Insect Repellent Plants

Hi, my name is Shaan Lalwani and I am the
owner, director of this firm called Vriksha Nursery. This section that we are doing right
now we are working with repellents. Repellents, in the sense, all the daily pests that you
all have in the house, the issues that you have in the house with animals that come in
and the flies that come in, we have plants that keep certain things away. I will be starting
with mosquitoes. The plant here, this one, we call it Citronella Geranium. This is what
most of your odomos creams and things like that are made of. The smell and the oil in
the plant is what keeps the mosquitoes away. The other plant right now that I think is extremely
effective for roaches, fleas for your dogs, lizards at your place and even snakes on the
farm is called Rue. They are called Ruta Indigensa and in these plants again, the oil content
is as high as 83%. They are highly effective plants. So what we have been doing with these
plants is that we plant every five feet of your space, use the leaves in your mopping
liquids, use these to give your dogs a bath and they keep the insects away. The next thing
I am going to move on to is pigeons because I know a lot of you in the city have been
coming to us telling us how to keep pigeons away. We have noted off late that this plant
here, it’s called Euphorbia milii. It has got thorns as big as a couple of inches and
bright flowers. What we do is keep them around in balconies and spaces like that, pigeons
generally get scared of this, they don’t burrow around it, nor do they like to come near it
as they get hurt because of the thorns. The other thing that we have here today are the
Euphorbia tirucallis. Now, they have got a highly alkali sap. It is really not advisable
to keep these around babies and dogs because they are highly poisonous. You keep these
in your loft areas, areas where rats generally come up from. Rats come, they chew this sap,
they kind of burn their entire system and they never turn up again to your space. The
other thing that we have noticed here in Bombay is a lot of fruit flies that happen around
your fruits, around your plants, in your garden spaces. What we have noticed is citrus plants,
be it your sweet limes, mini oranges what we have here right now, we have Italian lemons,
lemons, they tend to keep fruit flies away. Again, the leaves are very effective in keeping
fruit flies away. The maintenance of the repellents is generally very easy. You have got the Geraniums,
the Rue and the mini oranges which is very very simple. You need to water them one cup
a day, they have very basic manure requirements, probably a couple of teaspoons of any vermicompost
once a month. The Euphorbias that we have the milii and the tirucalli, the milii obviously
for the pigeons and the tirucalli for the rats are easier than that. You need to water
them once every alternate day, have zero fertilizer requirement, zero manure requirement. On a
suggestion, keep manure away from them, they thrive better.

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18 thoughts on “Insect Repellent Plants

  1. Do you think that the Euphorbia tirucalli will grow outdoors in zone 4-5 in Canada ? I have field mouse lurking around my property and will love to dissuade them from sticking around. Thank you very much !

  2. Are any of those harmful to kittens / cats if consumed? I read somewhere that Pennyroyal keeps spiders away, if so how close do you plant them, and are they harmful to kittens / cats if consumed? Great video! Thanks!

  3. thank you so much.. we had the pencil plant and ours grew up to 6 ft in height. but it is not easily available in Bombay Now.. the nursery near my house is not aware of that plant. though boast about a degree in agriculture xyz..
    even citronella not to be found.. if anyone got any ideas where I could get it then please do let me know..

    BTW great info.. short and sweet.. 👍👍👍

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