Lawrence: The Presidency Is An Oral Exam That Trump Fails Every Day | The Last Word | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “Lawrence: The Presidency Is An Oral Exam That Trump Fails Every Day | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. Listening to Trump speak is like listening to a boy give a report in front of class about a book he clearly hadn't read. So embarrassing. No matter- Deutsche Bank is beginning to sing, and soon enough it'll come out how Russia cosigned DB loans for Trump when no other bank would go NEAR HIM so they could funnel (launder) untold million of dollars through him & Jared. Trump is not a multi-billionaire, or a billionaire at all – his entire FAKE business life was a con, starting with daddy millions, through loans he defaulted on & right on through Russian laundered cash. The only legit money he ever made was when he was an employee for NBC, a job that he ultimately got FIRED from. Way to go, magats, electing and cheering this criminal conman – you're proof positive of why being uneducated is a dangerous thing.

  2. That's right! As consumer who is not a rich millionaire, I buy what is cheaper no matter who is selling it! I buy for need not to impress and no one has the right to take that away from me!

  3. A patently nonreflective mind of someone who denies ever having felt any need for repentance, admission of error, or remorse, ever having second thoughts? All the time?

    Even any first thoughts,? Anytime?

    The shakey flake fakey Delirium Tremens perpetually preëmptively outsmarts himself — in his progressing deterioration his every statement deviates into even less sense than his previous one.

    He can't even speak truth to anywhere, even less to power (even his megalomaniacal delusiions), or truth even when he contradicts himself.

  4. more lies from Hillary's colon boy….
    if you always lie, and someone accuses you of a truth….all of your lies become in doubt as the truth….. Saul Alinsky, Hillary's close friend.

  5. The GREAT Brexit Exit may have much to do with the Trump's tariffs, as would America ever supported tariffs before, something is consorting and odd i this whole world G7 combines do many may thgs to appearances AND THROUGH TRUMP, ALL IS POSSIBLE TO LOOK as AMERICA is TO BLAME, FOR THE POLICIES LONG HELD BY BRITISH ..and tacitcs of them, TRULY there is much more to Trump than the borders of the usa, and whom influences him and whom usported him since he was a youth…british mercenaries merchant marine shipping companies a wall in new york builders confluent propagandas to shame america and Trump lesds this today by far, creatig whatever has falsely been said is now come true, and that is the image lasting n the world as myself and manyh feared would happen if Trump got elected…making USA to balme for tarifs when they champianed free trade …at one time oposed by biritain whom now is leaving EU they created in a cash flow like never beforfe…

  6. JUST FOR THE RECORD Russian submarines are bigger than US submarines

    Whats that, lie number 12,765 or something?

  7. It was annexed by Briain in the 1970s and tghe war between Russia and British forces ensued for a couple of years in clding the sart of the easern block debalces of aphghganastan , and the teritory was not even called Crimea, this man has no maerican jhsitory on the awar they attedned to d=soipt, and the salave rogue trade took over becuse of the r=west siding with later in a repeating of hiostry, Putn=in saifd to a reporter, cry mea too, and that became the name of the territory Britian annexed in 1970s…period..get a life youlars Obmaa copied Cameron whom only weks early hosted Obalms at buckingham palce and then condemend russia Obama getting off holdays also wen talong withthe new ride promoted by British =dweeb Camneron that invasion which ws a succession peoaceful one of Russian speaking people 80 percent held democrfaaticaly went srong form inside ukraine whom then agin took Russian hostage that is not an annexation sbiriain annexed many naitons and partitioned many teritories for dominances in exporations and mining an d oi raing and pillaging all of easern europe and asia and araiba, AErmca knowsw this why do not these fols whom are running the british lies over Russia still |Obamas should have taken a naother look at the reason they were invited only weeks befor ehte alleged annexations which was they Russia haveing referneda that succession to Russia the region as it was originally under Russian control in the ealry 1970s for porotections by the UN endorsements too…then..annexations wa firstly crated by British forces…period, turning the tables is their cpacity in progatins that typically Amerca soes not go along with Obama his igo=rance in internatinalo affairs did so being educated with Hamaian Eglish and that a palce that carried stil the biriths falg ahwaii why not he may as well be biritsh…Obama knows nothing of a'mrica at all littel ophrphn boy caused much trouble un seen or recognized factually.

  8. When asked about second thoughts Trump thought his answer made him look aloof and would "keep em guessing", but it just made him look more of a dunce.

