Is She Seeking Revenge? 24 Hours With Doll THE DOLLMAKER PART 3

– [David] What is with this doll? – Okay guys, so we were
staying at a friends house and that doll was not here. I don’t know if they
came by, I don’t know. We just barely got here,
weird things are happening. Audrey showed up, she got some weird note. – The radio is making insane sounds, like! (yelling) – I’m going back home. – Wait a second, dad! Dad! Dad! The doll’s back in my room. – No, the doll was outside– – No, the doll’s in my room. – Where, show me? – On my bed. – Where?
– Right here. She was right there. – Hi guys, welcome back to – [Group] That Youtube Family. – Yeah! – And we are the adventurers. – And on today’s adventure
we’re going to try and ditch this doll that
showed up at our house. – Yeah.
– That should not be there. – Yeah, we just, we don’t
wanna keep it in the house. We thought about just putting
it in the garbage can, but I think she’s be able to
get out of the garbage can and come back into our house because somehow she always moves. So we’re gonna take her up in the canyon and find a nice place for her. – Yep. – Yeah, the kids are a little creeped out because they say she’s watching her and when– – She is, she showed up in my room. – And Jake and Ty are so freaked out, they didn’t even wanna come. – And they kind of catch glimpses of her out of the corner of their eyes. And so, they’re a little
spooked and they don’t want the doll around anymore. So we’re going to try and
find a place to put her, a new home. – Yep, let’s go figure it out. – So you know that
feeling you get when are in a room just doing
stuff throughout your day and you feel like someone’s watching you? That’s what our house
has been like lately. Everybody just has this creepy vibe, like someone’s always there watching us and we think that the doll is watching us. ‘Cause look at her eyes. – Her eyes do move. Look, watch this. – And they’re like, this weird yellowy. – So look, she closes her eyes, and I get its because,
but they open back up. – [Jordan] It’s just– – And it’s like they’re
peering into your soul. – [Jordan] And they’re
yellowish, I don’t know, it’s just weird the– – And then look at her teeth. She’s got a full set of teeth on there, she has some chompers. – Yeah, it’s a little
bit weird, and creepy, so I’m fine— – But I’m taking care of
her because I don’t want her to get mad at me, ’cause I
think she can get mad at me and I want her to be nice. So, I think that rock up
there, I think we’ll just go put her on that rock. People walk on this trail all the time, maybe somebody will take
her, and then adopt her. – Yeah, that’s true. ‘Cause yeah, why would she come to us? – Yeah. (creepy piano music) – Oh that’s a good view. She’ll have a view of the river. – She can see the river. – [Jordan] The fall leaves and everything. – [Mom] Okay, she’s
just gonna hang instead. – She’s just gonna chill. – Alright.
– [Mom] Alright. – Goodbye. – [Mom] So creepy. – I hope somebody will
find her and take her. Somebody that wants, I don’t know. Oh, I almost fell. – Yeah, someone that wants her. – I don’t know, she just creeps me out. She creeps me out, I don’t know. – Yeah, there’s something
strange with her. – I feel like she’s watching me. – Okay guys, check out these
fall leaves though, seriously. It’s so pretty up here with all the leaves
starting to change colors. I think one of my
favorite seasons is fall. I love fall.
– I love fall. – The colors, I love
the smell of the leaves as they kinda decay. I know that sounds gross
but it’s actually just, I love the smell, it’s so good. – Yeah, just everything
about fall is nice. – This will be a good photo shooting spot. Actually, this is where we– – [Jordan] Oh yeah. We did a photo shoot
with Audrey and Jordan last year wasn’t it? Yeah, my favorite time is fall as well, just because look how
beautiful the leaves are. Let’s go see if we can
find some red leaves. – Oh. Practicing balance like a pro. – [Mom] Woo, good job! Wow, alright, let’s keep going. So tell us what is your favorite season, because I’m excited for fall,
I’m excited for Halloween, I love Halloween. We should take some pictures here. – Okay, I found a cool picture place and I wanna get some
good Instagram pictures, so I’m teaching dad how
to take some cool ones. And I’m trying out a new
method where you like, hold out the phone.
– It’s 3D. – And instead, you don’t go like that, but like that far. Just like where the,
I don’t know, you see? – Do I focus on you or on the leaf? – On me. – Okay. – And these are just chillin’, you know. – These are just chillin’? Hopefully this will work. I don’t know, I’ve
never tried this before. – Oh that’s very good, one, two, three. Okay. – Got ’em. – [Mom] Yay! – That’s kinda cool, like
the little 3D effect. – Tricks.
