Joe: We Heard Mick Mulvaney The First Time | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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61 thoughts on “Joe: We Heard Mick Mulvaney The First Time | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. You People Twisted His Words Just Like Every Thing Else…Anything To Hurt The President…They Still Have Not Got Over 2016…Go Trump 2020.

  2. there are more jobs than workers and no one reflects on the fact that fewer people want to drive a truck, less people are inclined to teach, since it pays so little, many jobs now require a degree, which means going into debt or have tour parents mortgage their home so now you have debt instead of equity…but you have a job ?

  3. And we read the call transcript, something that Joe and the rest of the Stalinist media thinks we haven't read, because it supports President Trump.


    This was always the marketing plan of the 1% owned GOP. Push the conspiracy against the Democratic Front Runner. I'm sure they have their Advertising & Marketing Teams working on plans, just incase Warren or Sanders win. But now that the truth of their attempt to get the Ukrainian President to create a B.S. investigation of Biden, irrelevant of truth. They have no fallback plan, so have no choice but to push their B.S. Reality TV Show! Understand your Idol god drumpf's coming distraction! Start a war, declare martial law and suspend elections… You should watch the whole thing, but at least start it at 8:23 , you see the start of phase 2; this is where we are today.

  5. Doral 500 sanitation fines for for TRUMPS DORAL IN MIAMI. This is on top of the court case re BEDBUG BITES from Doral, thats in the court system as we speak.

  6. I think Mulvaney realized he was gonna be a scapegoat and thrown under the bus and tried to get out in front of it. He wants to either help or at least get himself out of trouble but just doesn’t have a good avenue to do so so this is what we got from him.

  7. 7:09 you call always tell a snake because there are times they can't keep their tongues hidden…..(watch when he says "the aid")

  8. Evil people always protect Evil doers! I don't hate these people because that would make me no better than them but I do have a disgust for what they're about; Hate, Racism and Greed… Pure Evil politicians with no souls… If you support this then please don't call yourself a Christian because you're not fooling God… God will hold them to account.

  9. Removing all of those guilty, leaves Pelosi as the next in succession who’s not a criminal. #fakepotus #pelosi2019

  10. Hey, Mick, It was horrible knowing you, but bye bye. I'll come visit you under the bus after POS POTUS puts you there. Lots a luck

  11. Mulvaney reminds me of Martin Short's cigarette smoking nervous oil industry guy getting grilled and sweaty. He oozes guilt.

  12. How did the DNC server get transported to the Ukraine? Some say a B2 bomber was used, others say it was a nuclear submarine, still others think it was flying saucers. But the most likely method was astral teleportation.

  13. Mulvaney was always an awful human he fits with trump perfect. But so was Bush jr who this lady worked for. Bush was as bad a man to ever be president. Its so funny listening to these life long republicans acting like its just Trump who turned your party into these criminals. You all created the fervent uneducated hateful masses that elected trump and still support him.

  14. That’s funny, Mick, the DOJ denied any part in your suggesting they were involved in the investigation you referred to.

  15. Rat infested😕..bedbug infested…flying insects in the kitchen…POTUS had the nerve to talk about Baltimore…Now that's gross

  16. No, the fact that he is willing to do anything makes him more marketable in Washington. Especially to the reds…Isn't that why the two of you have a show?

  17. Hunter Biden was working a job that had nothing to do with his father, did Hunter Biden say "I am going to work for this corrupt company in Ukraine" no he did not…..many years ago I was working in food service at a government facility but unbeknownst to any of us there was extortion going on, money was being funneled from the several food service facilities on that government depot. The woman who these crooks conned into signing all the checks to vendors and the like was actually caught up in the fraud and had to pay back 73,000 dollars or go to prison…..does trump and his cronies think their corruption and fraud won't catch up to them? It will and they will pay for it big time……if trump is unstable as some of the republicans are saying he should have the 25th Amendment used against him, we are talking about saving a whole nation from corruption, fraud, and a cover-up plus OUR national security. Why should these few corrupt men and women be allowed to carry out these crimes without repercussions? they shouldn't….Impeach Indict Jail trump! SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND THE REST OF THE WORLD FROM trump!

  18. Summary of phone call between Trump and Zelinsky never mentions the word "corruption". Mulvaney is engaging in brazen gaslighting.

  19. Heres a play for the baseball scorecard: Giuliana to Lev to Igor to Dimetri Firtasch-From high profile mayor to Russian organized crime. The best part is that there appears to be some other Trumpworld "big brains" ensnared such as the Energy Secretary and Secretary of State. Makes you wonder if the shadow Secretary of State (Kushner) got to act in the play.

  20. It's useless to talk to repugnants, they are so dispicable with their lies after lies after lies, jesus, how they continue to lie! It makes a person want to hurt them so they could stop!

  21. Now There's New Information About The Situation Within 45 Administration That Corruption Just Keeps On Escalating. He Said He Didn't Know Those People Yet They're Instagram Photos And Messages. Yet They're The Ones Who Talk About Corruption. Give Me A Joke. I'm Lmao

  22. I don't understand these people who are working for Trump. They're ruining their reputation for this man, and they don't have to do it. They're being loyal to a man who will throw them under the bus if he gets the chance. Which is exactly what he will do them in the end.

  23. Wasn't Mick the one who throw an old lady out of her home due to not paying less than $1? How could you think highly of this scammer?

  24. At this point don't blame Trump at all, He knows very well what he has got away with no consequence, every body screams and yells just for 2 days then he feeds us another story just in time and off we go …

  25. Good thing that the G7 won't be held at Trump's bug infested resort not only bed bugs put real bugs would probably be put in the rooms too 😉

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