J.J. Abrams & Henry Abrams’ Spider-Man Announcement | Marvel Comics

Hi, I’m J.J. And I’m Henry. Henry’s very nervous. I am so nervous right now. Here’s the thing. We have written a
Spider-Man comic book. It’s coming out in September. It’s a limited series. Sara Pichelli, the
wonderful artist, is working on this with us. She’s a genius. It’s incredible. And we’re really excited. There’s a crazy new villain
named Cadaverous that we can’t wait for you to meet. But in September, Marvel– been talking to them for a
long time about this, so very excited to be doing it,
and especially to be doing it with this gentleman. It’s just so exciting. I can’t believe it’s happening. Yeah. Thank you so much. I don’t know why I thanked them. – Well, because they’re great.
– They’re great. You’re great.
– See you soon. Bye.

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100 thoughts on “J.J. Abrams & Henry Abrams’ Spider-Man Announcement | Marvel Comics

  1. As much as I would have love A Spider-Man 4 comic adaptation and I am disappointed, But I'll still check it out cuz I am a fan of J.J.Abrams.

  2. You kill star trek, star wars soon dc movies and now kill spider man the abrams family good at killing franchise

  3. I really wouldnt care if his son got this job..It's just the fact that his dad(JJ)was bitching about how there needs to be more diversity in entertainment.Then he helps get his son a job that comic industry artist would give their right arm to do..JJ just cut the line for his son..I feel bad for anyone working at marvel trying to move up the ladder the fair way..Pathetic..

  4. It’s undeniable that the kid’s been blessed with connections. I can see how it’s nepotism, but as someone around the same age interested in creating stories, all I can say is good luck. I know how difficult it can be, and especially with how he landed the job. Now as a Spider-man fan, I’m a bit disappointed that this was their big reveal. A Spider-man/FF team up book would’ve been a fun read, maybe throw them in the game as an extra DLC pack. Even the Spider-man 4 comic adaptation sounded kinda cool, but I knew it was just a countdown. It is what it is.

  5. Most people who want to work for Marvel comics start off as an intern… making coffee, cleaning up garbage, sending in samples and working their way from the bottom , moving their way up the ladder. Not this kid. He's given access to their flagship character because his father made a friggin' phone call. WTF Marvel? This video is disgusting how the two of them are patting each other on the back, and slobbering all over each other. J.J Abrams is a complete hack! This move is insulting to any comic writer/artist or comic creator who has busted their a**, worked hard for the chance to work on a A-list character like Spider-Man. Nuff' said!

  6. That Cool that J.J. Abrams and Henry Abrams are making a spider-man comic I am disappointed about Spider-Man 4 But that's OK The Spider-Man Announcement is still cool

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  8. Nepotism: the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.

  9. Was really hoping this was going to be an announcement for a "Regarding Henry" sequel we've all been wanting. Disappointed.

  10. "I don't know why I thanked them." Yeah me neither, you didn't earn your position by proving yourself to an audience. Thank your daddy.

  11. This nepotism ironically reminds me of that moment from Spider-Man when Norman offers to make some calls to help Peter's career but Peter rejects it, wanting to make it on his own.

  12. Really can’t understand any of the animosity for this announcement. 99% of the viewers probably didn’t even know Henry Abrams existed up until this point in time. J.J. loves his son enough to jumpstart his career working a spiderman comic, how many fathers reading this can say the exact same thing? Probably one of the proudest moves I’ve ever seen from a director helping their children along in my entire life.

  13. Honestly if they didn't pull the whole starting with 4 thing I might have read this but honestly with how shady they treated the announcement it's not worth my money

  14. Close your eyes and it sounds like the same person having a conversation with himself.. Their voices are almost exactly the same.

  15. I don’t believe there has ever been a face more hateable during the past 40+ thousand years of human existence than Henry’s…

  16. Golly gee shucks, I’m so nervous…and really layering on the humble pie routine.

    Hollywood, home of nepotism and Peter Principles.

  17. The Beverly Hills rich kid smirk is just too hard to look at… I'm not going to put a kid down, but can we stop with this nepotism and actually hire talented writers.

  18. Ahhh nepotism. This unqualified teenager gets to write a Spider-Man comic because he is an award winning writer? No, because his dad is a famous director who destroyed both Star Trek and Star Wars. Watch this become the worst selling Spidey comic in history.

  19. This is disgusting. Nepotism at its finest.
    The Popular "In-Crowd" Dipshits pull their strings once again to favour their family members into cool gigs.
    Might as well put people of ACTUAL talent in the project, rather than your own son.

  20. Well J.J i guess you we're so busy working on this comic book, that you forgot you had a movie coming in december,…you know the one that crashed and burned and destroyed the entire star wars saga ?!

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