Killer Bees the Second Swarm! Jaws Shark and Cole get Chased by Bee Swarm.

Hi jaws! Do you wanna go play outside with me? let’s go! do you wanna ride bikes? I bet you can’t catch me! Buzzing What is the noise Jaws? I gonna beat you again! We gone! get on my bike! AHHHH! We just shook the car! Whoo… that was a close one! i think they are in the garage Ohwell let’s play “sacrabbyolway” ohno you got stung by a bee! inaudible uhoh jaws, you dont look so good ? ugh Ahhh bees! AHHHHHHHHH AHHH bee! if you like this video click up there, where we try Japanese candy! And click down there where the jaws and the t-rex huge mess in the kitchen And as usual please leave a like if you like this video and suscribe for more fun! and i will see you guys in the next video bye kid zoomin biey

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