Is Honey BEE BARF?? All About Honey!

Hi there! If you’re a kid and you don’t think bee barf sounds like something you want eat, then this video is for you! [tiny barfing noise] Ewww. Hi it’s Emily from Bite Size Vegan and welcome
to another vegan nugget. I’m so excited to be making another video just for you. So
far in my videos for kids we’ve talked about why we don’t drink milk, or eat meat or
eggs, and heard from real vegan kids about why they don’t and all the tasty foods they
eat instead, and even talked about how you can be a superhero for the planet, the people
and the animals by being vegan. You can watch all of those videos later if you want linked
there and in the video description. Now just like in my other videos I promise
that I’ll tell you the truth no matter what and that I won’t talk down to you, cause
you’re pretty smart! If you don’t know already, being vegan means
you don’t eat animals or anything that comes out of them like milk, eggs, cheese and, as
we’ll learn today, honey. So what’s wrong with honey? Well today we’re
going to talk about how honey is made, which is pretty gross, why taking it from the bees
who make it isn’t good for them, and why farming bees isn’t good for the environment. Let’s start with how honey is made. You
probably already know that honey comes from bees. But even most adults don’t know exactly
how it is that bees make honey. Well bees fly out to flowers and suck the nectar from
the flowers with this long tongue-like thing called a proboscis. They keep the honey in
their honey stomach or crop, because unlike us they have two stomachs and then when they
get back to the hive, they barf. What’s even grosser is they barf into the mouth of
another bee. Then the bees keep barfing the honey back and forth between each other until
they finally spit it into their hive for safekeeping. Now this sounds pretty gross to you and me
and certainly not something I want to be eating. But for bees, making and eating honey is totally
natural and quite tasty. And honestly, it’s pretty awesome to see the incredible things
other animals do, and the making of honey is pretty darn incredible! Each bee visits 50 to 100 flowers to fill
their honey stomachs. To make just one pound of honey, bees from the hive have to visit
two million flowers and fly 55,000 miles. That’s farther than going around the whole
world twice! Bees really are incredible! In fact, to tell other bees where the good
flowers are, bees will come back to the hive and do what’s called a waggle dance, where
they shake their booty around and just by watching what direction the bee is waggling in
and for how long, other bees know where to find the flowers. It’s all based on some
pretty incredible math and some pretty incredible booty action. I haven’t gotten it down yet. This brings me to the second part about why
vegans don’t eat honey. Farming bees isn’t good for them and taking their honey away,
which is their food and the food they feed to their little bee babies, certainly isn’t
good for them. Bees need their honey to survive. They do all of the hard work, literally flying
around the world two times over to make food for themselves and their families and then
we humans step in and take it to put it on our breakfast cereals and cinnamon buns. That’s
not very fair if you ask me. Honey farming also hurts bees. Bees, like
other animals and like us, can feel pain. And just like we talked about in our videos
about meat, milk and eggs, it doesn’t make sense to hurt anyone who can feel pain. For a beehive to work they need a queen bee,
kind of the big bossy momma bee who runs the show. Now this is part is kind of sad, but
beekeepers have their queen bees and even their whole bee colonies shipped to them in
the mail. The bees can be injured and even killed while being shipped and when the queen
arrive the beekeepers often tear off her wings so that she won’t fly away. The queen is also forced to be pregnant by
what’s called insemination, which is a big word and a pretty awful thing for the queen.
She’s stuck in a tube where she can’t move and poked and prodded. In the winter, beekeepers often kill the entire
hives, which can be anywhere between 20,000 to 80,000 bees. You may wonder why they do
this. Well, like a lot of other weird things adults do, it’s because of money. Now the last thing we’re going to talk about
is how farming bees isn’t good for the environment. You may hear that we need bees to have food
and that’s true. With all the flying from flower to flower that they do, bees are doing
something called pollinating, meaning helping plants make more plants. But honeybees aren’t the best pollinators.
Other types of bees and insects do a much better job. Honeybees aren’t even supposed
to be in North America, the continent I live on, and because humans have brought them here,
the other bees that lived here first and other insects that pollinate, have been kicked out
and even died from diseases the honeybees brought with them. We do need bees in order
to have our own food, but we need native bees and native pollinators to do their work, not
the honeybees. All in all, honey’s kind of a hot mess.
It’s barfed, chewed, swallowed and re-barfed by bees, taking it from the bees is super
mean because it’s their food they worked really hard to make for themselves and their
families, beekeepers harm and even kill bees in order to farm the honey, and it’s not
good for other bee species or the environment. So maybe we should just leave honey to the
bees, shall we? But there’s good news. If you really love
the sweet taste of honey, there are other things you can have instead. You can use something
called agave nectar, coconut nectar, make your own date paste, or use a vegan honey
substitute. I have links to all of those and other resources on the blog post for this
video, which you can find linked up there and in the description below. And when you
don’t eat honey, you help bees everywhere feed their little bee babies, and that’s
pretty cool. I hope this video was helpful. Let me know
what you thought of the video in the comments and if you have other things you’d like
me to cover, feel free to tell me! If you liked this video, do give it a thumbs
up and share it around to help other kids learn the truth. If you’re new here, do
hit that big red subscribe button down there for more awesome vegan content every Monday,
Wednesday, and some Fridays and to not miss out the on the rest of my videos for kids.
If you’re an adult and you want to help support Bite Size Vegan, check out either
of the support links in the video description below or click on the Nugget Army icon or
the link in the sidebar. Now go live vegan, leave honey to the bees, and I’ll see you
soon.! Coming up on Honeybee TV, it’s tonight’s
episode of So You Think You Can Waggle?!, where the hive’s 40,000 bees square off
in a booty-shaking bonanza to impress the queen! Stay tuned! Subtitles by the community

