Interview with English subtitle translator for ‘Parasite’

now parasite the pond or winning Korean
film is heavily loaded with Korean cultural references that may not be easy
for foreigner audiences to fully understand the delicate work of the
movies translator played a key role in bringing the film to international
audiences our ‘man son went to meet with a man who translated the english
subtitles for parasite so let’s check it out thirsty pocket who has spent almost
two decades working in the Korean film industry including ponzu knows previous
films is getting praised for his translation of not just the language but
also the cultural context of the film parasite it is a complicated film with a
lot of different ideas and symbols and the destruction the story itself is
quite complicated I think that I mean film does have this really surprising
power to cross between cultures you know I tried the best I could to translate
the meaning of the sentence well but also I looked very closely at the acting
and facial expression of the voice tone of the actors and I tried to communicate
that emotion as well as the actual content and violence to successfully
narrow the gap between different cultures at times he created new words
or substituted Korean concepts to something that a foreign audience can
quickly understand as the scene in the film where the question is like the
Seoul National University had a major in document forgery and originally I
translated as Seoul National University and director suggested changing it to
either Oxford or Harvard that’s something that foreign audiences could
understand very quickly and you know it’s a funny line so particularly for
humor you need to understand it immediately having worked on the
translation of several Korean films including poems previous film the host
Paquet recalled his work with director boom I really enjoy working with him
because he understands very well about what’s needed for good english subtitle
translation and he has you know a very fine eye for detail so he gives me a lot
of good advice when I’m translating and then after I do my first draft we sit
down together and we go through it line by line
and being able to talk with him about the translation really helps me a lot as
a translator who stands in the middle of different cultures and preaches them
he holds high hopes that movies can be a strong tool to bring cultures together
but I do really enjoy kind of encouraging cultures to come together
through film and so in my case what I can do best is to introduce an
international audience to Korean cinema there are some images from the film that
may stay in their mind and that may help to shape their impressions of that
culture so I do really believe in the medium of cinema as a means of bringing
cultures together I think this is the kind of film that could change people’s
perceptions of foreign films because it’s it’s really dynamic it’s really fun
to watch and of all the Korean films that have come out in the past 10 years
or so I think this one has the most potential to really spread wide
throughout the world so yeah I have high hopes for this film park with hopes that
the translated subtitles of films can not only introduce new cultures but give
a new perspective for both local and international audiences Ameen son
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2 thoughts on “Interview with English subtitle translator for ‘Parasite’

  1. Just saw the movie and yes, the translation plays a lot for audience to understand the movie better. It was great!

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