Jim Mattis Reveals Trump HORROR Stories

>>I did as well as I could for as long as
I could, Mattis writes in an excerpt from his new book Call Sign Chaos.>>That is Jim Mattis’s upcoming book, and
there has been an excerpt of that book published in The Wall Street Journal. And in it, we get a clear idea of how Mattis
really felt working for the Trump administration, something he didn’t plan on doing, something
he was surprised by what he was called on Trump, and nominated by him. And what’s fascinating is how even after everything
went down, Mattis is still avoiding attacking Trump specifically by naming him. So I’m gonna read you some of the excerpts
that stood out to me the most. But before I do so, I do think it’s important
to give you a sense of how The Atlantic covered this story. Because they have a little more insight into
the way Mattis really felt about Trump. Mattis often seemed burdened in his role. His aides and friends say he found the president
to be of limited cognitive ability, and of generally dubious character.>>So they interviewed Mattis. That’s why they have more insight into it.>>Right.>>And they also obviously talked to his friends
and allies. And so Mattis, I’m actually frustrated by
it, he writes a whole book and says, well, I’m not gonna really tell you what I think. He says he still has, quote, a duty of silence. And he said, there is a period in which I
owe my silence. It’s not eternal, it’s not going to be forever. Dude, what difference does it make after Trump’s
out of office? Your duty is to the country.>>Right.>>And it’s to tell the truth right now. If you know the president is of dubious character
and limited cognitive ability, we should know that before we decide whether to give him
another four years as President of the United States.>>I mean, we’ve decided.>>No, but look, we have, but the country
hasn’t. And so his former Defense Secretary telling
us what he actually knows would be incredibly relevant. If you think, well that would make it political,
the whole world is political. And keeping the information from the American
public is also a political decision. You know it, you should share it before we
in a democracy make up our mind about who to lead us, but all that notwithstanding,
it’s fairly clear from what he says. So let’s take a look at it and then, I wish
he would give more details though.>>Sure, so first a few more mentions from
The Atlantic that I think are important. Mattis and Tillerson had together smothered
some of Trump’s more extreme and imprudent ideas. But now Mattis was operating without cover. Trump was turning on him publicly. Two months earlier, he had speculated that
Mattis might be a Democrat. He’s not, trust me. And said in reference to NATO, I think I know
more about it than he does. So this is kind of setting the stage for the
deterioration of the relationship between Trump and Mattis. Also, Mattis made his case for keeping troops
in Syria. Trump rejected his arguments. 30 minutes into the conversation, Mattis told
the president, quote, you’re going to have to get the next secretary of defense to lose
to ISIS. I’m not going to do it. He handed Trump his resignation letter, a
letter that would soon become one of the most famous documents of the Trump Presidency thus
far. We covered that story when it broke. Also, nations with allies thrive, Jim Mattis
writes, in the excerpt of his book. Nations with allies rise, and those without
them wither. Alone, America cannot protect our people and
our economy. At this time, we can see storm clouds gathering. A polemicist’s role is not sufficient for
a leader. A leader must display strategic acumen that
incorporates respect for those nations that have stood with us when trouble loomed. I mean, he’s calling him a polemicist.>>Obviously, I mean he’s saying that he doesn’t
have acumen. That means he’s not smart. Now luckily, Trump is dumb enough that he
won’t understand that paragraph. So he won’t read it and he won’t understand
it. So it’ll be fine. So look, Mattis being a Democrat, hilarious. First of all, one of the reasons he left is
because he wanted to stay in Syria longer. Progressives don’t wanna stay in Syria longer,
and his idea is a perpetual war. So I don’t agree with Mattis substantively
or strategically. And let’s also note for the record, as he’s
being lionized now by the anti-Trump forces, which is significant in the media, that Mattis
also only turned on Trump when Trump turned on him.>>100%, yes.>>And so, I mean, he was a good soldier,
if you will, before Trump started publicly insulting him. So and then he left and now he writes this
half measure book.>>Yes.>>Look, having read some of the book, the
excerpts that have been released so far. I get it that Mattis is a fairly principled
guy, strategic, and he is not a person of low character like Donald Trump. And he is clearly smart, so he has upsides,
but no one else will talk about his downsides and we’ve got to give you a fuller picture. Now, having said that, who is right and wrong
between Mattis and Trump? Only blinded MAGA guys would dispute that
Mattis is correct.>>Right, look, I think the thing that’s frustrating
about all of this is the reasons that you mentioned earlier. I mean, the fact that he’s being lionized
