Khota Paisa

Learn from me how
to have affairs Learn from me how
to drive someone mad with a smile Heart is just a heart.
We even loose the wealth of brain We spend the money earned
by our ancestors. – Great! God bless you! Every lover tries
to save one’s dignity They take loan and
tend their lovers Learn from me how
to sell household things. – Great! Learn from me how to drive
someone mad with a smile Learn it from me.
Learn it from me Learn from me how
to have affairs Qays lived all her
life singing in the forest Faraz spend his life whistling. Great! Every lover sang to my tunes They appeased their
lover by singing Great! Great! Great! Learn from me how to play
the Tabla falling in love Learn from me how to drive
someone mad with a smile Learn it from me Learn from me how
to have affairs On both sides of the
road the forest is dense. – Yes sir. – But we can’t
see any animal around. We can’t even see a calf. Just check behind if
the cars are following us. Oh god! They’re far behind. You’re holding the binoculars wrong. Straighten it and look out. – They’re very near.
– Now watch for the animals. Yes sir. Where are the animals? Stand up! You set out to hunt for Sambar,
Chital, and common deer. – My brave friends,
what did you eat today? – Nothing. Oh no! When the stories
of our hunting are written… they won’t say anything
but our helplessness. Doesn’t matter. When we go to hunt tomorrow… we’ll take the
double barrel with us. This gun terrorizes the Elephants
of Rani Baagh and also the Tigers. – Satya Narayan.
– Yes sir. – How’s your eyesight?
– Absolutely fine. – ls your vision blurred?
– No. l can see very well. Satya Narayan, tomorrow
you’ll join us in our hunt. We shall attack the
forest from the east. – And tell them to follow
me from the west. – Yes sir. Dismissed! You too can go. l couldn’t see anything. Oh no. We didn’t
get anything yesterday. Neither will we get anything today. As l saw your face in the morning. You woke me up in the morning. – l got it.
Look there. l got it. – What is it? – What is it?
– Shoot it. What do l shoot?
l can’t see a thing. You can’t see.
lt’s in the bushes. Shoot it. – Let me see. – Shoot at it first
or else the deer will run away. – Where are you going?
– l’m behind. – Alright. – Don’t make a sound.
– Okay. – Hey, what’s this?
– There are many deer. – Shoot again.
– You ‘ll get in trouble. Let me check. Start shooting. One or
the other deer will be hit – Hey, who are you?
– She’s a deer. Hunter, put down your gun! ls it your wish that
you shoot at anyone? Magical female deer! – He’s dead. You killed him.
– Oh no. Me? No. No. – Yes. She killed my boss.
What should l do? What do l do?
Oh my god. What happened? That magical deer. Red scarf.
She has round eyes. – Black Hair. – l’ll find out details
about the magical female deer Nattu. Look what
has happened to boss? What happened? – What happened?
– ls he dead or alive? – He’s still alive.
– Where is Munim? Forget him. Pick up
the boss and let’s take him. – Pick him up.
– Let’s go. – Carefully.
– Don’t be scared. We’ll carry him. Let’s go. Magical Deer Red scarf. Sir, l can’t understand anything. The nerves are working fine.
Blood pressure is normal. Everything is just fine. Doctor, do anything and heal Moti. l’ll prescribe medicine. Laxmi, don’t be scared.
Everything will be fine. Magical Deer Red scarf.
– My son. – Munim Narayan, why weren’t you
eaten by the tiger? How could the tiger eat me?
l am fine. You’re back. Well done. Tell me what’s wrong with him? – Who is the magical deer?
– l have all the news. But first tell me how is my Rani Padmini? Forget that and tell
me what the news is? l’ll tell you.
Magical deer. Red scarf – Big rounds eyes. Black hair.
– Shut up! – Miss Rupa Choudhary. Yes. – Who is she? – She’s a girl.
Her name is magical deer. And Moti is in love with her.
Get them married quickly. Go and speak to them.
We’ll get them married. l’ll go immediately tomorrow.
– Why tomorrow? Go today. Right now.
Don’t you see how difficult it is? l’ll go right away.
Doesn’t matter. My Rani Padmini needs to buy some bangles.
Give me some money. l’m tired of paying you money. – Where is it? Take this.
– Yes. – Listen. Fix everything.
– Yes. – Listen. Don’t think of money.
– No. Millions. Number 13.
Very bad. Unlucky number. Magical deer. Number 14. 14 is a lucky number.
l’ve arrived. This is number 14.
lt is lucky number. Magical deer. Magical deer. Red scarf.
Big round eyes. Black Hair – What do you want?
– Are you her father? Then l’ll speak to you. We like your daughter.
lt’s regarding her marriage. – You’ll be happy.
– What? She’s my wife. Do you know that? Oh god. ln your language
you call your daughter a woman. My boss is a rich man.
He has many cars. He has a handsome son.
lt is regarding her marriage. – Tell me what the price is.
– What rubbish are you talking? – You, idiot.
– You are showing one finger. That means you want one million. We’ll give a million. Damn fool. My wife has two kids. She will get kids after marrying. One. Two. Three. Four.
We can’t guarantee that. Two kids. You want two millions. l got you.
We’ll pay you two million. Get out. Or l’ll bash your face. One. Two. Three. Four. Five.
Wonderful. You want five million How will a girl’s father ask?
Your style is very nice. – You, idiot. – Five and five.
Ten. We will pay you that too. Give me a token of coconut. Coconut? Annie? Get me the gun. Annie? The gun! He calls the coconut a gun. – Oh no.
– Get out! Get out, you idiot. Get out! Magical deer. Doctor, l give him the best
of food, money, love, everything. Magical deer. Sir, l feel something
is missing in his brains. No. Nothing can be missing there. – l’ve fed him almonds, a full 5 tons.
– Only 2 tons. Father ate the remaining 5 tons. – Magical deer.
– Doctor… – Oh my god.
– Munim, you’re back. – Yes – Did you find out anything? – l did. l went to meet the girl’s father. l offered a million. He got angry. l offered him more. And even more.
l offered him 10 million. – He went inside with joy.
– Really? Yes. He came out with
a gun and shot at me. Not even one was fired at you. How could that be?
Your blessing saved me. Cancel the license of his gun. He couldn’t hit
such a huge target. Get up. Pick him up
and throw him in the sea. l’ll do it right away. What kind of a father are you?
Can’t you see? He’s in trouble. Do something. What should l do?
Narayan was saved from the bullet. – You want me to die.
– He’s mad. He doesn’t understand
the tenderness of a marriage. Go talk to them. Great! l’m a millionaire. A boy’s
father. A well known person. Should l bow to someone for a girl? Nothing is wrong in that.
You must change with time. No. Laxmi, l won’t go anywhere
for this worthless son. – You won’t go. – No.
– Then l’ll die with my son. l’ll commit suicide. Laxmi. Listen. Come here. l’ll have to do
what l’ve never done. The mother and
son know my weakness. – Chupke. Chupke.
– Yes. – Come with me. This is number 14.
l’m scared. l’m leaving. Fool. Come inside.
l am asking you to come inside. You can beat me. But l won’t take beating from him. – Listen, is he strong?
– No. He’s normal. – But he keeps shooting.
– Yes. Making me scared. Oh my god.
Sir, keep a distance from him. A distance? Coward – Sir, careful.
He has a big gun. – Shut up! – Who is there?
– Yes. l am Seth Hiralal. – What do you want?
– The matter is… lt’s alright. Sit down. l heard my manager praising you. He is a foolish man.
l apologize on his behalf. lt’s alright. Alright.
What do you want? Sir, you have kids too.
You know very well… how it hurts when
your children are hurt. l have a son.
Since he has seen your daughter… – he’s fallen sick.
– My daughter? Which daughter? Which daughter?
You have many daughters? May god keep them happy. – l’m searching for Rupa.
– Oh my god! This is house number 14.
We are Christians. You’re looking for 14-A.
A.K. Choudhary. – His daughter is Miss Rupa.
– Oh! lt’s a huge mistake.
ln our hurry we didn’t notice. – lf l troubled you l am sorry.
– No problem. – l aapologize for the trouble. Bye.
– Bye. Thank you. Thank you. Stupid. Where did you go?
They’re Christians. Look, the card says
A.K.Choudhary. 14-A. The bungalow opposite is 14-A. 14-A is the opposite bungalow.
Sorry sir. l made a mistake. – Number 14-A.
– Yes. l saw it. – Oh god. You…
– Father. – Magical deer.
– Father. – What is it? – Father,
the forest with the hunter. No. No. The hunter from the forest
has got someone with him. Father, l only slapped him once. l don’t know how he died. l vow to God. l don’t know. Why are you scared? Come with me. Let me see who
he brought with him. – Come with me.