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100 thoughts on “Is Honey BEE BARF?? All About Honey!

  1. Oh, my goodness! You have so much about beekeeping wrong! I am a beekeeper, no one I know cuts off the queen's wings and no one kills their bees for money or any other reason. And that only addresses 2 of the multitude of misconceptions you are presenting to kids!

  2. when i first found out its was be vomit its freaked me out so bad ;-; im emetophobic so learning i was eating vomit was very grss and full of horrors for me ;-;

  3. I was wondering, I'm really into fermenting foods and always want to make kefir but is kefir vegan? Even if I use cashew or coconut milk? Since it's a bacteria from cows milk

  4. You're so great at talking with children! These videos are adorable and still very informative! Love you Emily!! Keep up the good fight! <3 😀

  5. Agave nectar is not healthy. Too concentrated in fructose, almost as high as fructose corn syrup. so it is no good for the liver.

  6. If you want to not mess up and/or destroy the planet and nearly all life and ecosystems, support honey production.

  7. I don't really think a lot of these arguments are particularly good. Gross? Really? "Bee barf" is hardly that disgusting, is it?

    Secondly, your argument that bees feel pain is on the brink of lying. Current science suggests animals, and particularly insects, lack the capacity to feel pain in the way we humans think of it.

    Thirdly, the argument that taking honey from bees isbad, needs documentation. I could make the same argument for taxes. We provide a living space for the bees and safety, and they pay with honey. If it really did hurt the bees, they would all die off as a result, no? Again, poor argumentation

    Lastly, the argument that pollinators necessarily need to be native seems ridiculous. Just because a subspecies didn't exist on a particular continent, doesn't mean it's inferior to the native ones. If this was the case, then us humans would certainly have some explaination issues, don't you think?

    I've been curiously poking at veganism for a while now, but the constant flow of this type of bullshit argumentation that seems to be tailored to convince kids with weak arguments, is really pulling me away. This, to me, is close if not exactly the same as what religions are doing; intentional or not, you're spreading incorrect information and logically invalid arguments.

  8. Do a little more research before you start give advice to kids. Bees can't survive alone in the nature because of the parasitic mites called Varroa. Besides that a normal beehive outside in the nature its only making a tiny amount of honey each year so it can survive the winter. The beekeepers take care of the bees to get bigger populations. It means that they will collect more honey until the incoming winter. Believe me there is enough honey for bees and humans to share. A good beekeeper always remove the honey that the bees won't need rather than taking all the honey and feed them with sugar. In the USA they made a big industry with bees. For sure they are abusing them. This it doesn't mean the rest of the world do the same thing.

  9. bees die in winter anyway so why does it matter? if the humans dont kill them the winter's cold will…. and plants feel pain n try to protect themselves from being eaten aswell… so should we even be eating plants???… just seems like a huge double standard being applied

  10. 4:16 Why do the bee farmers kill their entire hive (20K to 80K bees)? We can't find any information online regarding this. Thanks!

  11. Actually it's tentically not barfing usually barfing is because Ur sick cause Ur stomach can't digest it:/ N umm if U look at the distinction of bees wild bees die more often then bees that are capture by humans.

    Also if U have a dog or any pet especially fish or lizard Guess what there sent around the world.Also bee keepers actually don't need to clip bee qween wings anymore, why cause we use little holes that are big anuff for average bee to go through but to small for qweens -.-

    also didn't U came from a different part of the world n spread disease to Native American??:) But the difference is bees didn't mean to like Columbus did -.-

    Also its not wrong to eat hunny if we know that they only need 20kg every 3 months to live :3 so tats like idk 1/5th of hunny they make on a daily basis yearly.

