Jessie gets shocked after bumping into human slugs | Parasite Island (With Eng Subs)

Mario, thank you so much. It means so much to my family
to have a place to stay in. No problem, sir. In times like these, we
all need to lend a hand. Thanks. Melba. Does your wound hurt? Melba, are you okay? Don’t worry, Gary.
It’s not that bad. What? Your wound
might have gotten infected. We need to go to Manila now. I think so too. Ma’am Daria’s running
out of medicine. Warren. How’s Princess? Warren…. …sorry. Warren, don’t you have
satellite phones? Why don’t we make
a call to Manila and request for a
rescue team to help us? I checked the
satellite phones and they’re all broken. I can’t make a call to Manila. We need to come up
with another way, then. Sir, they’re from El Cuerpo. Sir, please help us.
We’re from El Cuerpo and we were attacked
by leech people. Leech people? We already sent two
rescue teams to El Cuerpo, but none of them
have returned. The leech people must have
killed them too, sir. Lots of people have
died in El Cuerpo, while some turned
into leech people. Please, help us, sir. Just think about our families. We need a car to reach
the port much faster. We also need to find any
means of communication so we could ask help
from the nearest camp. That’s right, Warren. But most importantly, we need to
bring El Cuerpo back to normal. Mommy, where did they go? They went to the port
to look for a boat that we can use
going to Manila. We’re going to
ride a boat again? Mommy, I don’t
want that anymore Why, dear? Because bad things
might happen again. The leech people might
come after us again. Don’t worry, Sunshine. The leech people are gone. We’re all safe now. You know, I’m grateful
that we’re safe, but I can’t help but feel sad because of all the
lives that were lost. The people in our village,
friends and families. But we need to pull
through and be strong. Your mommy would want the
same thing for you, Princess. To move on and have
a successful life. We’re almost at the port. I hope we find a boat there
even if it’s damaged. Let’s just work together
and fix it. Sir, I used to accompany my
father who was an oarsman. That’s why I somewhat
know how to fix boats. That’s great. How did this happen? – How come they’re still alive?
– Could Queenie still be alive? We need to go back now and
save Mom and the rest. Alright. Let’s go. Warren! Let’s go! Let’s go. Janelle, do you think the food
we have will be enough? I don’t know, Lia. We’ll just have to endure
our hunger. Getting out of this island
is more important. Sunshine, call your grandmother. Grandma, let’s go.
We’re already leaving. Give me a second,
I’m just finishing this up. – There’s a leech person
– Run!

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