– Oh god! – Which is the hunter?
– The fat one. The other one is from the C.l.D. He’s undercover. Don’t worry. As long as l’m here
nothing will happen to you. Quiet. They’re coming here. – Professor A. K. Choudhary.
– Yes. – Please can you come out?
– Why should l come out? l’m not living on rent. With your permission
may we come inside? Do you want to search the house? Have you got an arrest warrant? Professor, don’t be scared. Who told you that l’m scared?
What do l have to do? Professor, what is there to be done? We want to speak
about your daughter. l know. You ‘ve come
to see my daughter. What proof do you have?
Who is the witness? How did my daughter murder? Did she have any dagger, knife or revolver? Dagger, knife.
What are you talking about? Don’t interfere!~ You came here by hearing his story. What does the doctor’s report say? What was the motive behind
the murder? The reason. What enmity has my
daughter with a rat? Don’t say that.
My boss is a millionaire. lf he’s a millionaire,
will he buy the high court with it? Does he know anything
about the law? l am a professor. My students are in
all corners of the country. lf l inform them,
an all-lndia inquiry will begin. They’ve come to
mint money from me. Professor, first listen to me. Who told you that my son died?
Or got killed? My son is alive. And l’ve come with a proposal
for him with Rupa, your daughter. lt’s been a week. He’s sick in bed. What’s that?? My daughter’s alliance
with that sick patient? He might die at anytime. So, you want to take revenge
on my daughter in this way? You want to make her a
widow on the pretext of marriage. Get out. Get out
or l’ll lose my patience. – Professor, listen to me.
– l said, get out! l am never shouted at.
You’re a girl’s father. Some day or the other you’ll
have to listen to someone else. A daughter has
to get married someday. lt’s not right to keep her home. – How… – Shut up!
Choudhary, don’t listen to him. – He’s a fool. A fool.
– He’s brainless. And you’re no better. You can say what you want. l’m ready to hear
anything for my son. For that boy who is sick
in bed for a week on seeing a girl. Great! What a brave man he is! l’m ashamed to see you.
They’ve come with a proposal. Stupid, idiot. lt’s the limit. lt’s the limit
of insulting for my worthless son. – Professor.
– What did you say? l haven’t said anything yet. Let your daughter
and my son go to hell. l’ll avenge this insult.
Come out. Let’s have a bout! – Come on. – Father,
why deal with such mad people? Remember, we’re respected here. What will people think? – Father, you’re being childish.
– Come out! – Come out, you wrestler.
– Don’t say that. l’ll get even with you.
Rupa, stand aside. Oh god!! Father! Here’s mine. Wrestler! Mine. Here you go. Sir! Hail Hanuman! Where are you?
l won’t spare you. Oh god! After the wedding,
l’ll build a grand bungalow… at the place in the jungle
where l first met her. Furniture from Paris.
Flowers from Japan. And carpets from
lran will be purchased. Wow! Son, don’t forget
your mother after you marry. – Mother will stay with me.
– What about your father? l don’t need unwanted
people in my bungalow. Father angers too quickly. Curse you, wrestler. lt would be better to
keep a dog instead of a son. What happened to you? Listen to her.
Her son fell in love with a girl. She was worried about him. l’ve fought with her
father and she’s asking… what happened to you? l don’t understand, what happened? – Munim, tell me.
– What do l say? Sir spoke about the wedding.
That boss spoke about a fight. He beat up boss so badly like one beats a donkey. Stupid, tell it.
This is the right opportunity. ls the wedding matter out of hand? Father, all your wealth, dignity
is less than the girl’s dignity. This is all useless. Thank god l came to my senses. Or l would live my
life in these false hopes. Shut up! Stop your nonsense.
Get out of my sight. – No. – You stole the words
out of my mouth. l’m leaving.
l’m now a sage. My name is Mangal. – And my address is care of Jungle.
– Stop him from talking Munim leave him in the forest blind-folded. l’ll go on my own.
l don’t need to wait. Bye. – Moti. My son.
– Mother. Shut up! Moti, don’t be stubborn.
Have pity on me. – l am your mother.
– No. Our relationship was weak.
lt broke. Now l feel a twist.
lt means a change. – Girl. – Hail to you.
– Get lost! lt’s a mistake.
Down down. l’m sorry. Down. Down. l understood. Father got the munim to say this.
l don’t care. Massage your body with warm water.
You’ll feel better. Let my worthless son go away.
l’ll recover. You’ll feel better
when my son leaves me. Listen. lf my son leaves,
l’ll leave your house. ls your son everything to you?
Do l mean nothing to you? l’m a wife, but a mother, too. Write a letter to
your father and ask him… whether you’re a wife first
or a mother? Hail to the girl. – Moti. Curse you. Laxmi. l know you’re pretending
but l can’t resist it. You’re the one who brought
the news of this girl. You’re responsible for everything. Go and stop your boss.
Or l will fire you from your job… and remove your family from here. No. Don’t do that.
l will die. l will try. – Laxmi. Laxmi. Get up.
– Hail to the girl. Hail to the teacher. – Moti, where are you going?
– Don’t worry. lt doesn’t cost much.
Grab a loin cloth and come with me. l’ll say hermitage. You say hail. How can that be?
Being a sage isn’t good for you. – You must live in this world.
– No. – The world has hurt me.
– lt doesn’t matter. – l’ll fix everything. Give me ten days.
– Really? – Yes.
– Satya Narayan, l can fight a devil. But l cannot face
a gentleman like you. – Don’t stop me after your
time limit ends. – l won’t. – Promise.
– Yes. – Girl. – Down.
No. lt’s a mistake again. l’ll say hail after ten days. Swami, the food is getting cold.
Eat some food. l’m not hungry. lf Moti
doesn’t get his girl friend back… l’m a dead man. lf l’m doomed,
you’ll be doomed too. lf you’re doomed
then everything’s doomed. What are you saying? lf you don’t eat food,
l’ll burn your books. My dear, don’t touch the books. l had 10 days,
but 2 days have passed already. l have very little time.
What am l doing? l got it. – What did you get?
– l got a wonderful idea. – An idea.
– Yes. – How? Lord Krishna is playing
Holi with the girls. – Padmini?
– Yes? – How many days are left of Holi?
– Three days. 3 days! My work is done. Now no one will die.
Not you. Me. No one will die. Where are you going?
Have some food before leaving. l’ll return and eat. Prepare all the
varieties of food for me. l’ll eat everything. Yes sir. Poison kills poison.
A thorn can prick a thorn. One girl can affect Moti.
The other can subdue her effect. – The trick is a good one.
– Right. Make the arrangement quickly. Send
out invitation for playing Holi. Call all the good girls. lf Moti likes a girl,
get him married to her. lf he likes two,
get him married to both of them. – Two?
– l made a mistake again. Not two.
Get him married to one. Enough. Alright.
Start preparing for Holi. But Holi should
be celebrated grandly. lt’s Holi! When there is color in your eyes,
your heart is excited lf your beloved is with
you then it’s like Holi The colors are blowing in
the wind. The tresses are flying And falling on the cheeks The drape is wet.
Your way of seeing is different l feel shy about it You can’t control your feelings.
There is a flutter in your heart lf your beloved is with
you then it’s like Holi When there is color in your eyes,
your heart is excited lf your beloved is with you,
then it’s like Holi The arrows from the eyes are shot.
The hearts of the world are jealous When will Holi come daily? My carriage has
left from my house… to visit my beloved Drums are beating.
Color is flowing lf you are wet, then it’s Holi When there’s color in your eyes,
your heart is excited lf your beloved is with you,
then it’s like Holi They ran away. – Son. – Moti,
which girl did you like? Moti, which girl
did you like among them? – Magical deer. – Stupid,
among them whom did you like? – Magical deer.
– My son. My child. – Shut up!
– What happened? You. – Come here. Oh god.
– Hail the teacher. – Moti.
– Hail the teacher! – Moti. – Mother, forget me. Tell him,
if he wants he can bless me. Moti, without you this
house will be empty. Don’t go. There is a picture
of me in the cupboard. You can see it anytime.
And think that l am dead. – Don’t say that.
– Then don’t stop me from going. l can’t take it anymore.
Hail to hermitage. – Moti.
– Yes, father. Moti, l told you a few things.
l didn’t pierce a sword. A wound can be healed
but words cannot be taken back. – My time is up. l’m leaving.
Hail the teacher. – Moti! Moti, my son. Hail the girl. – Sir. – lt’s useless to stop me.
l’m on my way. l am not stopping you.
l have a gift for you. – Please accept it.
– Wow! A cantor. lt feels like a soldier
is given his sword. The sound is so memorizing. The music created by
it reaches heaven directly. – Girl. – Hail.
