Janelle gets mad at Jessie for Sunshine’s loss | Parasite Island (With Eng Subs)

Sunshine? Sunshine? Sunshine! Sunshine! Otap! Melba! Miggy! Melba! Lia! Sunshine! Sunshine! Sunshine! Sunshine! – Sunshine!
– Help! Help! Help! Hey! What’s wrong with you?! What– Are you okay, mister? Mister! – Mister.
– Run! – Are you alright?
– Hurry up! Don’t go near them. The people infected
by the pest. The pest? What do you mean? The devil is coming. The end is near. God has returned. Mister, I don’t
understand you. Where’s everyone?
My kid’s missing. Many have turned
into leech people. Leech people? Yes, leech- Jessie, get in the car. Hurry up, Jessie! Drive! Faster! What happened here? Why is it so quiet? Thank you, Janelle. But what is going on
with the people? Now Mister Mar has
become a leech person. Everything was fine
when I left your place. But now the infected
are all over El Cuerpo. Where’s Sunshine? Jessie, where’s Sunshine?
Why isn’t she with you? Janelle… Sunshine’s missing. Don’t worry. They can’t get in here. – Mommy!
– Don’t worry. We’re safe here. Quick! Let’s hide. We need to find her. Over here. Come on! Father. Jessie, why didn’t you
look after our daughter? She could be in danger now. I didn’t know
this would happen. – If I had, I would’ve–
– You didn’t know?! Of course you didn’t
because you passed out from being drunk again! You promised that
you’ll change, but you never do. I’ll look for her. I’ll search the
entire El Cuerpo. I won’t stop until
I find our child. I’ll never forgive you if
you don’t find her, Jessie.

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  2. May naalala ako dito na hollywood movie. Yung yung si Elijah Wood ang bida tsaka si Josh Harnet gantong-ganto din kwento 🙂

  3. Rick Grimes: Nagising mula sa pagkaka comatoes in the midst of the apocalypse
    Jessie; Nagising mula pagkakalasing in the midst of the apocalypse hahahaha

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