LAPIS LAZULI • Rob’s Stone Healing

Lapis, Lapis Lazuli is the complete name. Lapis is actually a special stone, It is a stone consisting of two stones. If you look closely, you will see here
gold specks in and that is pyrite. Pyrite increases resistance,
Pyrite also allows you to be better grounded,
and that it needed Lapis because Lapis works especially
from your third eye. Lapis increases your intuition,
increases your clairvoyance and if you wear too long Lapis than you life too much in your clairvoyance . Then you are not grounded,
with all its consequences. Lapis with Pyrite, a beautiful combination without Pyrite I don’t like it very much. It may be that it still is in there, you do not see it, but
it is certainly present. But it is more beautiful, the quality is determined by the beautiful dark blue color
and Pyrite that’s in there. This combination is best, of course you have all sorts of gradations. Lapis gives you confidence,
makes you happy, Lapis has a soothing operation
he calms, helps headaches, helps when you trouble with the nerves, pain in your arms and legs. That of course has to do with weather
that you cannot relax, that’s when a lot of people so
and then comes back when you you think you can not relax
the body can not relax. And then, while you are asleep you lie actually as iron in your bed,
build up too much lactic acid and then goes into your muscles, tendons
and sit in your joints. Lapis helps to relax. It is a stone that also helps
sun burns, insect bites. Which you can treat by
dabbing with Lapis water in places where the sun is
burning or insect bites. And very soon the problem will
disappear, diminish. It is a stone that lowered blood pressure and it also helps if you suffer from swelling. Because you have been somewhere clip with your arm or your hand or something. Inflammation under the skin he tackles. He has a cleansing effect, and also helps in the menstrual cycle. Many women have problems with that. It is too intense and it can hurt,
nausea and headache. That is all better when you
Lapis going to wear. If you have regular menstrual cycle you might say,
a week before your period that you begin to wear with Lapis
or water to drink. But anyway it is a beautiful stone to make things
in your life going to work better. You will be more successful if you Lapis
going to wear, things work out better. It increases the
activity of your Thymus gland, which directly relates to your
natural resistance build-up. He works on the thyroid glands
and the lymph nodes. It is a friendship stone. And it is a beautiful symbol
to give to someone as a gift to express it in your friendship. It strengthens your need for love, to share love with a partner
or a friendship. Lapis is a stone that built
blockages in your body and energy accumulations which he helps clean up. He cleans up anxieties and prejudices. It increases your intuition,
your concentration will be better. You see life more optimistic and more positive about new things
you tackle in your life. It increases your inspiration
and your mind. And importantly, it increases
understanding of yourself and others. That sums up what Lapis is doing.

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