– Well-done. – Munim. – Sir,
he looks so handsome. Sorry. l don’t have the
stamina to scold you. Go, follow him.
And check where he goes. Go. – Alright. Give me some money.
– Go. Damsel, take care of your world l am leaving for solitude Don’t include my name
in your list of beloveds How could l live in the
world where beauty was superior? How long will l
endure your attitude? Be happy living in your palace l am happy to be
surrounded by nature Damsel, take care of your world l am leaving for solitude No one prospered in love lt’s good that l am out of it.
Now l will live in peace l won’t have any
hopes in my heart Nor will it affect my hopes Damsel, take care of your world l am leaving for solitude Happiness or misfortune
has any effect on me l have freedom
to play my own music Let anyone live or die.
l am happy with myself Damsel, take care of your world l am leaving for solitude Don’t include my name
in your list of beloveds Hail to the sage. Who are you?
Why have you surrounded me? Have mercy on us? l don’t have anything
except this stick. No sir. Come with us.
We shall serve you. Tell me, what do you mean? Sir, l am in love with a girl. l told her many things.
But she doesn’t heed me. lf she doesn’t listen to
you then you must listen to her. Sir, show me some other path. There are 3 ways.
One to the police station. One to J.J. hospital. And the third one
is where l’m going. Ram is the truth.
Everything is possible for him. Sir, l can’t sleep at night. lf you can’t sleep at night
then sleep during the day. During the day we have to work. Work at night. Ram is the truth. Everything is possible for him. Sir, l have lots of hope.
Give me two numbers for gambling. You want to gamble? l’ll
hit you with my stick four times. – 1 stick. Four times.
lt’s a four. – l got it. Ram is the truth.
Everything is possible for him. – Sir.
– Hail the teacher. Who is this young man?
Get up. What do you want? Sir, l have left
all my relations behind. l have faced many dangers
and have many sorrows. Make me your disciple.
l take you as my teacher. l am really your disciple. Sir, l am searching for peace.
l want peace. Peace dwells in one’s mind. That is fine.
But tell me some way to get it out. Who’s laughing? When you get to sit
in such a holy place… then you must have dignity, too. – Right, sir?
– He is right, Jagannath. Sir, l’m sorry. Sir, take me in your fold. When you face sorrow and hardship… humans tend to run from reality. But as time passes by,
he feels this place is beautiful. Return to your home. l don’t have a home.
l am all alone. l have told you.
Make me your disciple. Staying in solitude
is very difficult This body of yours won’t
be able to endure solitude. You can help me. And l am hurt. l’ll grasp it soon. ln yoga you have to
control your body and mind. l accept.
l don’t mind losing my life… but l won’t withdraw. – Yoga is very severe.
– Doesn’t matter. l did have bitter gourd many times. l will savor it like tea. What you say is clever!
And being clever is the pride of the world. Go back and become a true worker. A man tries to run away
from the world being scared of it. And you are sending me back. – Do something.
– Don’t stoop your thoughts so low. – God will help you.
– Alright. l thought by being with you
l’d become like you. l didn’t know l’d
have to do it alone. – l am leaving.
– Wait! What you said has touched me. – l accept you.
– Sir! – Hail! – Hail!
– Hail to teacher Ramnath. Hail to teacher Ramnath. Laxmi, l’m asking you
to eat your food. Please. Should l eat? My son may be hungry. Nothing will happen to your son. The Munim is following him.
He will get some news. Come on. Come and have some food. Forget the food.
You always think of food. Moti is my son, too. lf he was your son,
you would have stopped him. Not let him go. Dear, when he didn’t
stop when you asked him to… then he always thinks
l’m a useless person. At least you’re happy now. You always called
him a worthless son. l found it. l found Moti’s address. – Where is my son?
– He has gone very far. He sang a lot.
The people surrounded him. Hey, come to the point.
Tell me where is he now? My father is in heaven.
He’s dead. And he left you here. l’m asking you where Moti is. He’s joined the
teacher Ramnath’s group. – What? Ramnath’s group?
– Yes. Then why didn’t you bring him back? Oh no. You can enter
Ramnath’s group. But you can’t leave. Listen, try to go there.
Or we’ll lose Moti. Should l go? But from where should
l get someone to appease him. Alright, l’ll go.
Manager, come with me. Mother, a woman can’t
enter Ramnath’s group. l am not going to the
teacher’s group, but to Rupa. l want to see the girl… who wants to snatch
a son from his mother. Who is that father who wants to
spoil the life of other’s children? Laxmi, l tell you. He has no mercy. – l have seen it.
– You have seen it. Now l will see it. – Chupke. Chupke.
– Yes sir. – Go with her.
– Even l’m scared of that man. Stupid. Listen to what l say. Keep a watch on her. lf she doesn’t come
out within 10 minutes… then report it to the police. – Report to the police?
– Yes. – lt’s a wonderful idea. Go. People lie to fix an alliance. And you say that your
son has become a sage. Am l a fool to ignore
what l’ve seen? And get my daughter
married to that mad person. Who says Moti is mad?
Don’t say that. – He’s a gem. – Yes. Every
mother thinks her son is a gem. A gem. lf he’s a gem
then lock him inside a vault. – l beg of you. – Should
l spoil my peace to appease you? lt’s the limit. The boy is mad.
The father is a fool. And mother has come here
to show her motherly affection. Forgive me. Go somewhere else. She’s come with a proposal. – Ma’am. Mother.
– Are you Rupa? – Yes. God bless you. Do you think
l am pretending to be sad? No. l understand your sorrow. Then you are the
answer to my sorrow. Moti has left everything for you. lf you want you can
transform my sorrow to joy. You will live a wealthy life. But father is everything to me. l can’t go against his wishes. l am sorry. My affection
is affecting my thoughts. A girl from a good family
doesn’t go against her parents. But l will try to
get your son back home. – Really? – Yes.
– That is sufficient for me. lf my son comes back home,
l will be grateful to you. God bless you. Sage! Why are you turning your face? l am crazy for you Sage! Why are you turning your face? l am crazy for you Sage! You don’t know
the worth of my love You never asked
the condition of my heart Why are you unfaithful? Sage! Why are you turning your face? l am crazy for you Sage! Why did you become a sage
leaving behind me in love? You committed a crime
by breaking my heart. What a sorrow Sage! Why are you turning your face? l am crazy for you Sage! The world is waiting for you Even l am waiting for you Please return Sage! Why are you turning your face? l am crazy for you Sage! Moti, let’s go home. – Hail the teacher!
– Teacher? – Who was this girl?
– Magical deer. Son, a woman is the
weakest point for a man. You were successful in this test. l congratulate you. l wasn’t successful.
My eyes were closed. But l could see her in my heart. Even after that if l’m
successful, then it’s your wish. But don’t give another
test of this type. There is a small test. Go to the city tomorrow
and beg for alms at 12 homes. l’ll donate what you
ask along with sainthood. Hail the teacher. Child, give alms. Sir, the business is down.
How can l give alms? – Forgive me.
– You are forgiven. Don’t worry.
Your business will prosper. Hail the teacher. When he was here,
l didn’t even look at him. Now since he’s not here.
l can see him everywhere. There he is hanging
on the wall. Monkey. There he is singing.
You have given the pain. You apply the balm on it. Stupid. Oh! To whom are you speaking? He has become a sage.
He is shouting slogans. Hail the teacher. This seems like Moti. The stupid boy has returned. Hail the teacher. My pet. My child. What is this? My name isn’t Moti, but Maganlal. Child, give alms. You’re calling your father a child. – Be ashamed.
– l’m a sage. God is my father. l am asking for alms.
Hail the teacher. – Give me alms.
– Why do you beg like beggars? This is your house. Don’t be late to give alms.
Your wish will be fulfilled. Wait here. l’ll get you alms.
l’ll get it right away. Hail the teacher. Don’t come down.
Stay an arm’s length away. Or you will die. Hail the teacher. Rani Padmini, give me food. Rani Padmini,
your stove won’t be extinguished Do you have any news of Moti? Yes. Mother made that
girl go to the boss. – That magical deer.
– l pray for Moti every day. Don’t pray but be happy.
The big boss will give us gifts. Hail the teacher. That’s Moti’s voice. l’m doomed. l’m a bachelor. Give me alms. Sir, how are you dressed? My name isn’t Moti but Magandas. Give me alms. Don’t waste my time. How can l give you alms?
l have worked for you. lf you have worked
for me then show me that. – Give me alms.
– Sir, come back. Or my family will go hungry.
What will l do? l understood.
You don’t want to give me alms. Be happy. Hail the teacher. – Sir.
– Sir. Hail the teacher. – Give me alms.
– You are healthy and strong. Aren’t you ashamed to beg?