    We get hunny yummy n check the FLOW HIVE it's way safer n better for bees!!! maybe U get N n have a jar of hunny N believe U can leave all the hunny for bees N keep them more safe N free 🙂

  12. Also don't Use any medicine cause Ur killing a living thing U know bacteria, also bees might be able to heal H.I.V with its toxin but U be killing a bee :> so no

  13. wait why u eat FUCKING PLANTS -.- IT'S A LIVING THING it is equal to a animal cause u know bees hunny is the same concept of every vegetable and fruit cause those plants make it cause they are living

  14. This was great! Although my 10-year old has never eaten honey, I can't wait to have him watch this simply because it's sooo informative!

  15. Well, the combined flyingpath adds up to 55k miles(or two laps around the planet). Each bee just flies around 1.8 miles per pound(simple math really).

  16. misleading misleading misleading, totally misleading. How old you pretend to be anyways? you shouldn't be educating kids at all

  17. Thank you for this video Emily!! This really helped me see why honey is bad for the environment. I wasn't too clear on the topic before, but now I understand better 😀

  18. lmfao !! um bee farming ( if done properly) is helpful to bees.. also beekeepers dont take ALL of the honey comb they make.. your throwing out info from a source tou dont peovide and then generalize by assuming every beekeeper treats their bees the same … also with honey bees declining bee keepers have actually helped in keeping the population going… not everything we eat is made of happy thoughts and good wishes lol mmm Tofu … who doesnt want to eat soy sponge

  19. Honey is not bee vomit. They have a separate honey chamber for the nectar that doesn't involve the digestive system?

  20. Wait, what about catching swarms, humane hives, and non clipped queens? Natural beehives and flow hives?

    Oh wait, commercial beekeeping. Got it.

  21. This video is misleading and vegan panderig. Bee farming is bad? There are 100 studies by scientists who warn that bees are endangered because of polution and farming them is somehow bad? Do you know how many other animals besides humans eat the fruit and vegetables that we eat? Cite your sources. The reason why bees are farmed is because they produce way more honey than what their babies eat. And finally. Have you ever considered places in the world that don't have all these vegan substitutes. How do you suggest people feed and survive and get their necessary nutrition?

  22. Omg you're adorable 😂 ilysm…I honestly feel like a little kid when I watch these videos..and these videos are really helpful for children to see the reality. Thank you for making these amazing videos.

  23. Caught my 8 year cousin watching this series of videos and I couldn't be more proud. He's now eating vegetarian and is eager to not eat dairy

  24. I want onision to see this video, he is so naive about honey and thinks we NEED to consume it for the environment…

  25. I get what you are saying but if you just get local honey not form big corporations then they prob don't kill the hives in the winter or harm the queen. I am a bee keeper and we only take the honey that the bees don't need (the extra honey) Also having a hive I'm your yard is grate for the plants Thanks

  26. you are awesome!!!
    I just showed my 3 sons this video and we ALL agreed that we no longer want to eat honey.
    Thanks for that clear explanation. 😊👍👏👏👏

  27. Hi ! I dont know if you will see this comment but, a lot of people are saying that bees produce to much honey anyway. ( I am 100% vegan and I dont have the answer to that question but I'd love to know what to answer next time. ) Can you please help me on that. I have trouble finding the answer. And apart from the fact that its mean, and the queen is hurt, are the bees hurt when people takes the honey. (for personal uses)? Thanks Emily.
    From Émilie 😉

  28. So what do you feel of a hive with a drip tap on the bottom? My college professor took my Native American belief system to heart and change his hive to a closed system left alone! But on the bottom of the hive it has a spout to catch the excess honey that's not trapped in the comb. He gets a lot less honey as before but now his bees can live through the winter so there's no need to kill the hive out of fear of starvation because I wouldn't let him kill them last winter. We moved the hive into a warm house and made a honey substitute to get them through last winter to make the modifications on the hive. I guess he'll think twice before asking students for help again! Lol

  29. How is honey the same as barf? Does it contain bile and stomach acid?
    -I am vegan and do not eat honey. Just feel like barf just appeals to disgust (for lack the proper fallacy)

  30. You might as well stop driving too because you kill so many insects that way. You wouldn't run over hundreds of chickens, but smash them without even thinking, that's speciesism.