– [Mom] Yeah, Jordan loves taking Instagram photos
but she never posts them. – I know, I love to take the pictures but then I always forget
about posting ’em. But you can follow me at
justjordan33_ on Instagram. Oh, so promo! – Okay, there’s the picture. – Let’s see, that’s ah— – Hey, it looks really good. – It looks pretty good.
– The leaves– – Yeah, it’s cool. – Okay. – Awesome. – Oh, these are good red leaves. – [Mom] I know, they’re so pretty. – They’re even super red. These are my favorites.
– [Mom] So cool. – I love the red trees,
like you can see here. Oh, they’re so cool. This is like, the prettiest. – So you get like the
pinkish, the green, the yellow and then the red.
– [Mom] Yeah. – Okay, you guys wanna know, I don’t know if you
guys, if some of you guys have noticed that I have
like a bump right here. Can you see from the side? – [Mom] Yeah. – I don’t know. I have like, a bump right there. I kind of covered it up a bit, but fun fact. Story time in Toronts, take a seat. So I actually, I was filming a video and I ran into a poll, like I went, uh! (giggles) I full on forced into a pole, so now I have a bruise right there. And I’m just like, oh well,
that’s cool. (giggles) So if you guys were
wondering what that is, it’s yeah, I ran into a pole. – [Mom] It’s a big bump. – Actually, this is really funny, it was a poll kind of similar to this. – [Mom] Um, Jordan. – [David] Jordan!
– Oh my gosh! – [Mom] Guys, what is she?
– [David] What? – [Mom] What, how’d she even get here? – Okay, I don’t like this, let’s go back. – [Mom] What is going on? This is the same doll, guys. – Are you sure?
– It is. – [Mom] It’s the same doll. What is going on? How is she doing that? – It has an A on the back. (sighs) What are we supposed to do? – Don’t pick her up, leave her! – Well, obviously she’s following us. – [Mom] Maybe she– – Well, is it her, or
is somebody pranking us? – I don’t know, should we
put her at a different spot? – I don’t know guys, I’m kind of like, I feel like she wants to
come back home with us and stay with us. Has she done anything bad? – She’s appeared in my
room, which is super creepy! – She’s way creepy, and
scares the kids, but– – Let’s try put her on one another spot, maybe she didn’t like the rock. – She’s not bad, it’s just,
she creeps me out a lot and makes me super nervous. Okay guys, we’ve been walking for a while. We came, the river’s gone now. – [Mom] Yeah, this is a nice area. – So this is a good area,
it’s kind of chillier and I think, are we
gonna drop her off here? – I think we put her up
here on this rock here. That way she’s off the trail a little bit, she’s a little bit higher. – I don’t know, maybe she
didn’t like the last spot. Maybe she doesn’t like rivers
and water, I don’t know. – This is cozy. – [Mom] Huh, just lay her down, dude. – I want her to be able to see. (laughing) – I don’t know, this is a pretty view. – Look, she’s smiling. She’s looking at the pretty leaves. – [Mom] She does look happy.
– She looks happy. I think somebody will find
her and take her home. – I hope so. – [Mom] Let’s go. – So comment down below if you
found this doll in the woods, would you pick it up and take it home? (eerie music) – Nothing. (laughing) – Jordan!
– Just go, just go! – Come on, hurry! – [Mom] I’m coming, wait for me! Wait guys, wait! – She’s right there! – Oh my gosh, she’s still following us. Guys, she’s still following us, I don’t think we can ditch her. Oh my goodness, I can’t run anymore. – Keep your eyes open. – I can’t run anymore, I gotta walk. I can’t run anymore!
– Hey Jordan, stay close to us. – Okay. – Okay, just gotta stay close. – I think we ditched
her, I hope we ditch her, I’m out of breath, I can’t run anymore. – Keep you eyes out, ’cause I don’t know. How could she move so fast? – I don’t know, but– – It’s crazy. It’s not like we’re
going really super slow, and plus, how do dolls even
move in the first place? – I don’t know, what do we do? – I have no idea. – I don’t know what to do. – I don’t either. – [Jordan] Oh my goodness! – Is that her? – [Mom] Wait.
– [David] That can’t be her. – [Jordan] What? Oh my goodness. – [Mom] Okay, she’s there. She’s there again. – Okay, I’m not touching her. – I’m not staying. Mom, you’re last. – [Mom] Gosh, I’m not, I’m going. – Okay, keep an eye on her. She’s not moving. – I don’t know if we should
just take her with us. I don’t know, I’m kind of feeling bad. – [Jordan] If we take her with us what was the whole point
of coming out here? – If she shows up again
we’ll take her with us, but I say one last try,
let’s get out of here. – [Jordan] No, don’t think
we should do it in like a– – But what if she just needs a family? I don’t know. It is creepy, it’s very spooky. The things that the kids
are seeing is creepy. – Guys, that was so creepy. – I don’t see the tree anymore. – I’m ready to go home, I’m hungry. – [Mom] Yeah, we ditched
her a long way back. – We should go get lunch now. (eerie music) – Why? – [Mom] Um, I think– – She was in the tree. – [Mom] I think we just
have to take her guys. – [Jordan] No! – [Mom] Guys, obviously
she wants to come home. I know she’s creepy. What if we put her somewhere where, I don’t know, where she can’t like– – Shall I pick her up? – [Mom] Yeah. – I mean, look at her,
she’s, here’s one good thing. She’s not looking mad or upset. – [Mom] She looks happy.