Why don’t you work? l’m not supposed to work.
l am a sage. lf you’re a sage,
then ask alms from outside. You have entered my house. Every house is god’s house.
And a sage is his disciple. So he can go anywhere. You don’t look like
a sage but a fraud. You see things as you are. Sages don’t speak rubbish
while asking for alms. The standard of those people
who give alms has fallen. That’s why the sage
is the way people are. – Hail the teacher.
– Silence. Wait here. Rupa. Give him some alms. Take alms and get lost. You have to take alms from more homes. You can say whatever
you want to say. A sage has to keep his patience. lf there are more people
like you then sages will increase. Hail the teacher. Magical deer. Why are you watching him?
Go inside! Hail the teacher. – Hey, where are you going?
– l am sorry. l was not in my senses. l forgot the way to go outside.
Ma’am, be happy. Hail the teacher. You have come again. This is my second round. My teacher told
me to go to 12 homes. This is my 5th home.
– Go and ask from other 7 houses. l have very little time. That
is why l will ask 7 times here. – This is the matter.
– Do you see only this house again? This house and this lady. l respect your attire.
Or l would have broken your bones. Get out. There is still time. Child, you have wrestled
in this compound. l know everything.
Fighting is your business. And my work is to be stubborn.
Give some alms. – Hail the teacher.
– l will deal with you very well. – People.
– l will beg from the people. Give me something
from your house. Brothers, try to justify. Robbers are taking
the form of sages. l feel he is not honest.
You do have women at home. lt’s the question of
our locality’s dignity. Come, let’s attack him.
We shall share our fines Come on. Don’t you dare! Don’t listen
to him. Keep away from him. lf l get angry l’ll burn you
and turn you to ashes. – Hail…
– Stupid. Father, what are you doing? The one who has given
up worldly pleasure… why should we attack him? This sage is an imposter. Real sages don’t speak like him. Father, he isn’t asking for wealth. He’s begging for food. lf we give him,
it won’t make any difference to us. He has another 6 rounds. lf he comes tomorrow
with few thugs… then l’ll have
to beg like him one day. Father, don’t say that. Alright. Give him alms once again. lf he comes for a 3rd round
then it will be his last round. Magandas has come here. People have collected here. lt looks like there
is trouble here. Let’s go. Let’s see what he’s asking for Hail the teacher. – Sage. – Give it to me.
Take this and get lost. My bowl. l got it after
serving my master for years. lt broke.
lt means my certificate got torn. No, this is not done.
The food got mixed with mud. My god. You will be my witness. l will take you
to the supreme court. This was made from mud.
But you are very cheap person. – Beat him up.
– Father! Father! He is Ramnath’s child. Carry him. Hail the teacher. lf we hadn’t reached in time,
he would have died. Why the attack? The people said he’s a cheat,
deceiver, fraud, swindler. He looks at women. Why are you making
a mountain out of a molehill? You make a small matter look huge. Sir, he’s been jealous
of me since the first day. – Why were you insistent?
– For a woman. l had warned you… if you see an old woman
think of her as your mother. lf young, she’s your sister. She is neither elderly
nor younger to me. – She is my equal.
– Staring at women is a sin. Sir, she isn’t an outsider
but the queen of my heart. l told you you don’t
have any relationship… with anyone in the world. l lied. l thought
the seniors forgive. They aren’t like Jagatnath. While taking the oath
you said that l will die… but l won’t turn back. l am dying for that girl.
l am not turning back. Try to understand what l say. A woman’s beauty is
like falling shades. Not only a woman’s beauty… but everything in the
world is like falling shades You’re an acetic. You are healthy as
you are an acetic. The world runs due to love.
Everything is enfolded in that. That isn’t the love
for a woman but for God. The path is devotion. Path. lt means all the
roads lead to one thing. God’s love can start
from a woman’s love. This is my idea.
Didn’t you understand? l was wrong to
take you as a disciple. You should have thought
of it before making me your disciple. You are caught by promising me. l know that master
won’t go back on his words. l thought you were innocent. But you are clever and deceitful. l want that the girl
agrees in the morning. By afternoon her
father must consent. And we get married by evening. Jagatnath, take him away.
He has gone mad. No sir. Donate me the girl. Or l will fast and die. Hold your tongue. You have
seen my mercy, not my anger. – Jagatnath, take him away.
– No. Jagatnath! Where are you taking me? Leave me. l say leave me. Hold him by the tree
and tie him up with this. Jagatnath, you are taking revenge. And this is against
the principle of hermits. – What will you tell god?
– l will reply to him. Tie his mouth.
He talks too much. Don’t do that.
lt won’t be good. Leave me. What is this?
What has the younger master done? He left the house,
mother, father for a girl. Hey, children’s,
don’t leave me when you grow up. l got an idea. l’m leaving now. – Where are you going?
– l’m going to meet his teacher. – Don’t go to meet the teacher.
– So? lf he turns you into a sage
where will l take my children? – Rani Padmini.
– Yes. Why did you have so many children? What are you saying?
God gave us the children. He will protect us. How will he protect us?
l get a salary of Rs.1.25. l’ll have to open a shop
and you’ll have to run it. Why are you crying?
Leave everything to god. How can l? God isn’t our servant. l’ll have to do my work. – Rani Padmini. – Yes.
– l have an idea. – What is it?
– l’ll kidnap Moti. Don’t do that.
The police will catch you. – Rani Padmini.
– Yes. You didn’t understand my idea. l will carry Moti. His mind keeps changing.
lf he goes anywhere… how will l find him? The teacher will
have many disciples. lf they attack you then
how will l get you back? – Wow! Great! Rani Padmini.
– Yes. You gave me a very nice idea. – What idea is it?
– l won’t tell you now. l’ll take some wrestlers with me. Swami, don’t go there and fight. What will happen there,
l’ll know after reaching there. Tonight, l’ll somehow get Moti back. Oh Lord, protect my husband. Hey! Hey! This is such a beautiful dream. Hey, this isn’t a dream.
You’re awake. Listen, l have come to save you. Really? Then save me quickly.
l’m in a hurry. – First answer my questions.
– Ask your questions. l have the answers. Are you finished with
being a sage or not? Seeing you it has vanished.
Disappeared. – Correct. lf l release you
where will you go? – With you. Oh no. Then l will
tie you more tightly. First untie me.
l’ll go anywhere you tell me. – Really?
– Yes. Go home directly.
Your mother is in a bad condition. UIntie me.
l’ll go anywhere you tell me. l don’t trust you.
l’ll have to come with you. Alright. Why do you ask?
Untie the ropes quickly. Here is Moti.
The fair one. Let’s pick him up. Come on. – Sir. Sir.
– Why are you shouting? Well done. You did a great job. Where is he? He’s here. l jeopardized my life. – Do you know from where?
– Where? – From Ramnath’s group.
– Well done manager. l thought you were a fool.
But you are a worthy man. – Mother, come. Come quickly.
– Where is he? Mother, please come. Come here. – Where is he?
– Here. Why are you staring at each other? – Uncover him quickly.
– Right away. Moti. – Oh god. – Ramnath.
– Who brought me here? – l made a mistake. l’m sorry.
– Not you, but me. – Me.
– Sir. My Munim made a mistake.
Please forgive him. l forgive. But what is
the reason for this folly? l will tell you. l have a son.
He has become a sage of your group. Moti. Alright. That restless child. Who said he is alone in this world. He is the light of my house.
Please return him to us. – Father. Mother.
– Come in, son. – Father, Mother.
– Apologize to him. He is a duplicate of Ramnath,
the teacher. Child! – Sir.
– Wait! Come here to me. Sir, l’m not lying.
l came here to visit mother. – l’m going back to the trust.
– Sit down. – Sir.
– l’ve heard your story. Don’t try to go back.
Serve your parents. And bear the fruits of your labor. The world is the biggest
hermitage for you. Thank you, sir. Bless me,
sir, that l may do as you say. – And become a good person.
– l bless you. Thank you, sir. – Sir, bless me too.
– Yes, bless her too. She is the one for whom…
you may have understood. Sir, do something that her
father agrees to this alliance. – He is very hard hearted.
– Yes sir. l did have a fight with him. Jagatnath had picked
me up from his house. He is a very stern father.
She is still scared to go home. Go home without a fear. lf god wants he’ll fill his
heart with love and not sternness. Hail the teacher. Who is it?
Dear, you’ve returned. Yes father.
lt is so… it is nothing. Our club member, Miss Mango.
The fat lady. Her car met with an accident. The car went without brakes
to Grant road. From Grant road to Churchgate.
Churchgate to Regal Cinema. You went to see a movie alone. And now you’re cooking up stories. Yes father.
The picture was very good. – Wow, sir. – Sir? – Yes daddy.
There was a sir in that picture. Such a long beard.
His work was brilliant. Alright.
