Jessie and Gary help each other find Sunshine | Parasite Island (With Eng Subs)

Ma! Ma! Grandma! – My grandchildren!
– Grandma! Are you okay? Are you all okay?
Are you hurt? Ma! Where did you find them? On the way to the mansion.
We saw them on the street. They were being attacked
by those zombies. Thankfully, we got
there in time. Didn’t I tell you? Since the two of you worked
together, you found them. Jessie. Jessie, Chito was here! He said Sunshine was with Father
Lorenzo and his sacristans. Sunshine! – Sunshine!
– Sunshine! Sunshine! Sunshine! It’s full of leeches.
Those zombies were here. Where’s my daughter!? You haven’t changed. You throw a tantrum every time
something bad happens. You’re still a spoiled brat. What? Do you want to fight? Or do you want to look
for your daughter? Please, stop! No! Please! Run! Take the children
with you! Keep them safe! Mommy! Hey, Sunshine.
It was a nightmare. The zombies are after us! We’re safe here.
We’re with Father Lorenzo. – Crispin, Sunshine.
– Father! – Father.
– Why did you leave us? I didn’t leave you. I just looked for
something to eat. Daddy. We need to get
out of here. It’s dangerous. Father, where
do we go now? We need to find
your families. They’re worried about you. Sir. Men, take five. Sir. Colonel Salvacion. I heard you’re upset that
you’re not included in the Batanes operation
with the President? Why, Sir? Well, the President
wanted to leave early and that was his order. – Is that a problem?
– No, Sir. Good. I wish we could call
Warren in Manila. We could have asked the
government for help. We could have asked the
government for help. We can’t stay here for long. – We need to leave.
– Gary. Thanks for helping out. I’m not doing this for you. I’m doing this for my
niece and for Janelle. She’s been worried about
Sunshine since last night. Father! Father! – Run! Crispin! Sunshine!
– Father! – No!
– Just go!- No! Father! Run! – Sunshine! Run! Now!
– Father! Father! Father Lorenzo? Father. Father, were you
with Sunshine? I asked them to leave.
They need to escape. It’s only been an hour. They couldn’t
have gone far. What?! Why did you let them go?
They’re in danger– They’ll be more in
danger with me! The leech people found us! I held them off to
save the kids! Leave now!
I’m infected! Father– Father! Gary, that’s enough! You killed him! Why did you do that?! We’d be dead
if I didn’t kill him! But that’s Father, Gary! – You didn’t have to kill him!
– Jessie, look at him! That’s not Father anymore! He’s a monster now. What if the monsters
ate Father? That’s why he told us
to run, right? So that we’ll be safe. What are we going to
do now, Crispin? I’m scared. Let’s find your family. What about you?
Where’s your family? Let’s look for them too. I lost my family.
They’re already dead. Father Lorenzo
was my only family. Let’s pray for him. Father sacrificed his own life
to let Sunshine escape. It’s been an hour
since he got infected, but he didn’t transform
right away. That means, an infected person
has an hour before he turns
into a leech person. But that’s more
dangerous because you wouldn’t know
you’re infected until an hour has passed. Where did those leeches
come from anyway? Are they mutants or aliens?

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