now, the fact that he’s being applauded for doing this half measure and calling Trump
out a little bit. But at the same time, I mean, Trump is the
lowest bar, right?>>Yeah.>>So anyone who’s having a debate and they’re
saying, well, Mattis is better than Trump. Well, yeah, most people are better than Trump,
right? Most people that we’ve disagreed with politically
for years are better than Trump. But in a way, when it comes to people like
Mattis, when it comes to members of Trump’s administration right now, they’re worse in
that they have absolutely no courage. And don’t understand the importance of their
role, right? And how this country is supposed to be governed. How there are supposed to be certain protections
against an authoritarian character like Donald Trump. I mean, he was supposed to challenge Trump
from within the administration. Yes, Trump wants to surround himself with
yes-men, and he will turn on you the second you don’t give him anything and everything
he wants. But at the same time, you’re right, in that
he didn’t turn on Trump until Trump publicly turned on him. And it’s interesting because Trump turned
on him over the issue of Syria, which is what we actually agreed with Trump on.>>Yeah, and so, he says in the book, Mattis
does, our own commons seems to be breaking apart. And he talks about our internal divisiveness
and then says this. All Americans need to recognize that our democracy
is an experiment and one that can be reversed. We all know that we’re better than our current
politics. Tribalism must not be allowed to destroy our
experiment. Yeah, okay, well, then say it, man. He’s clearly saying that Trump is dividing
us and ripping us apart, and that our democracy is in danger. He’s clearly saying that to people who are
smart enough to understand that. But remember, most MAGA guys and low information
voters are not gonna read all of Mattis’s book. They’re not even gonna read an excerpt in
the Wall Street Journal and get to the 28th paragraph. And they’re not going to take a sentence like
that, that any smart person knows what he intends, and understand it. You have to actually say the words, Trump
is breaking us apart, Trump is dividing this country and I’m worried Trump might end democracy. If Mattis said that instead of this sophisticated
sentence, it would be national news everywhere. It would be headlines all across the world,
and people will go, whoa, his former Defense Secretary saying that Trump might end democracy. So just, goddammit, be clear, you owe a duty
to the Constitution, to the country. If you think that our democracy’s in peril,
which what you wrote, then you owe a duty to this country to say it more clearly.>>Couldn’t agree more, and just remember,
there are people still serving for Trump who will do these leaks. They’ll go talk to the press and talk about
how concerned and worried they are. You’ll have someone publish an anonymous op-ed
in the New York Times, talking about how there are adults in the room who are keeping an
eye on Trump. But no one is really coming out publicly and
calling it what it is. And Mattis talks about tribalism. But that tribalism is perpetuated by people
like him who protect the President and refuse to really call him out and do what’s necessary. Maybe even work with Democrats to get him
out of office, to impeach him.>>Or work with Republicans in a primary,
I don’t care.>>Right.>>And so, look, last thing on this is that
I now totally get why fascism wins. When I was younger and I used to visit museums,
and I saw the Holocaust Museum, etc., Museum of Tolerance here in LA. I couldn’t believe it, how could they not
see it, how could they not see it? Cuz it creeps up on you. And then there’s the bureaucrats, and the
bureaucrats just go along and go, I’m not gonna say whether our democracy is in peril,
or when we have trouble, and tribalism. And then the bully comes, and then he steamrolls
everybody! And Mueller comes and goes, well you know
my remit and my purview was the election. Even though the giant Russian business ties
are staring me in the face, since it was not in the letter of my mandate, I did not look
into it. And I’m just gonna repeat what my report says
in very carefully worded language. These bureaucrats are getting steamrolled! Cuz there’s not used to dealing with a fascist! So Mattis, you talk about in your book, how
a Marine is supposed to adjust. You don’t just go into the battlefield with
the plan you have. Once you hit the battlefield, you’re supposed
to adjust. And he says it even in more eloquent terms,
right? Well, you gotta adjust right now! So, yeah, you like the Republicans, you like
perpetual war, I get it. We disagree on that, right? And you say, well, if I liked the Republicans
and I served a president, the old code is, I don’t say anything about the president. But we’re in a time where you think the president
might end democracy. So you’ve got to adjust. And you’ve gotta be clearer. And so right now, it’s a small little story
that intellectuals go, hey, look at that. Can you believe that?>>Right.>>And everyone else ignores. If you want the message to be heard, you’ve
got to be loud and clear and a Marine should know that.