Have some food. lt’s 1 o’clock. l have cooked the food. – You cooked it?
– Yes. – Great sir.
– Come on. – l know you’re angry at me.
-What for? For what that sage said.
l simply got him beaten up. Someone has truly said
madness starts with anger. And finishes with repentance.
l’m still repenting. Yes, l was stopping you. You beat that sage
in front of the people. l’m sorry about that, too. l’ll go and apologize tomorrow. – Will you go to their
house and apologize? – Yes. Great sir. Thank god. That boy’s mother came here. Child, are you thinking
of getting married? Dad, don’t ask me. As you wish. lf you’re asking about my wishes… then when a man loves
his wife more than her… that house is ruled by his wife. – l like this boy for you.
– Thank god. Hey, what is this letter? This is your sister’s telegram. She’s returning
from Calcutta this week. – ls sister coming here?
– Yes. – Thank god. l’m surprised as to
why she’s returning so soon. l don’t understand anything. When she returns we’ll know.
Have the food. Alright dad. Thank god. Moti, the teacher has blessed you. Go with your mother.
l’m not keeping well. You’re only not keeping well.
But l am completely nervous. – What should we do?
– ls someone home? Mr. Choudhary.
lt’s you. Please come in. l am pleased.
Please come in. Hello. He has reached here. l was worried since last night. Where is brother and Moti? Excuse me. There is no need
to visit Mr. Choudhary. – Mr. Choudhary has arrived.
– You’re putting me to shame. – Moti. – Yes. – l don’t think
he’s in the right frame of mind. Go out first. You don’t think he’s
in the right frame of mind… so you send me. – How much the father loves his son?
– Alright. – Let’s toss. Head or tail.
– Head. – lt’s a tail. l’m saved.
– So, it’s my turn. – Listen. – Yes. – lt won’t
take long for things to go bad. lf l get trapped l’ll
call out to you. Come to help me. – We both can manage.
– Please go. What is the matter?
Why isn’t brother coming out? – He’ll be coming.
– Oh! Professor, here l come. Wow! You look great. Seth Hiramal,
l feel like embracing you. – Really? – Yes. – Then let’s
embrace each other. – Yes. – Hail the wrestler.
– Hail Bajrang Bali. Sir, l came to patch up. – Father, run away.
– Have patience. What are you doing? Are you mad? Run away. Go. – Choudhary. – Yes.
– l’m sorry. lt was a mistake. – Please have a seat.
– Doesn’t matter. Even l made a mistake.
He is the same sage. Yes. A sage with the
same face came here. Who is the sage?
ls he spoiling my name? Doesn’t matter.
Go out. Rupa is waiting for you. – Really? – Yes.
– Take care of this stick. – l was saying…
– Speak slowly. Moti! – There’s a Murder.
– Moti! Murder? Whose murder? Who did it? Your father’s daughter
murdered my father’s son. – What kind of a joke is this?
– This isn’t a joke but a fact. Heart. Chest. Liver are injured. – Liar.
– lt’s not a lie but a fact. This style. This attitude.
This look. This place. – This place isn’t good.
Let’s change it. – But father. – Let’s change him.
– What? No. What has he got to do with us?
Come with me. Sir, l was saying that
my daughter likes the boy. Even l like the alliance.
The matter is fixed on my behalf. – Take this a token.
– Give it to me. – Yes. Take it. And send
some sweets across. – Alright. – Thank god.
– A teacher here. Yes Mr. Choudhary.
l remembered my teacher. He was a great man. By fixing this alliance
you took a burden away from me. What date have you
fixed for the wedding? Please hold on.
My elder daughter, Geeta… is returning from
Calcutta this week. As per custom,
let me get her married first. Until then Rupa will be
staying with me as your treasure. Alright. Your style is breathtaking.
Your vision is awesome – How can we be spared?
– Great! Your eyes are amazing.
You speak so well – How can we be spared?
– Great! The world which has no knowledge
thinks love is worthless lt doesn’t understand
how it works when you need it Do you understand? No matter how you deny it,
when you hold each other’s hand… – how can we be spared?
– Great! Your style is breathtaking.
Your vision is awesome – How can we be spared?
– Great! lf we don’t fall in love,
what could we do? lt’s better we fell in love lt is simple matter.
Two is better than one l ‘m ready.
When there are two, it’s a pair – How can we be spared?
– Great! Your eyes are amazing.
You speak so well – How can we be spared?
– Great! Thank god l fell in love A girl left me with
lots of emotions She sometimes wears red bangles,
sometimes a black dress – How can we be spared?
– Great! Your eyes are amazing.
You speak so well – How can we be spared?
– Great! Your style is breathtaking.
Your vision is awesome – How can we be spared?
– Great! Yes. l fixed Rupa’s wedding. The family is good.
They are wealthy too. l’m waiting for
you to get married… so l can get her married. – What’s wrong with her?
– Wait daddy – Let me check.
– God knows? Sister, what’s the matter? Sister, you were
always smiling earlier. Did you leave your smile behind? Don’t trouble me. Go away. l won’t go until you
tell me what’s wrong. Why have you changed? Didn’t you like hearing
about my wedding? How does my liking
affect your wedding? The decision is with you. Until you get married,
l won’t get married. – Then listen, Rupa. You
won’t ever get married. – Sister! Rupa, don’t think
l don’t want to see you happy. l’m not your enemy.
But l’m telling you this for your good. Don’t ever get married. Men are unfaithful.
Cheat. Self-centered. Sister, what are you saying?
Who has cheated you? Don’t trouble me. Leave me alone. Go away! l was afraid on seeing
your sister’s face. Moti, you don’t know.
My sister was a very jolly person. Then why is she
behaving this way now? – How should l know?
– l understood. She had some affair. After the wedding l’ll
first touch your sister’s feet. – Wedding? Whose wedding?
– Your sister’s younger sister. – What?
– Didn’t you understand? Alright. Tell the son of
Seth Hiramal to wash his face. Alright. Which soap should l use? Oh no. You’re upset. Here l am discussing
a problem and you’re joking. Don’t forget.
Until sister gets married… we can’t get married. lt means l will again
have to become a sage. Moti, sister paces
her room the whole night. l even heard her crying. She cries. Paces. And cries. Really? Let’s watch her secretly.
l feel it’s serious. Where are you?
Are you listening? Look who’s here? – Please have a seat.
– lt’s our pleasure. Tell me, what’s the matter? Laxmi, l came to tell
you that Rupa and Moti… can’t get married right now. – What are you saying?
– My elder daughter is upset. l don’t know why. She’s not ready to get married. Doesn’t matter.
She can get married later. – First…
– What are you saying? lf l get my younger
daughter married when… my elder daughter isn’t married,
the world will laugh at me. lt’s a matter of dignity. Yes. Even l am scared
about this matter. My boy once became a sage.
Now if he becomes a joker… the whole city will laugh at me. Oh no. You will always
speak like this. Mr. Choudhary,
Moti is an intelligent boy. Geeta will get married
somewhere or other. She’ll get married
somewhere or other. But where? When? With whom? – lf she doesn’t get married, then?
– Mr. Choudhary… the matter is serious. Let’s think about this issue. Look. You two think about it.
l’ll get some tea. – Whose picture is this?
– To Geeta with love, Naresh. – Who is Naresh?
– l don’t know. Look here.
Geeta, this is her picture. Murder in Delhi den. A painstaking reality of a gambler. Criminal Naresh was
arrested at the crime scene. – Look here.
– A fight in the pub. The criminal was fully drunk.
Oh god. The case is very strong. l understood.
The one whom sister loved… turned out to be a cheat.
Murderer. And a drunk. He’s the one who
spoiled my sister’s life. And not letting us prosper. – What is this?
– What? – A letter from Naresh. Geeta, maybe you think
l’m a criminal, like the others. But, truly, l don’t know
how this incident took place. l am absolutely innocent.
lf l had the money… or l had a friend or well wisher,
maybe l could prove my innocence. Cheat. Deceiver. He is lying
even when he’s facing death. Rupa, l’m telling you
this man is innocent. You can feel he’s
speaking the truth. You will see only the truth.
He is from your category, right? l want to ask you,
do you have any proof? – Yes.
– What? lf l was in his place l
would have written a same letter. Word for word. l’m telling you,
l will surely help him. But l want to ask, how? We’ll go as his friend
and well wisher to Calcutta. And money. Father has lots of it. lt is spent on wrong
things most of the time. Now, since we’ve got the chance… why don’t we use it for a just cause
and save an innocent man? lf he’s saved,
your sister will be happy. And the first wedding
will take place. After that, the second wedding. Otherwise you’ll be there
and l’ll be here. – No marriage. – Then?
