty 10 x the size that is supposed to be!!!!!! Sorry dear, you wanted attention….YOU GOT IT…..ENJOY.

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