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100 thoughts on “Jim Mattis Reveals Trump HORROR Stories

  1. To bring much needed focus to the pivotal issue of climate change, TYT is raising funds to host a Climate Change Town Hall. http://tyt.com/townhall

  2. At about 7:46…I can agree on quite a bit but, what you are saying at this point is that American people are too lazy or too unsophisticated or too dumb to read a book written by a man who knows how to use language to get his message across, without name calling and becoming accusatory. Are the American people so stupid that they HAVE TO BE TOLD, rather than read for themselves what Mattiss has to say and make up their own mind? Giving the public the "digest" versions of everything is like using Twitter; it's only for the most unsophisticated and mentally lazy (if not dumb) and is underestimating people's brain power. Don't do that. Not if you don't want to breed another president like this one.

  3. Trump was determined to turn Syria over to Putin. So troops were withdrawn. Now you see Assad bombing the hell out of his own citizens with no condemnation from Trump.

  4. The real question is: how long before Trump promotes this book on Twitter? One thing I've got to admire is how this president mentions books critical of him in his Twitter feed (as well as the hagiographic ones) 😉

  5. HE said that HE IS A DEMON in charge SATAN is his real name the LIE is the truth if you say it enuf. HE IS SATAN THE DEVIL IN THE FLESH AND BLOOD. TRUMP I am knot joking this is knot fake news.

  6. So, essentially Mattis says Trump is stupid and corrupt. There's no news in that. Why would anyone buy his lame, cowardly book? Face facts, TYT – the problem is not that many Americans don't comprehend that Trump is a fascist who wants to overthrow democracy – the problem is that almost half of Americans are fascists.

  7. Ana looking gorgeous as ever BUT I'm having trouble with her top. I'm trying resolve the pattern while she puts forward her arguments. Very distracting but who cares. She's still my BFF.

  8. I think you all might be missing the possibility that the MAGA people might not object to our democracy failing, because they believe they’re going to come out on top, and especially if it means sticking it to those “other people”.

  9. Mattis and any other cabinet member have signed a Confidentiality Agreement baring them from speaking publicly about this administration. Don't know the specifics of the Agreement, but I'll venture to guess that they cannot talk until he is out.

  10. Mattis and American Generals will be COWARDS IF they alowd ..what will happen for sure..Thst Dark Money and manipulation from KGB..IZRAEL..SAUDI ARABIA MONEY put again this Imbecile on the top…Than ..he is Going to change Constitution..thw law..and make DICTATORSHIP…about What Many White Americans Dreaming for long…Genocide will happen IF MILITERRY DO NOT ACT..but they Just Might to join to Tiranny..TO SURVIVE…We will see..BUT AMERICANS IN GENERAL BECAME COWARDS

  11. 7:45
    Imo he is purposely trying to say it to the people at the top of institutions while attempting to code it in a way where the average MAGA supporter wont understand it and wont start up their campaign against him.

  12. You build your foundation on rock, not sand,how many people have rebuilt their house waiting on another storm to destroy it. I have a feeling my great grandfather's brought us to the foothills of the mountains in SE Ohio for more reasons than coal. I treasure the Wayne National Forest. I respect and don't litter,ride the ATV trails before they were designated trails,rode horses for.7 years with my daughters and deceased wife. I was born on this foothill on my doctor's birthday.A small town with a huge cross dedicated to a man's wife overlooks the town. I wonder when someone will decide the cross is offensive.

  13. Too bad Mattis didn't say these things PUBLICLY when he had the chance. Easy enough to say stuff now. How could this man face enemies in combat, but not face down a clearly DEFECTIVE president.

  14. Once again, Cenk, you get to the essentials of the story and interpret them for us along with your suggestions about how things can be made better.

  15. Putin ordered Trump to start the trade war. These are the two countries that are stronger than Russia. The only way for Russia to emerge as the strongest country is to have these two countries destroy each other.

  16. Man, you guys at the TYT can't give anyone credit for doing anything right. You're the type of people that take a foot when someone gives you an inch. Be happy he's speaking out because he could just as well have said nothing at all.

  17. Agreed. The intellectual prose must be translated into emotional sound bytes because it’s about how those folks feel, THATS what they understand.