– She looks happy. – [Mom] Kind of creepy though, her eyes are very creepy but– – It’s almost like– – She just creeps me out, I don’t know. – [Mom] I know, she
gives off a weird vibe. – Her eyes really do
give off a creepy vibe like she is watching us. But she must if she’s following us. – [Mom] Maybe we just put her
in the garage to somewhere. – Maybe we’ll leave her in the car? – [Mom] Yeah, maybe we
just leave her in the car, I don’t know. – Do you wanna hold her? – No, I’m not touching her! – [Mom] We tried. – What do we tell the boys? – I kind of feel bad, honestly. ‘Cause I don’t know, like
if this doll has feelings then I feel bad that we tried to ditch her and I hope she’s not gonna be mad at us for trying to ditch her
if she does have feelings, because then what? What if she gets mad at us? I don’t know, but at the same time I feel a little bit guilty, I don’t know. And I know the kids are spooked and I don’t want the
kids to be freaked out because it is like just a chilling vibe. – Look at this, a serial
number here on her, maybe we can do some
research to find out maybe a little bit more about her? Where she came from? Maybe who owned her? Maybe where she’s been, I don’t know? – Well, and then maybe that’s
why we’re supposed to have her so we can help her get back to her owner? So we should research who
she is, where she came from and see who is the last owner of her. – [Jordan] Dad buckled her all in. – [David] Safely first, kids. – Buckle up. – [Mom] She’s gonna
come back home with us. – I think we may need to
give her some wet ones because she looks a bit
crusty and dusty and germy. – Well, I think with as
many times as we tried to give her away to the
trail so somebody else could find her and she kept coming back, there’s a reason why we need her. So it’s not like weird
as in she’s hurting us or scaring us, it’s just weird
like as in we don’t know why we’re supposed to have this doll. So we’re going to do some research on her and figure it out. – Okay guys, I’m not
even kidding with this. I am very creeped out with this doll, we were starting to drive
away and dad literally got stung by a wasp like,
three times in his neck. In the car. So like, how did a wasp get in the car and conveniently right when
we have this doll with us. I’m super creeped out and paranoid. I’m gonna show you guys, I’m
not even kidding, like really. – [Mom] And dad was the one
that kept putting the doll down. – Yeah, dad was the one that
held the doll the whole time. So, I don’t know, here show ’em. So now mom’s driving. – [Mom] We gotta go get some medicine. – And we have ice. – Yeah I was driving until this happened but, look, check this out. – Luckily we had ice. – It stung me all over the neck, and it’s burning big time. One more time, oh look
at this, how red that is. So we’re gonna go get
some cream to put on it. – I don’t know if the doll
has anything to do with this. – I don’t think so. – It has me extra paranoid right now. – [Mom] That’s a weird
coincidence that you’re the one that was holding the doll. The doll’s in the car
with us, a wasp appears and gets you on the neck. You, not anybody else, you. – I hope she’s not like a
mischievous type of a doll. – [Mom] It’s odd.