  9. Spanky McBonespurs had a thought in his head once. It died of loneliness.
    Its rotting corpse remains there as a warning to any new thoughts: GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!

  10. The problem is that Trump's base are so dumb they actually believe all the crap Trump spouts. The other people they listen to e.g Hannity, Ingraham, Carlson and Co will never draw attention to any of Trump's garbage.

  11. When did Donnie have little Vonkie ring the bell on the opening day of trading at G6 + INDIVIDUAL#1 ? An international indoctrination forum subtly Donsplaining that everything is OKEY DOKEY and nothing bad can ever happen to him. Obama who ? What Global Famine? What me worry? Thank you , Donald E. Newman, straight from the pages of MAD ( no longer just a Magazine ! )

  12. Another corrupt and wild fabrication by Lawrence. This man has no integrity which is a scam to everyone who listen.

  13. I laughed out loud when he started talking about "big submarines, but not as large and powerful as ours" only a child would make these ridiculous assumptions

  14. So we just have to accept that Trump as President is above the law? Really? But that's how it is. No one will stop him. This situation needs to stop and it needs to stop now

  15. The TPP was created to prevent China from abusing their trade practices and Trump was too stupid to realize it.

  16. Trump didn't know what 'having second thoughts' actually meant. He said "Sure, why not?" "I have second thoughts about everything". He thought it was actually re-enforcing his position, rather than casting doubt on it. He thought it meant 'doubling down' on something.

  17. Trump is well-advised, Ivanka is not. Both are completely out of their depth on the international stage but with Ivanka it shows most. As advisor to Trump, she is not well-advised herself.

  18. Just keep making fun of his ugly face and visage, in fact his whole personage make me sick to my stomach. He is the ugliest human both externally and internally not to mention ignorant just like his dumb backwoods hick followers.

  19. not just fully built washing machines and appliances, but also voice coils for subwoofers, fans that go into American products, components our countries manufacturers use come from .. China

  20. There is a new Cosco in China.
    We (Central Coast of California) are selling them fresh berries shipped 1st. class now.

  21. This nightmare will never end until Comrade Trump-ski, Moscow Mitch, and Putin retreat to one of the Trump Towers in Russia (I understand there are several currently under construction).  This Evil Trio can also load up Fat Willy Barr in a wheelbarrow with the rest of the feces and roll the Bedbug AG to a dunghill in the same god-forsaken country that Reagan called the Evil Empire.

  22. Wow,an uneducated President as well among other things . Quite killing him already . Bury him and throw away the shovel people.

  23. "Russia has its submarine, that's where they do their submarine work."- Donald Trump
    Sounds like a senile old fool trying to explain a simple thing that he doesn't in any way understand. He doesn't seem to have the 'right whatever'.

  24. 1:50 There went our 99 cent Stores. Thanks a lot trum, but you forgot that not everyone is a millionaire. The inflation isn't going to hurt the trumps

  25. As soon as he said: "Not a good thing". Pounce back with : "You just stated that it wasn't a good thing (The annexing). Do you think, even if it wasn't a good thing, that it should not be punished? That it should instead, even though it was not a good thing nor rolled back on/returned, be rewarded?"

  26. Hey Lawrence. What's it like being a bullshitter. Who's banging with that f%*king hammer. Stop the f%*King banging. Remember that Lawrence

  27. The joke is on Trump, because he trying to convince the very people who kicked out Russia that Obama is the loser

  28. Second thoughts about everything wow so unpresidential… can you even imagine if Obama said that?? Fox would freak the geek out!

  29. President Trump is intimidating other countries by threatening to start a global economic depression.
    Does this mean the rest of the world will look away when America attacks another country?

  30. It is true that the presidency is a continuous oral exam. But that is not the issue. What is sad is that the examiners are the American people and they are not exactly a beacon of knowledge, as a Trump presidency is proving. This is also why continuing to "expose" Trump is pointless. Americans voted him in office because he promised an economic boost, that's all. And that's why he is going to, unfortunately, win a second term in office. Focus on what the Democrats are NOT doing for winning and improve it. Let Trump fall into oblivion and move on.

  31. “The right… whatever”. That “whatever” is Trump suddenly realising that this sentence continues “… the right sanctions”. Sanctions Trump stopped, when he got elected. There’s no way he can finish that sentence.

  32. I heard from a source they saw documents which stated a third cousin of Trotsky funded FDRs 32 election campaign. Isnt that news? Ha ha

  33. I am not a Trump supporter.
    However, I find the commentator to be condescending. He has a sophomoric tone that detracts from the point he is trying to make.