  18. So we're going to trust some warmonger.

    You see I talked to Bolton, an he tells me Iran have Nukes and will attack us so i think he wants peace. as he is just as trust worthy as Chunk's sources…. but hey anything to attack BAD orange man huh?

  19. Nonsense. Mattis failed his duty to our Country. Mattis should have worked for the US instead of collapsing and giving up. Trump’s an obvious loon and is endangering our country and the world. Trump needed to go. Mattis should have made sure trump was removed.

  20. You should read your comments sometimes TYT to see the minds of morons that follow your channel calling General Mattis a traitor. General Mattis has done more to better this country with his service as a leader of Marines than all of them combined I'd bet.

    With the 16+MILLION CA votes counted illegally(dead voters or dual votes) for HRC, Trump ALSO won the popular vote!! Chew on that Young Turds!
    Swirling around the bowl, the Turd is about to disappear, the MSM=enemy of the people!

  22. I agree with TYT staff – save this country, General Mattis! Tell the investigating bodies in the House what you know about this man who may destroy this country!

  23. Cenk, you are spot on!!!!!!  He owes it to this nation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Without honesty, he is no hero in my book.  None of them are.

  24. If you were a military Retiree you wouldn't be surprised at GEN MATTIS' reticence. He is still bound by the UCMJ and Trump is the Commander-in-Chief.

  25. Kudos to TYT…. you made the point here…. so true: Mattis as much as Mueller, both are so academic in their statements that it's all dissipating in hot air…. one has to be loud and clear and unambiguous when it comes to fascists like Trump or else the country gets steamed over…. it is of no use to find a solution…. but Mueller, as well as Mattis, do have a responsibility toward the country and its people. Both are very honorable, no question, but are much in line with what they consider duty. This understanding and code of honor clashes with what is really required: to call a spade a spade.

  26. since you turks have never served and dont have guts to serve you should stfu. i have assholes and we dont trash the cac dem or repub. the problem with being at war for 17 years is some of the senior officers tend to think they know whats best for the whole country . the problem is they dont know governing a civilian population and running a military where people follow orders is way different . so cenk join the military or shut your ass. or go join the turkish military putz.

  27. I had a lot of respect for Mattis as commandant of the Marine Corps. I really thought he was serving the country even if under a turd like Trump. But he really has no balls. John Kelly on the other hand I really think is just a right wing dirt bag eunuch. Very much on board with the immigrant bashing etc of Trump.

  28. You guys can keep spinning all you want. But you favorite congresswoman isn't going to be planning any trips to her homeland anytime soon. Remember, her word doesn't carry much weight in her beloved Sharia Law. They'll have their wheelbarrows full before she even gets off the plane.

  29. "Mad Dog" Mattis is "acting" on behalf of the American People…? Is this the Comedy channel, or is everyone in the ex-Drumpf administration delusional?
    I thought so.

  30. There are a lot of unfortunate comments here regarding Gen. Mattis and his perceived cowardice. What many people undoubtedly do not realize is that as a military retiree he is under the jurisdiction of the Uniform Code of Military Justice or U.C.M.J. which dictates there are things he cannot say or do without fear of prosecution- see Articles 2 and 88. Depending on the various branches of service there are other regulations which can further affect a military retiree's words and actions. As a military veteran who is not drawing a government paycheck, I am free to say anything I want to. Someone who is retired does not have the same latitude.

  31. A military industrial complex officer having no part in the election process says a lot. Says a lot to real veterans; says a lot to real patriots. Just another bad pick ;sucking off the teet; afraid for his carrot on the stick; the pention. Having Mattis lead the way from behind in another concocted war; his mess cooks would kill him with iron spoons. Think of where the intell comes from and how these pavlovs dogs react. No weapons of mass destruction. No gas attacks perpetrated by the head of Syria. The rothschilds have their sites set on Syria through mad dogs. Shelters where the dogs are housed are being exposed.

  32. Why do people like you always want officials to commit mutiny??
    Can't things be done in the proper manner?
    Why always in the most rebellious way?
    Why anarchy?

  33. Dems & Progressives just go OUT AND vote in Nov 2020!! Getting riled up about Trump does no good if you don't vote next yr!!

    Vote Blue no matter who don't get upset if the candidate is Sanders or Warren just vote Blue. If you don't vote Blue Trump wins again!!!

