Jessie finds a way to bring back his family back together | Parasite Island (With Eng Subs)

Requesting a team
to stand-by. There’s a hostage taking
incident along Apacible Street. Team Delta on the way. – Clear the way!
– Civilians, clear the area! – Over here!
– Move! Move! Evacuate the building! Hurry! Sir! We’re the unit from Life Link
Miss Alvarez requested. How’s the situation? The hostage taker
is still inside, but he’s already talking
to the negotiator. Okay. We’ll be on stand-by. Let’s move over here. Today’s going to be exciting! Send all of your men away
or I’ll shoot this man! Men, fall back! Get that van over here! Now, get off! Move away form the van! Drive! Surround them! Take cover! Get him! Medic! Get the stretcher! Check his pulse! He doesn’t have a pulse!
Prepare for CPR! One, two three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten! One, two, three, four, five– Sir, stay with us! Eight, nine, ten! Sir! The hostage taking incident
in Quezon City has ended. The hostage, Mr. Ben Reyes,
was shot once. But he received immediate
medical attention from the paramedics from
Life Link Medical Services. Mommy, look! It’s Daddy! He’s amazing! He’s really good, dear. I’m sure you’ll be as good
as him when you grow up. Even if he’s not
wearing a costume, he still looks like a superhero! Mommy, if you really think
Daddy’s a good person, why did you leave him? Ma’am Daria, isn’t
that Kuya Jessie? Ma’am Daria, isn’t
that Kuya Jessie? Ma’am, you’re so lucky
with your sons. They are all amazing! It’s an ordinary day for these
emergency responders… You two are just like
your parents. God bless their soul. They always tell me that
I’m lucky with my sons. Because it’s the truth. But aside from my own children, I’m also lucky that I have you. I’m so lucky to have you two. And we’re also lucky
to have you. You know, Jessie is
such a good person, though he was a handful
when he was young. And when their father died, no one could control him! I’m just glad that even though he didn’t finish
taking up medicine, he found a job that
he truly loves. And he gets to help
a lot of people. That’s right. One last shot for
the famous hero! What do you mean last shot? You won’t leave until we’ve
finished the whole bottle. This is why your life’s a mess.
You don’t know when to quit! Unbelievable. You know, I’m just making
the most out of it now, because tomorrow… I’m planning to quit drinking. Really? Yeah, really. I want to prove to myself
that I can change. I will do anything to
fix my family again Let’s drink to that! – I can’t drink anymore.
– Don’t say that. We’ll just finish this bottle.

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