Joker vs Parasite BREAKDOWN

So this is really one of two videos…

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70 thoughts on “Joker vs Parasite BREAKDOWN

  1. I have to disagree; I have seen both the movie and comparing these 2 movies dilutes the originality which each movie has. I found Joker to be a very good movie and Parasite to be a very good movie too. But Parasite had much more to say than Joker and was a more nuanced movie (outside Phoneix's Performance) than Joker. Parasite has more impact as a movie.

  2. There was this one (unclear) murder in Joker that to me might be the most important to the overall understanding of the story:Sophia Dumond. Whether of not this murder happened entirely change my interpretation of this movie's message.If indeed Arthur did kill her then yeah this movie is a disturbing warning about what may end up if society doenst change its course,but if it did not happen then its a disguised "eat the rich" propaganda

  3. Grace, i like you… I remembered when you just ask people about Avatar outside of Cinema.. i love your personality ( you always looks adorable)

  4. I'm both, its outstanding how both films talk to me as any other has ever done, on the same year, as any movies has done before, aside from brazilian movies which I do adore. Amazing video, Grace!!

  5. Joker is inferior it's not even close. Joker is Scorsese ripoff that's not even half as good as what it's trying to copy.

  6. People out here fighting for oscar between joker and parasite wait till the oscars comes and the winner would be some movie you haven't heard in your lifetime.

  7. This is a massive injustice as parasite is the better off the two and joker been a DC property and part of the batman universe has basically cashed in on it and proves that if the movie was based in new York and had no tie to joker then it would have flopped and grace we all know your a Joker your always pro WB/DC

  8. Hello Grace. Love your insightful videos. You called out Bong Joon Ho's trashing of "The Sound Of Music". What is your opinion on Scorcese's comments about the MCU not being real cinema and Coppola's saying the MCU films are despicable?  I even doubt they saw the movies so they don't really understand that all the spectacle is just icing on the cake that is the 10-year emotional journey we have all taken. Furthermore, you don't become the highest grossing movie of all time by only appealing to a small group of nerds (which I proudly belong to). Keep up the great videos. Thanks. Danny

  9. “If I’m going to have to pick the better movie, I prefer it to be multiple choice!”
    – JOKER

    Love both films!

  10. i cant wait for Joker to come out on DVD, i literally cant wait to watch it multiple times on my own where i feel like i can react. also really wanna watch my fav scenes over and over again xD

  11. Just be honest and say that you think Joker is a better movie than Parasite and you are salty that parasite is getting more praise and will most likely win more awards — DESERVEDLY SO.

  12. Only reason we are fighting over these two film(which is basically similar) is because some assholes doesn't want us to recognize the "real problem" that was mentioned in both Parasite and Joker.

  13. both movies are extremely clever and thrilling and funny (parasite is hilarious), but in the end i need to watch a happy movie after either of them.

  14. At first, I didn't get the connection to these two films, but I do see what you're getting at. Crazy how both of these movies are similar. Even while I was watching Parasite I was subconsciously reminded of Joker. I didn't realize that until I saw this video. Very perceptive of you

  15. With all due respect, I think you totally are stretching to compare the two. Mr. Kim is NOT the protagonist of his film, while Arthur is clearly meant to be. And Parasite decidedly does NOT make the argument that Mr. Park got what he deserved. And while Parasite's ending is sad to be sure, it isn't hopeless at all

  16. The Joker wished it was as clever and smart as Parasite. Don't even try comparing a masterpiece like Parasite to nonsense like the Joker movie.

  17. Class is not the problem, the articfial systems created to control your perception of reality are the fundamental issue. Organized religion, government, educational systems, and work environments all have the same structures, implementations of rules and limitations, and punishments. All seek the same eventuality, destruction of individuality to create a homogeneous environment of conformity that is maintained by offering you the illusion of something you didn't need nor want to dictate your actions and lack of via a preset mold.

    The one that controls perception controls reality. Those who do not control themselves are controlled by themselves. The main pillars of human societies are delusion, self-deception, and denial so you consume yourself from within. The majority only know the idea of things they indulge and not the actuality of it.

  18. I watched Parasite last night and it was sooo shocking…. Omg… I didn't even expect this……. Omgg….u should rly go watch it.
    Joker was really fun to watch too but it was within my predictions. I really loved watching The Joker because Joaquin Phoenix acting was just marvelous! I like both movies but the movie making mastery in The Parasite was far more superior.

  19. 1) Parasite is more about the within-class conflicts than the between-class clash…. and the between-class clash is only realized and confronted in the heat of passion at the very end. Throughout the movie, it tells you how lower class people want to assimilate to the upper class people and believe the upper class is the good. It gets only overturned by sudden realization.

    2) The talk show murder on Joker is a malice aforethought. This kind of between-class clash is a cliché like Bong’s Snow Piercer. The thing is, in real life, people don’t often realize the classism and they would rather want to belong to the upper class, and try hard for it.

  20. What a load of bullshit! That some people become richer doesn't mean the rest have to become poor! That's not how economics work, Grace! Stick to reviewing silly movies.

  21. Really good points. But I wanna be in the 1 percent like you and have a beautiful Manhattan skyline behind me. How do I that before the world revolts against the 1 percenters Grace?

  22. SPOILER ALERT funny thing is, parasite could easily be an origin story for The Joker. Precisely, after the brain operation, where he can't stop laughing

  23. Parasite was the winner of Palme D'or – the 4th Cannes winner in a row where the film deals with working class vs upper class. Joker was the 2nd Venice winner in a row where the film deals with working class vs upper class.

  24. in all the arguments of joker and parasite being different they kinda are both commentaries on societal effects on individuals and both have violent scenes in the ending.

  25. joker ended with a transformation
    parasite ended with a realization.
    arthur became joker
    while the kims still were the same but they realized their errors.

  26. How ridiculous it is to compare these two movies. Its completely different story and message. I believe this is the first time you made movies comparison. Really strange

  27. Parasite did everything Joker was trying to to in terms of commentary…only much better. Joker works best when it’s a supervillian origin story, but the commentary is very hamfisted and the film isn’t very subtle. Why is every citizen in Gotham so cruel? Never explained, leaving the characterizations of almost everyone rather one-dimensional (aside from Arthur). But Parasite never demonizes the rich or completely condones the actions of the Kims; both families are fleshed out so that, when the violent ending takes place, we understand why. And we do in Joker, of course, but only because we have sympathy for Arthur and we’re shown these awful people who “get what they deserve”. (Except for those who are nice to him, like Gary.)

  28. There's a little bit of Joker in all of us. I think that deep down we all need to believe that Individuality Counts. Even in the most horrific of ways.
    When it comes to Parasite, you know that the final shot of that movie mirrors the opening shot exactly. You don't need to be too bright to understand Bong's statement not only about society but also about individuality.

  29. In my opinion, the moral of the story for parasite is that greed is the true parasite of society. For Joker, the moral of the story is that hate is also is another parasite that will manifest its host into something terrifying.

  30. I don't get why Grace is trying to pit Joker and Parasite by asking which person are you while at the same being against putting these two films against each other.

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