  31. Hey!
    So, I have my 5yo daughter Ida here and she is becoming quite a fan of yours!

    She noticed (in a way I would never catch that on this video you didn't preface with "I promise not to show you anything scary"

    As an adult, I wasn't too concerned 😉

    But she would have been more comforted knowing that the bee video would be like the other kids videos. (Small consistency vote from the mouth of babes)

    She also wants to tell you "When the bee the threw up in the other bees mouth…. I thought it was funny!"

    I think she is a bit of an addict and is really into you personally… If you can't tell, I fully approve and we vote for many more kids videos by you!


    Izzy and Ida

  32. I want to be vegan,but still eat honey.Honey is the only nutritional animal product.It doesn't discust me.I don't think it's hurting anything.Sorry if I sound ignorant.

  33. you do realize that humans are not the only thing that eats honey. even bears badgers other insects as well. and few other animals

  34. It's unfortunate that so much misinformation exists in the vegan community, especially when it comes to the topics of honeybees and beekeeping. It's about time we vegans go do our own research, instead of citing pamphlets and youtube videos from other vegans that get so much of this wrong. I'm not trying to make a case for honey to be considered vegan, but we need to make the case with honest truth and not what amounts to ideological dogma.

  35. la biych está no sabe ni una mierda y Gual que la ida que me dijo ase un mes que la miel era vómito de abeja :/ la gente es bien pinche loca pudrete ropa asquerosa

  36. A good substitute if you like thicker honey (like the ones with the combs still in them) is maple butter. Don't worry there's no butter in it, they make it by boiling the maple syrup for longer than usual.

  37. first of all its a bug and dont tell me you never swatted a fly second it not barf litterly the onlt thing it shares with barf is it come out the mouth its like compareing eggs to periods becuse it comes from the chickens lower bit

  38. The world is a harsh place not everyone or everything can have things the way they may wish. Humans themselves are only just coming to see how they must treat each other with women and black people's rights only recently being fixed with many people all over the world suffering still from starvation and dehydration whilst we westoners are able to live a life of comparable luxury . How could we possibly hope to deliver equal rights to all species when we still haven't completely solved the problem amongst our own. People should be less concerned about where we get our food from and start helping those who have no choice of what they eat. Those who would have used the money spent on your tattoos to feed their family for year's. Realistically if you want to deliver a strong appropriate message to children it that will help in the future we need to spread the word about world hunger and not waste time telling them what they should or shouldn't eat because of where it came from or how it's made.

  39. We love Bite Size Vegan 🙂 We fully agree that bees make honey for bees and not for humans. There is no reason to exploit other beings and steal their labor. A few quick thoughts on it:

  40. Looks like typical malnourished muscle atrophied vegan. If eating honey hurts bees (an insect) you shouldn't eat veggies either. How many trillions of insects have n many more will be killed in order to harvest food crops? You mentally ill emotionally disturbed batsh*t crazy morons

  41. Hello there, you say honey/european bees aren't the top pollinators of this planet but I see many posts on my fb page saying the exact opposite. Horid commercial bee farming may do what you say and kill the bees, Queen bee and hives but the local honey producers emphatically do not. I used to eat white sugar and all its cousins, and all the plant based sugars but not now. Twenty odd years ago I discovered I have intolerance to all those sweeteners except local organic unheated honey. As our brain needs sugar to operate perfectly I choose honey. I haven't bought any honey from supermarkets since I read it's mainly processed sugar with a little commercial inorganic honey that gets heat treatment. I am ok about how the bees make it.

  42. Honey os dry healthy and that lady clearly is crazed with her vegan theories which are not based on science. Most things in nature are not disgusting, but hey… It was created with a purpose.

  43. So many super cool things I didn't know about bees!.I save them from my swimming pool in summer and try to find a fresh flower for them. Mayple syrup is an delicious alternative to honey.

  44. Your sources page doesn't include sources that aren't your website. Even your website doesn't link to sources on point 3 (4:30)!!! Please fix that. I want to send this around but I think that will be an issue

  45. Hello Emily,

    Are there any studies that point to your claims of how honey production is detrimental to the environment? My university is partnering with MassPIRG in advocating for a bill in Massachusetts that will place a ban on the use of pesticides in crop production, in light of how scientists claim that there are alternatives to pesticides, which kill off bees that we need to pollinate our crops. If you can point me to any studies that verify your claims, I can use them as an instrument to add to my school's activism by getting people to not eat honey, in order to save the bees and the environment. I agree with you that, since honey farming is harmful to bees themselves, we shouldn't partake in it, as we shouldn't harm others if we don't need to. However, I may have a difficult time convincing people to not eat honey with that knowledge alone, so if you could point me to any of those studies, I could have an easier time convincing people to not eat honey.

    MassPIRG article:

    All best,

    P.S. Thank you for your tireless vegan activism

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