– I don’t know. Oh man, it’s burning, it’s so hot. – We gotta get you some stuff. – Well, hopefully she’s safe. I mean look, she’s all protected. And I put her in her seatbelt,
so she should be happy. – Alrighty guys, so I
thought I would update you on what’s been going on with the doll, but let me explain what’s
going on in this room first. So David and Jordan are actually
working on Jordan’s room because she is going to be doing a– – Room makeover! Check out my channel at justjordan33. Subscribe and wait for the video which should be coming out
soon, but I don’t how how soon. (laughing) Self promo! (laughing) – Yep, so then you’ll get to see the video when that comes out
which should be fun but– – Yeah. – (sighs) Guys, some crazy
stuff has been happening over the last couple of days. So we’ve been keeping the
doll out in the garage in a box and… Okay, you know how David got
bit by a wasp on his neck when we tried to get rid of
her and he’s the only one that has been handling
her, like moving her and he’s the one that tried
to like, leave her I guess. I mean, we all tried to
leave her and get rid of her, but he was the one holding her. Well, his phone broke the other day. – Just all of a sudden, it
just wouldn’t start up anymore. – Stopped working. Other weird things have been happening, it’s like all of a sudden he has bad luck. It’s been really crazy and not only that, not only is he having bad luck, but Jordan, she has been
seeing the doll pop up in different places and
it’s been really weird because, (sigh) she like, would
catch glimpses of the doll out of the corner of her eye and then she’s gone, and we have not left
the doll in the house. We left it in the garage. So we don’t see it, but
the doll seems to be gravitating towards Jordan, which is really weird but it doesn’t seem like it likes David. We’ve been doing research and
stuff to try and figure out where this doll comes from, and even like, if we could find any
information about this doll. So, mom and dad are
doing research, I think, Jake are you doing
research too, or are you? – Yeah I’m doing research. – Or are you playing a game? (giggles) – I told you to find out
about this doll, Jacob. – So, I am finding dolls that
are very similar to this, like check this one out. It’s like, I think it’s
from the 20s or 30s. But I’m not sure. I haven’t been able to find this doll but I found some that are similarish. So, we just have to figure
out what the numbers and the letter on her back are so we can find out more information. I don’t know, I think we’re
narrowing it down though. – [Jordan] Yeah. – So I actually called a doll expert. He lives down in Las Vegas and he’s got a huge doll collection. In fact, I think it’s the
largest in North America. And he’s had me send pictures of the doll because he says that
he has heard of a doll that has like a speaker in it’s back. He’s telling me that he thinks that it might be a crier, which is crazy. Has anybody heard any
crying from the doll? – [Jordan] No.
– I haven’t heard it cry. – I don’t know, yeah… – [Jordan] Logan, have you? – So he’s having me send
some very detailed photos of the fingers because I guess
those are kind of a trademark of the person who might have made it, or the company that might have made it. He’s had me take pictures
of the feet and the clothing that the doll is wearing,
because that’ll give you kind of the era of when the doll was made, and he thinks like mom,
that it was probably made back in the 20s, which holy cow that’s almost a hundred years old. – [Jordan] 1920s. – It’s like 98 years old. – Do you guys remember the 1920s? – [Jake] Nope. – I can barely remember
the 1920s. (laughing) Well, I just barely did some
research and stuff for school, like stuff of the past, yeah. Yeah, that’s about all I know too. I know like, the clothing
style and that’s about it. – [Mom] And it’s the depression so– – Yeah. – A doll like this, back
in the 20s would have been an amazing thing to have
for any little girl, because during the depression
people didn’t have money and I’m sure there wasn’t a lot of toys and there wasn’t food. So having a doll that was like this would have been pretty cool. – Yeah, he thinks that the
arms and the legs and the face are made of porcelain that’s been painted, which makes sense ’cause, (tapping sound) it’s hard like it would be porcelain. – [Mom] It is. – He’s telling me that
he found a few sites that he wants me to go to to check it out. He says it might be missing some pieces that makes the crier work. But the eyes are supposed
to move, which they do. He says something might
activate the mouth, which I don’t know about that. – [Jake] How does it move? He’s wanting me to take
a picture of the back. So that’s where the name and
the number is on the back of the dolls head. Let’s see here. Take that picture and
see what he says, okay. – Check this out though. This could have been her sister doll. – Oh my goodness, yes. – There’s more out there. – Holy cow.
– It looks just like her. – [Jordan] Yeah that’s pretty– – Not just, but it’s like, yeah
it could be a sister to her. But we just can’t find her. Are you finding any information? – He’s telling me to go
check out these other sites, but he’s looking up the numbers. The last number I can’t
tell if it’s a nine or a seven or a four. Kinda like the old cursive type fours. It could of been a nine, or kind of like, it’s really worn down so he’s
trying all three different, oh he just told me that
he thinks he’s got a lead, that he may have found it. Oh, that’s kinda cool. It’s good to have an expert on your side to be able to help us, ’cause
I don’t think we’d be able to find any of this stuff out. – Yeah, you guys, I have
been extra creeped out and paranoid with this doll in the house, because as you guys know,
when she first arrived and we first found her,
she appeared in my bedroom and it was very creepy. She just appeared there out of nowhere and I’ve been creeped out ever since and I feel like I can just see her out of the corner of my eye,
like appearing and disappearing and I’m just extra creeped out, but nobody else has really
seen it, so I don’t know. – Guys. – [Group] What? – I’m gonna lay her down here real fast. He sent me to a site. I think this is the doll. – [Jordan] You found it? – Oh my goodness. Guys, I think we found out doll. – [Jordan] Really?
– Seriously? – This is insane, Jake, check that out. – Whoa. – We found her. (eerie twinkling music)

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