  34. No. Mattis completely supported and defended the guy. He only left because he couldn’t get the defense budget that he wanted to pass.


  36. Mattis specifically and forcefully denied your quote about Trump's cognitive ability and dubious character in a PBS interview. He also said he would not tolerate a subordinate who said such a thing. So TYT lied again. How much money do the corporate media and warmongers pay you?

  37. Mattis knew the score with trump and made a no brainer decision to resign from his insane administration, how much more can this country bear under no leadership of this idiot?

  38. Vilenverekdurikasodatnojchutokmioderenvarnojjokfrafenkanzlepakigdattrumdekvatvilenverektickenkkvilstopchdektrumachertokmivarverekromalistvilenvar

  39. What's that old saying about evil triumphing when good men do nothing? James Mattis IS a good man doing almost nothing! And he wants to sell a book in the bargain. Thanks for nothing, Jim.

  40. Marines swear an oath to the Constitution-not a person and to obey the President.The oath doesn't say anything about the people or even the land the country is made up of.
    That being said, this is like someone saying "I got a secret" and sitting back all coy like just to agitate everyone. The book seems like literal click bait. Covfefe-fi "Incoherently faithful"

  41. Smears of fecal matter like Mattis have contaminated the concept of patriotism. Either that or it is a bold face lie to call him a patriot. In that case, he would just be a smear of fecal matter. A pile of shit would at least be useful as fertilizer, but he’s nowhere near that useful.

  42. What if Trump ends democracy? What are we going to do to stop him? Oh yeah nothing. Just more complaining about politicians to do something. This is the reason why you cant slowly try to get rid of the 2nd amendment.

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  44. Scent of Fecal Matter and Ana Gaspacho are still at it?…..you LOST and you are going to LOOSE AGAIN !….the Fake Turds is your real name !

  45. Too dense to see that him NOT REVEALING Trump is crazy, compromised, evil, or anything of the sort, IS the ACTUAL statement….

  46. It's like America has transformed into the Supertramp album "Breakfast in America". Every track on that album is another piece of the American puzzle that it has become. To paraphrase the title track, "…Take a look at my President, He's the only one I got, Not much of a President, I never seem to get a lot…". The parallels only grow and become more obvious the further you delve into the track list, the tracks and their lyrics, themselves. Never has the gulf between the idea of America and the America that we live in been so large since the "Gilded Era", if not ever, period. Goodbye stranger, it's been nice…

  47. Absolutely! Let go!!! Tell us now!!!

    If he’s so smart, how’d he get duped by a dropout at Theranos?

    Guaranteed…he’d never agree to an interview with these folks!

  48. Mattis otoh being a lovely gentle completely innocent soul who is not 100x worse than donald trump. Lets remember, this is the guy that directly ordered the Mukaradeeb massacre. Do forgive me if I don't take his moralistic whining too seriously.

  49. Haha ,right and real Americans are going to believe what ever twisted lie this rotten channel spews out. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT THIS CHANNEL HAS BEEN PROVEN TO BE LIARS TIME AND TIME AGAIN.

  50. [email protected]#%ING COWARDS!!!
    Especially Robert Mueller.
    These guys served in combat, and were awarded bravery commendations.
    But they can't stand up and speak clearly about a chump that did not serve and
    is in their opinions a threat to the nation????

    Something taken from postings all around NYC after September 11th.
    DAMN IT!!!

  51. Alright…. CLICK BAITERS…. where exactly are the "Trump HORROR Stories" revealed?! I play the vid, and immediately hear that Mattis barely reveals anything, and at the end, Cenk is urging J Mattis to reveal more for the sake of the next election.
    I am a fan, but hate being manipulated. I would have watched it anyway, with a truthful label…. and NOT be resentful.

  52. Typical military coward, do nothing when you have the power to be inconvenient and disruptive and wait until youre a civilian to start ranting about the dangers to democracy – when you were more than happy to serve the machine destroying that democracy.

  53. The man is an utter hypocrite, he was doing more to destroy our democracy long before Trump was ever in power and the fact that he thinks we should have stayed in Syria only proves how worthless human life is to him.

    The military is well rid of him and civilians shouldnt bother with his garbage.

  54. Did anyone ask him who wrote the NYT op-ed. Maybe he will tell us closer to the election. He maybe waiting to see what dem gets nomination.

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