– Then let’s go to Calcutta. Okay. Mr. Moti,
there is proof against Naresh. Facts. That he cheated
the company out of Rs.50,000. He went to the club. Gambled. When he lost,
he murdered the Savkar. All the people in the club
have given their account. But l feel he is innocent. l’m sorry. The court doesn’t
decide on your feelings. The court wants proof. His letter is proof where
he writes that he’s innocent. What he writes doesn’t matter. Every criminal claims he’s innocent. Tell me how you
are related to Naresh. Naresh is my brother. Every human is another’s brother. So, based on that, he’ll have 20
million brothers in Calcutta alone. lt will be better if
you don’t waste our time. No. Don’t say that.
Lawyer, we’ve come from very far. – Please let us meet him once.
– Please! – Alright. When you don’t know me,
neither are you my friend… then why support me? Why can’t we support
you without a reason? No. You can have
enmity without a reason. An innocent can
be proved a murderer. But you can’t be supportive. lf we didn’t think of you,
did we come from Greater Bombay… to Calcutta for no reason? – Did you write this
letter to Geeta? – Geeta? Yes. She is Geeta’s sister.
Now you understood our support. – Oh, l’m so sorry.
– Forget saying sorry. You wasted our precious time. Tell us quickly what happened. l was working for the
Bengal construction company… as a cashier for 8 years. Thousands and millions rupees
are exchanged through me daily. Our managing director
was known as Bhakebihari… the owner of Moonlight club. l knew him casually. One day,
l was waiting at the bus stop. Hello Mr. Naresh.
Why are you waiting here? – No.
– Please get in. l’ll take the bus. lt’s nothing.
l’ll drop you where you want. Come in. Take a seat. She is Naintara. Our club dancer. He is my friend, Mr. Naresh. Friend! You ride in a car
while your friend walks. l thought he had a car.
Yes, Mr. Naresh? Sir, you can’t buy a car on Rs.350. – lt’s difficult.
– Did you hear that? Don’t prolong the thing. ln a few days l’ll change
Mr. Naresh’s way of living. – l promise.
– Thank you. – Hello Geeta.
– Oh, it’s 3 o’clock now. The picture may have begun. What could l do? l was waiting
for half an hour at the bus stop. – You should have taken a taxi.
– Taxi? You have to pay the rent of Rs.350. Manage the food. And take a taxi. You get money from your home. You don’t have to worry. – What are you saying?
– l’m right. ls this a life? Look at others. They have cars. Bungalows. Money. What do you think?
Will you rob or commit a crime? Geeta, that won’t be required. Today, l met a man who
is not only wealthy but god sent. – Who is it? – The owner
of Moonlight Club, Bhakebihari. A few days after this incident
when l was busy at my work… someone came to visit me. – Mr. Naresh.
– Please come in. Mr. Bhakebihari sent this for you. Good luck. l conducted some
small business in your name. l’m sending Rs.500
out of the profits earned. Your friend, Bhakebihari.
Proprietor, Moonlight Club. Rs.500! Geeta. Geeta.
Be seated. Take this and this. – And this.
– What is this? Jewelry. Saris. You can think it’s
the preparation for our new life. – Where did you get it?
– Geeta, relax. – l haven’t stolen it. Wear this.
– No. First tell me where
you got the money. l told you about Mr. Bhakebihari. Yes. But why is he giving
you money without asking? As he is god.
And god gives without asking. l’m scared. Strangers, if they give you something… are up to no good. Geeta, don’t worry.
My eyes are sharp. l know right and wrong. Let me help you. 10 million. That day the salary
was to be distributed. At the same time
Bhakebihari came over. Hello Mr. Naresh. Good morning. Hello Mr. Bhakebihari.
What’s the matter? – You seem to be busy.
Did l disturb you? – No. l saw a flat and thought of you. lt will suit you like anything. You’re very kind. The other
day you did such a kind deed. – You take good care of me.
– Forget it. You’re hesitating. – The boss has called you.
– Alright. Excuse me.
l’ll be back in 5 minutes. lt’s perfectly alright. When l came out of the
managing directors room… Bhakebihari had left. – When did he leave?
– l don’t know. The cash box was empty.
Rs.50,000 was missing. Now what? l’ll lose my respect. l imagine the staff unrest.
l got scared. Then l realized maybe
Bhakebihari took the money. Bhakebihari! – Brother.
– Where is Bhakebihari? – What business?
– l need to speak with him. He’s busy. Come this evening. By then it’ll be too late.
Tell me where he is. – Where is Bhakebihari?
– Hello Naresh. Mr. Bhakebihari.
You haven’t done the right thing. Return the money to me. This is the question
of my life and death. – You want the money?
– Yes. Come with me. l’ll return it. Come on. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. Come inside. Hey! What are you doing? This is the company money.
Exactly the same notes. – But the owner has changed.
– This is the money! – Move aside.
This is the money! Move aside. This is my money. Seth, the last round. – Take.
– No. My money. lt’s a cold drink. Drink it.
You’ll get the money too. – Go ahead.
– Drink it. Please. This is my 5000. – Show.
– Take it away. – My money. – He’s taking your money.
Go and get it from him. Go. lnspector, my club
is well known in the city. Here theater plays, classical
dance and songs take place. There’s no gambling. Naresh gambled with Late
Seth Natwarlal in my library… and shot him on losing.
He did it being intoxicated. lnspector, will he be hanged? – The court will decide.
– Alright. Here are the witnesses.
And you took the revolver from him. l’m innocent. My money. My money. – Look officer, he’s still drunk.
– Take him away. – You’ll have to come too.
– Absolutely. Come on. Let’s go. l’m innocent.
l haven’t done anything. But no one listened to me. The company didn’t consider
my 8 years of service. – After that…
– Time is up. Alright Naresh. Don’t worry. l believe that you’re innocent. l’ll fight in the court
no matter how much l spend. – Bye.
– Bye. These men of the world are so bad.
They do anything for money. Remember, even women
are equally responsible. Yes. Tears and sighs
are women’s part. You’re thinking of your sister. And l’m thinking
of that dancer, Tara. – Tara?
– Yes. The club dancer. To know about Bhakebihari,
first we will have… – to get that dancer
Tara on our side. – How? l’ll find out only
after going to the club. No Moti.
For god’s sake don’t go there. They’re too dangerous. Why are you scared?
They have the same god as us. Oh dear. You have come
here after a long time But do tell me where
you were for so long Oh dear! l am happy to meet you And l’m sad that we didn’t meet l was waiting for you for so long Today, l will show
you all my feelings Oh dear. You have come
here after a long time But do tell me where
you were for so long Oh dear! Seeing you,
l felt now l will find my goal Or it was very difficult
to fall in love l have seen many
types of death here Oh dear. You have come
here after a long time But do tell me where
you were for so long Oh dear! Do speak up since you are here And listen to me too With the passing
night we may separate What do l tell you?
l am quiet as l am happy Oh dear. You have come
here after a long time But do tell me where
you were for so long Oh dear! Ladies and Gentlemen.
Next Wednesday… Miss Tara will give
you a even better performance. Please come. She dances well.
May l give her this? Thank you. – Hey!
– Oh my god! Madam Tara dances well.
l want to give her a gift. Straight ahead. Dressing room. – There’s no one here. Tara.
– Who is it? l am the owner of
Bombay Theatrical company. Kassimbhai Taiyabji Bandukwala. Tell me, what work do you have? – Here is a gift from me.
– Thank you very much. To tell you the truth,
even fairies can’t dance like you. So, you’ve come from Bombay? l had to come. The people in Bombay throw eggs. They say call Tara. Call Tara. lf you don’t believe then
ask the driver of the Calcutta Mail. Please sit down. Do people in Bombay know me? The light of the moon and star
falls on the whole world. How much salary do you get here? Rs. 500 a month. – Only Rs.500. l will give you Rs.1000 a month.
Take 3000 for 3 months in advance. Thank you. Give your signature
on the receipt. Here. Thank you. But how will Bhakebihari let me go? – ls Bhakebihari your father?
– No. He’s the owner of this club. His men are standing all over. lt is very difficult
to move out from here. lt’s very easy.
Bring me the bouquet. l have an idea hidden inside this. lt has an opening.
This is called a Burqa. lf you wear this, no one
will know who it is. Take this. l’m going to the hall.
You come there. – l’ll call out to you.
You come out. – Alright. – Okay. – Okay.
– Take this. – Thank you.
– Bye. Zaitunbai. Where do you go?
You vanish. Let’s go. Okay. Sir, please come again.
And bring Zaitunbai too. She won’t stay here.
She’s leaving for Bombay. Alright. Doesn’t matter.
Hail to Moonlight Club! Come. Come in. Madam Rupa. Sit down. Rupa. Hey, who are you? You are talking to the
owner of Bombay Theatrical Company. Kasimbhai Taiyyabji Bandukwala. What rubbish is this? Get lost.