  34. "… he exhibits why he deserves no respect…from anyone… ". Oh? Why then didn't the msm make more of a deal about don't's divorces, bankruptcies, fraud lawsuits and hiding his tax returns? Wasn't there enough negative evidence of his flawed character and unfitness to serve as potus? They were bedazzled and infatuated with benghazzi!! and butheremails!! instead.

  35. TRump just raided FEMA funds for his border protection. He's also got a plan that newspapers can't print negative things on him. Pelosi was right on board with the FEMA funds and some other sources of funding. He could win in 2020 because he has some kind of controll, he's such a great con man, he just keeps on doing something horrific every day.

  36. 27 AUG, 2019 Tomorrow this guy Lawrence will make a false statement then the next day will apoligize on 29th Negitive Trump for almost 3 years more fake news looser

  37. The coward of Helsinki now says that he would have stopped Russia from annexing Crimea. He couldn't even stand up for the United States when being next to Putin, choosing instead to throw the US intelligence community under the bus and now he says he'd stopped Putin from grabbing land? The chutzpah! Unreal.

  38. China has been beating us at capitalism with purely massive populations which we could NEVER BEGIN to compete with. And they are all willing to work cheaper than Americans. BOOM!

  39. I am not so sure that Donald Trump has any thoughts. Besides the reassuring repetition of I am great. Only I am great. Everyone loves me because I am great. Oooohhh there I am in the mirror.
    How handsome. All the women want me because of all this greatness.

  40. I don't believe that there will be another G7 meeting with Trump representing the United States of America.

  41. The lies are catching up to “The Donald”. The Wall, caravan, invasion, Mexico is gonna pay, farmers are doing great, Obama’s fault, least racist, best economy ever, no collusion, markets are great, no recession, no tariffs on Americans, China wants to make a deal, I get beautiful letters from my friends, Korea doesn’t have nukes, Russia didn’t interfere, Clinton did it, I won’t make friends with the rocket man, tax breaks will pay for itself, Democrats want the US to become Venezuela, no white supremacy, no climate change …… did I forget anything?

  42. This is the same anchor who made false accusations about President Trump and more Russian involvement, Then was made to apologize. So we now know what that's made of toward the President !! Because any individual who wants to stand alone on some subjects doesn't make it wrong. Especially if you are amongst individuals who never think alike. How stupid can you get, not to figure that much out. It's like expecting water and oil to mix.

  43. Man this guy is such a weasel. MSNBC's almost finest hack. The G7 was a wonderful outcome for the American position and World trade is and will be greatly put on a even play field. The Mainstream Media and their owners, remember that 90% of all the U S mainstream media and newspapers are owned by what was 6 now 5 huge entities that are trying to protect their interests. Not those of the American people. This smuck supposedly reporting is a shallow piece of 💩with no patriotism. Only doing what he is told with enthusiasm for the $$! Sadly, this 🤡 is followed by so many unwilling to take the time to research, investigate, and see in the entirety of what transpired in these events for themselves instead of taking the words of seditious hacks, not journalists.

  44. I have a question that I haven’t heard anyone else ask! If the democrats in Congress impeach 45, but the Senate doesn’t vote to get him out of office, is he, as an impeached president, eligible to run for a second term?

  45. Yet again Lawrence, your ability to eloquently communicate how dysfunctional this “human being” is. name so marred I wouldn’t even say!

  46. Dt has a tendency of repeating everything ten times over, so he doesn't forget he wanted to say something, whatever that may have been. As long it is a boring lie, he loves lying.

  47. You are absolutely right. The American President Trump is the laughing stock of the whole world. He will never get the respect that previous president Obama got. Sorry, America…. but that’s the reality.

  48. Its so wonderful watching the leftist all trying to play a game where they pretend they arent in unison. BW AH AHA . TRUMP is gonna win again. ANd by a landslide.

  49. Nice 'apology' for your Fake News about Russian oligarchs co-signing loans for Trump, Fake News 'reporter'. The President isn't the one failing. It's you.

  50. Trump is just mad because in his eyes, “the help” did a much better job than he ever could. I think he hates all “brown people” because his dear old dad was probably raping “the help” and he may one day find out he’s half Mexican, Guatemalan, El Salvadoran, or whatever…and that fills his conspiracy theory little brain with paranoia at the possibilities that he’s not everything he claims to be.

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