Or l’ll call the police. Excellent.
Wonderful. She acts so well. Ma’am Tara. Let me introduce
an upcoming actress. She is Rupa,
Bombay Theatrical Company. And she is Calcutta’s best dancer. She’s going to dance
in Bombay too. – Hello.
– Hello. l’m pleased to meet you. l’m pleased to meet you too.
As we will be together in Bombay. Alright, ma’am.
l’ll arrange for your food. – Tara, be seated. l’ll be right back.
– No problem. Moti, what are you doing? This act is called reality. The one who’ll be caught
will be through Miss Tara. – Why did you bring her here?
– So that you take her place. No. l won’t go there alone. Why alone? l’ll come with you. Who will take care of her? The government has opened
a department for her. lt is called C.l.D. Listen, her dance is going
to take place at the club. This is our opportunity. The program is… Stupid. ldiot. lf the dance doesn’t take place
today the club will be blamed. We’ll take a huge loss. We searched the
whole city for 3 days. lf Tara was in the city
we would have surely found her. Tara. lf she isn’t
available then you should… have arranged another dancer. We’ve placed an
advertisement for a dancer. Shut up! Get out. l said get out! – Boss. – Yes.
– l got a very good girl. – Girl. Call her in.
– Ma’am, please come. Boss, she’s arrived. Come here. – ls she a girl?
– Yes. Very pretty – Does she dance? – She sings too. Very good.
– Sings? Ma’am, give a preview. Dear, don’t break my heart Stop it. Look, take her back
to wherever you found her. Come on. Get lost. Come here. Don’t show me your face again. Do you understand? Get out. – Boss. Boss, a girl has come.
– Again a girl. Please come in. Please come. – Please sit down.
– Thank you. – You placed an advertisement?
– Yes. – Miss?
– Rupa. l heard that Miss Tara… Forget her.
Before you a star is very dim. Miss Rupa.
Tell me what are your terms? l feel you must decide
it after seeing my dance. – Miss Rupa, Bhakebihari
can see through you. Oh, really? – Peter. – Yes sir.
– Here. Look at me. Go and place a notice that
the old star has fallen. Tonight there will be a new moon. lt will shine from
our Moonlight Club. These eyes are very
sharp and naughty With our fate how
much did one get These eyes are very
sharp and naughty lf you don’t look at it,
you’ll be hurt What’s the use of a heart… that doesn’t fall in love? ls it some kind of life
which has no love? These eyes are very
sharp and naughty lt didn’t belong to anyone lt is an enemy of life Sing this song
of love to the world Even if you lived for some time… and didn’t fall in love These eyes are very
sharp and naughty God knows how this
heart will fall in love We will give it happily.
This life is in full bloom Where have you lost your heart? Have you lost your heart? But love hasn’t diminished These eyes are very
sharp and naughty With our fate how
much did one get? – l am dead.
– Sir, what happened? Didn’t you get an airplane ticket? Not a airplane ticket but
l’d get a ticket to prison. – Prison?
– Yes, prison. When l went to the
club to get your luggage… there were lots of police around. lt was a murder case. – A new case?
– Not a new case, an old case. That man called Naresh is released. – What did you say?
Naresh is released. – Yes. Bhakebihari is caught.
He was saying Tara was fired. No. l’m innocent.
Bhakebihari was fired. Really? ls it? Then promise. – Promise.
– l promise. One minute.
lnspector, come in. Please come in. This is your witness number one. Take her statement. Well done Taiyyab Ali Kasambhai Bhandukwala. Wonderful. Excellent.
Everyone is saying the same thing. – Please take a seat.
– Thank you. Congratulations on your success. Thank you for the appreciation.
Otherwise it’s not worth it. Miss Rupa,
that day isn’t very far… when you’ll be
successful for your art. This agreement is for 2 years. Please sign it.
– Agreement? Oh. l am sorry l… Why? What’s the matter?
– l don’t do anything… without asking Baltimore.
– Baltimore? Yes. Miss Georgyka Baltimore. She is my friend,
guardian, everything. lf you permit me,
l’ll call her tomorrow. Actually, l can’t live without her. Sure. Do call her.
What did you say the name was? Miss Georgyka Baltimore.
– Miss Georgyka Baltimore. – Hello. Hello!
– Hello. You have become so weak.
You are staying with bad people. They are very good people.
Come let me introduce you. She is Miss Georgyka Baltimore.
And he is… Bhakebihari.
Proprietor Moonlight Club. – How do you do?
– Pleased to meet you. Nice young man. Come inside. l didn’t sleep the whole
night thinking about you. – But l was singing and not crying.
– What is this? Sit down. You were singing and l
was in a fix the whole night. Moti, l don’t know
what l’m doing here. What’s the matter? The people
are not good, or the place? The whole night there is gambling. Fights and god knows
what other things take place. They are dangerous people.
Murderers. Let’s run away from here. Run away? Leaving an
innocent man in prison. Rupa leaving a job incomplete is… against manhood. l’ll find out
who the murderer is. l believe one of them
is the murderer. But what can we do
all by ourselves? There’s an army of robbers here. Oh no. We aren’t alone, either. lf they have an army
then l have the ammunition. Look here. This has six. And this has six, too. Please turn around. This has six, too.
And this has six, too. – How many are there? 3022.
– Not 22 but 2400. l was counting fewer. Come in, please. Sorry to disturb you. – This is your umbrella.
– Thank you. Why are you staring at young girls? Please arrange to get
my luggage from the taxi. Go. Thank you. He’s the biggest danger. He’s been pursuing
me since yesterday. He tells me l’m
the queen of beauty and art. When l dance the
earth stops moving. – The stars stop in their tracks.
– Did he say that? – Yes. – Then he’s smart.
– You’re joking again. You don’t understand. We’re surrounded
by enemies all around. This isn’t the time
for jokes but to think. This isn’t the time
to think or joke. lt’s the time to eat food.
So let’s eat and then think. Bearer. Bearer. Mr. Choudhary, please come.
Take a seat. lt’s four days since
the children have left. We’ve had no news about them.
No letter. Nothing. What’s the matter? You’re smiling. Mr. Choudhary,
l’m thinking and smiling… that love is a wonderful thing. lt made my son responsible.
lt changed my son’s life. Your child’s life has changed. But l am scared
where they have gone. Don’t worry. Moti is
a Napoleon of the modern time. He is Sikandar Azam.
He is a man. A man. l am telling you
that Majnu was a fool. He should have worn a woman’s
clothes and entered Laila’s’s room. Even her father wouldn’t
have recognized him. What would have happened? No one would have knocked.
Come in, please. l am sorry Miss Rupa.
l came to tell you… there is no room
vacant in the club. lf Miss Baltimore sleeps
in your room tonight… l hope you won’t mind. – He’ll sleep in my room?
– l’ll sleep. No problem. That’s nice.
l’ve got the bags with me. – l’ll send them.
– Listen… Baltimore snores loudly in her sleep. She speaks in her sleep.
Please arrange something for her. You blamed me falsely. l left my boyfriend for you. l didn’t know you
were such a friend. Miss Baltimore, please don’t cry. – Handkerchief please. – Here.
– Catch my hat. Thank you. Thank you, nice young man. – l’ve got the bed.
l will leave it here. – Okay. Baltimore! You? What is this?
Very good. l’ll arrange it. lt’s getting late for
ma’am to sleep. Please go. l will arrange it. Bye. Bye. You think you can sleep
here on this pretext. Why don’t you understand? lf l sleep any other place,
our secret will be out. All our hard work will be wasted. l’m feeling hot.
l want to change my clothes. – Where is the bathroom?
– Bathroom. – Yes. Come with me. l’ll show you. This is the bathroom. – Rupa. Rupa!
– Speak softly. lf anyone hears,
we’ll be in trouble. – Sleep well.
– ls this the place to sleep? Open the door.
l’ll go some place else. No. lf you go out,
your secret will be out. The secret won’t be out.
Open the door. Rupa. She’s gone. What a task?
What should l do? ldea! Now Baltimore is in control. Sleep in this. – Where are you going?
– Mansukh, let me go. – Do you have the money?
– Yes. Rs.2000. – That’s not enough.
– lt’s more than enough. l’ll take back whatever
Bhakebihari has taken from me. – l’ll take back whatever
he took from me. – Go. My my, what a place! – Miss Baltimore, you?
– Your hotel has many bed bugs. – l couldn’t sleep.
– But how did you come here? One gentleman left from
here and a lady came in. Nice young man. Cards. My god. They’re
my weakness. l’ll play too. – You’ll play cards?
– Yes. Please sit down. Deal please. l will deal. – You play first.
– Alright. – Cut it.
– Thank you. Very good. – Rs.100.
– 100. My god. Here’s my 100. – Another 100.
– Some more 100. – 100.
– Your bet. You’re cheating me.
l’ll see your cards. Open them. – Three kings.
– Three kings. My god. You lucky young man.
Doesn’t matter. l am ready to lose
this little money. l’ll telegram my
boyfriend in Bombay… and ask him to send 50,000. – 50,000? – Oh yes. 50,000.
l’ll take all your money. But Miss Baltimore. – Regarding this…
– l understood. l won’t tell.
But release my hand. Okay bye. So locking you inside
the bathroom was fruitful. l’m telling you
luck was on our side. Otherwise it would take
time to search for the dens. Moti, didn’t you get
scared when going to the den? – Today…
– Speak properly. l mean to say the lovers
who are brave are always happy. Yes. Always happy.
That’s why you lost Rs.500. l’ve set a trap.
Let Munim bring the money. – Then see my magic.
– When is Munim coming? Within a few days. Until then… What? Let me have an affair
with Bhakebihari until then. – Shut up!
– Save me. Chupke, don’t make a mistake
while counting the money. – lt’s 50,000.
– l won’t make a mistake. Munim, on reaching Calcutta
tell Moti to come home soon. lf Moti won’t return,
even l won’t return. Oh my god!
Don’t make any mistakes! l am going to Calcutta.
Take care of Rani Padmini here. – l’ll take care. – l am not
telling you. l am telling mother. Munim, go. – May l come in?
– Please come, Miss Rupa. Tell me, why did you call me? Miss Rupa, you may have seen… – that l haven’t hidden
anything from you. – Yes. – l hope you will trust
me completely. – Sure. Miss Rupa,
l want to find out how much money… does Miss Baltimore has?
– Around a few millions. – A few millions?
– Yes. – How did she get this money?
– Gambling. How else? l see. Miss Rupa, if you support me
then this money… – can change its place. – Okay. But how can we take
money from that miser? She’s very stubborn. Bhake knows to play his game well.
Let’s shake hands. – Done.
– Done. – Where’s the Moonlight Club?
– This is it. Where is your Batli processor?
– Batli, what? Oh, l forgot. Where is Batli chor? What are you saying?
Where have you come from? Oh, hello.
l know where you’re coming from. You’re from Bombay. Come with me. Here comes the cash. – Come in, Chupke Narayan.
– Even you know my name. – Who are you?
– Miss Georgyka Baltimore. You’re so beautiful. – Just like a pumpkin.
– Liar. All men lie. Even Moti said the same thing. Moti is a liar. The married man. Darling, come with me to Madras. l’m a big man.
l have Rs.50,000 with me. – You may have a wife.
– l left her. – Left her? – Yes.
– Did you leave your wife? – Moti.
– Hey, l’m here. Moti, you’re in the form of women. l’ll explain when
we go back to Bombay. Sir, l beg of you.
Don’t say anything to my wife. – l was fooling. – Fooling.
Give me the money. – Yes. l’m happy that a young man
like you is helping the police. – Tell me, have you seen the den.
– Absolutely. l have seen it from
inside and outside. l’m telling you the
Moonlight Club is full of gamblers. The business is done in that den. l totally believe that Bhakebihari
had murdered in that den. And trapped Naresh in it. – Take this note. lt’s been marked.
– Thank you. Take this tape recorder. Please explain to
me about this once again. Put the box in your pocket.
Tie the watch to your hand. No one will suspect, as there’s… a microphone inside the watch. But lnspector,
how will we inform you? lf the door of
the den closes once… no one or anything can be heard. Can’t you take two
Munim instead of one? – l can. – Then give
me the tape recorder. – lnspector Khan will be with you.
– Very good. Take this. – When will Moti return?
– He will return. Munim has reached Calcutta. What will the Munim do?
lt’s a matter of murder? Murder? What? Geeta told me everything. Since l heard it, l’m scared. Mr. Choudhary, tell me something. There’s no time
to tell you anything. Let’s go to Calcutta. The
children shouldn’t be in danger. – Yes. Be quick. Go by airplane.
– Yes. l will go by plane. lf god doesn’t give
a child it is a problem… and even if he
does it’s a problem. – Mr. Choudhary, be seated.
Let me get ready. – Be quick. – Rupa.
– What is it? Listen, before the
game begins tonight… remove the bullets
from Bhake’s gun… and put in these blanks. The job is little dangerous.
But it will be done. Tonight is the last night.
Either he dies or we die. Don’t worry, Miss Baltimore.
lf god wants we will win. Well done. Okay. – These bullets.
– Robert. Where are you? Let me check. One real and three false. Oh god! – Come inside.
– Where is my Munim? Munim, come on. l have two. But madam, he can’t go inside. They are Munim.
He is Sukhur. He is Fukhur. He is my legal advisor.
He is my illegal advisor. l want to take them both inside. – Otherwise l’ll leave.
– No ma’am. Please. – Come in. – Thank you.
– Please come. Miss Baltimore.
This is your war front. – Thank you. – Let’s start. – Okay. Let’s me see how
Miss Baltimore wins. – That night l wasn’t with you.
– l know who you’re supporting. Don’t fool me. Go there. – Miss Rupa, come here.
– Okay. l don’t mind. Blind. Okay blind. Three blinds. 300. Spare. – Another 300.
– Another 300. One more move. – This is Moonlight Club.
– l say, sir… – 1000.
– Show. – Top.
– Top. – Sorry Miss Baltimore.
– Very good. – Don’t lose so much Batli chor.
– Shut up! Have some shame.
You’re beating a woman. – Shut up!
– l’m not saying anything. You win or lose.
What l got to do? – Yes, Miss Baltimore.
Cut it. – Deal. – This place seems strange.
– Yes, it’s strange. ls someone there? – Spare. – 1000.
– 1000. – Another 1000. – Another 1000. – Another 1000?
– 2000. – 2000? – 4000.
– Another 4000. – Another 4000.
– Alright, show Miss Baltimore. That’s okay. All 10’s. All mine. – Alright Miss Baltimore.
Last round. – Yes. Okay. Cut it please. – Rupa is not to be seen.
– Nor Moti. – What’s going on?
– Definitely something is wrong. – Please sit down.
– No. You sit down. l’m telling you, please sit down.
Please sit down. l request you, please sit down. – Yes, l will sit down.
– You please sit down. – Please consent.
– You sit down. 250 blind. 500. 500. – 1000.
– Rs.1000. – 2000.
– 2000. – 4000.
– 4000. – 8000.
– 8000. – 8000.
– Another 8000. – 10000.
– 10000. Show. Three Aces. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Five Aces. There are five Aces.
This is the first time l’ve seen this! – Five.
– What else? You’re cheating in cards.
Give me back my money. – Won money won’t be returned.
– But you cheated. Everything is fair here. – lt means you’re a thief
and not only a gambler. – Yes. l’m a robber.
You’ll never get the money back. Munim, he says l
won’t get my money back. l will get it.
Return my remaining money. You think l’m Natwarlal? That you’ll kill me and blame Naresh? – What are you saying, madam?
– Tara told me everything. Oh, that means Tara is with you? Not with me but with the police. Madam, you know
many things about me. l know everything.
l’ll have the police arrest you. You cannot reach the police alive. – And dead people don’t speak.
– Hands up! Oh. A police inspector
has come as a Munim. – And in the guise of a lady…
– l am your servant, Motilal. Robert! Help me! lnspector! – lnspector.
– Move aside! Out of the way. – Seth Hiramal, that’s Rupa’s voice.
– Rupa? – Yes. Father, they’re following me.
Stop them. – Who was she?
– Not she but he. Yes. He was Moti.
Moti. Who’s coming? Who’s coming? Come on. Come on. Hail lord Hanuman. Moti! Help me! Run away. Go on. Are you attacking me? Hands up. Rani Padmini, protect me. Come on. Hail lord Hanuman. – Did you have any problem?
– No. Some ran away. Help me! Moti!! Moti! – Bhake, come forward.
– Moti, hide. Don’t you dare. lf you
take a step forward, l’ll shoot. Take a shot. Do it properly. Shoot. – Mr. Moti, what are you doing?
– Let him shoot. – Move aside.
– Shoot. Moti, where are you going? Stop! Don’t worry.
Nothing will affect me. l’ve come closer, shoot now. Now shoot as much as you can. Take a good aim. One bullet won’t do anything.
Shoot the rest of the bullets. The bullets are real. They’re real! Bhake, tell us who
murdered Natwarlal? l did. Naresh is innocent. The world that has no knowledge
thinks love is worthless lt doesn’t know how it
helps when the time arises Let anyone deny it but remember… how can the large
hearted be saved? – How can we be spared? – Great!

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